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Tobi Lerone

Birthday :

April 8, 1993

Also Known For :

FIFA Gamer

Birth Place :

England, United Kingdom

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Tobi Lerone rose to fame as an English YouTuber who is also a member of the famous video bloggers group called Sideman. He eats and drinks sports such as football by making one or two vlogs about his skills. As a YouTuber, he likes to display short and appealing videos including Minecraft’s, legendary tales, primary FIFA and others. Tobi has shared incredible gameplay videos and humorist blogs with the help of other vloggers. If this is what he does best, then he is quite good at it. In other words, he actively interacts through his YouTube channel.

Tobi’s Personality

Tobi is a real leader and not a follower in everything he does. He is surrounded by an extra thought to succeed and endure all life’s trials. When it comes to his end goals, he is neither a grumbler nor a quitter. Although he seems to face severe challenges, he doesn’t show any sign of giving up or complains. There is one extra thing that keeps this guy at ease, a positive attitude. Besides, Tobi is highly known for bringing up a sense of happiness and positivity.


Childhood And Teenage Life

On 8th April 1993, Tobi Brown was born in England, London. Before celebrating his 18th year birthday, Tobi went to live in Southeast London when he was ten years old. He went to learn how to play piano, but I don’t know why he didn’t get the nerve to cram the tones. He has a younger sibling called Emmanuel John Brown aka Manny. John Brown helps his brother to make hilarious videos by appearing in some of his videos. Besides, Lerone is a bookworm guy. He loves education just as much as he loves to watch his friend’s on YouTube. He seems to have a close relation with a promising YouTuber called Ryan Higa.

He defines him as an entertaining and hilarious kind of guy, especially when he calls him by his YouTube name 'nigahiga.' As previously mentioned, Lerone is an active member of the seven Sideman. According to numerology number seven represents seekers and thinkers. For this reason and more, The Sideman group shares each other's skills, and in the middle of all, they launched their clothing store called Sideman Clothing. It is here that they disposed-off their trending products. Jamie Adenuga is vastly known as one of the co-creator of the Sideman group.


Rise To Stardom

At 17 years of age, Lerone started to post brief videos on YouTube. He commenced as a promising footballer where he selected FIFA as his primary game. He made his subscribers active by uploading different game feeds such as Fable and Call of Duty. To date, Tobi will never cease to thank his fans for welcoming him to the world of fame. During his childhood days, he wanted to become a keen footballer, but as we say; life gives us different options. It seems that he has already found his future. Nevertheless, the internet has given him a chance to employ extra confidence, unlike his previous life that was full of anxiety. Currently, Brown aka TBJZL has over 2.6 million subscribers and over 300 million video views.


Tobi Lerone As A YouTube Star

Tobi’s YouTube videos illustrate that he is a charming and steady guy. Even if you don’t have to see him in person, you can easily hang out with him on the internet. His humor gives him a chance to reply nobly, especially when playing a suspense video. In this generation, it is quite hard to find this caliber of heaven sent attitude. Not only does he show his best football skills, but he also takes some time to encourage his audience.

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