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Rod Blagojevich

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December 10, 1956

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Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

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Rod Blagojevich is an American ex-television artist, politician, and a Democrat. Rod was a Governor of Illinois. He was awarded 14 years jail term on corruption charges.

Early Life

Rod Blagojevich was born on December 10, 1956, in Chicago, Illinois. He was born to the couple Radislav and Mila Govedarica. Blagojevich is the second son of the couple. His father was migrant steel laborer from a helmet near Kragujevac, Serbia. His mother hailed from Gacko, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

The family shifted to Chicago in 1947. Blagojevich did odd works to help in the maintenance of the family. He worked as shoe-shiner, delivery boy and meat packer.



Rod Blagojevich joined the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System as a dishwasher to meet his educational expenses. Blagojevich joined Lane Technical High School but later shifted to Foreman High School from where he graduated. He was admitted at the University of Tampa, but he was transferred to Northwestern University in Evanston where he obtained his B.A. in history in 1979. In 1983, Blagojevich got his JD from the Pepperdine University School of Law




Boxing Career

Rod Blagojevich was an amateur boxer for a very short duration of thirteen months and was trained by Jerry Murzullo in Chicago. He participated in boxing tournaments. He lost the Golden Gloves and left amateur boxing. He had six wins and one defeat.



Rod Blagojevich worked with Edward Vrdolyak and State Attorney Richard M Daley and specialized in domestic abuse, crimes and weapon crimes.

Blagojevich in 1992, defeated Myron Kulas in the Democratic primary. He drafted bills to help the judicial system and reduce wrongdoing. He defeated Flanagan, a Republican by 2-1. He was voted twice against a Republican in 1998 and 2000.

He, in 1990, participated in the discussions with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia President Slobodan Milosevic in connection with the freeing of American Prisoners of war He, in 2002, with other 81 Democrats was in favor of war with Iraq.

Rod Blagojevich in 2002 canvased for his nomination for the governorship. He won the primary by a small difference. In the general election, Blagojevich was triumphant over his rival Republican Attorney General Jim Ryan with 52% more votes. From 2005 to 2006, he served for Democratic Governors Association and Midwestern Governors Association. He won the Democratic primary in March 2006.

Blagojevich while in office approved acts such as death penalty reform, Earned income tax credit, ban on smoking, health programs for kids and family care. He prohibited appointments based on sexual preference, housing, public accommodation, and credit. He was against spending but used it for his benefit politically. He was against capital punishment.

Rod Blagojevich's other famous action was his support for a moral code of conduct. He also approved a law on the reforms on capital punishment drafted by the then-Senator Barack Obama and Paul M. Simon. There was support from political organizations for this reformation.

He increased the allotment of funds towards education even though there were objections from Republicans and some Democrats. He introduced in 2006, legislation and proposed pre-school for 3 and 4-year children in Illinois. His proposal was approved in the 2007 financial year.

His proposal in 2006, to raise funds for infrastructure, public transport and schools by new taxes and by new raffle did not find support both by Republicans and Democrats. His proposal in 2008, to develop a grant for construction, though approved by the Illinois General Assembly, it was shelved in the Illinois House due to objections from Democrats.

Even the lieutenant governor, Pat Quinn, disagreed with Blagojevich on many issues such as increasing funds for schools, some projects within the limits of Illinois. He disagreed with Attorney General, Secretary of State and treasurer though they were from Democrat party. Blagojevich proposed, in 2009, the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama to Winfrey by giving the reasons for it.



Rod Blagojevich was detained on December 9, 2008, on charges of fraud. The Illinois House and Senate approved to impeach Blagojevich on January 8, 2009, by 114-1 votes for abuse of power, etc., It was suspected that Blagojevich tried to sell the Senate seat caused by Barack Obama leaving the Senate to accept the post of US President.

Post-impeachment, Blagojevich appeared on Late Show with David Letterman and aired that he was innocent and his removal was a political vendetta. He featured in a musical Blagojevich Superstar in support of the charity Gild’s Club which helps cancer patients. Blagojevich had a radio talk show on WLS for two hours per week in 2009. In 2010, Blagojevich featured on an event The Celebrity Apprentice, but his performance was terminated in April 2010.

Blagojevich was convicted in April 2009 of trying to sell the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. A re-trial was conducted on reduced charges in June 2011, and he was found guilty of 17 charges. On December 7, 2011, he was awarded a 14-year jail term in a federal jail.

Rod Blagojevich filed an appeal with the United States Court of Appeals for the seventh circuit in Chicago against the verdict. The Court's judgement was placed before the district court for reconsidering the punishment. In March 2016, The Supreme Court dismissed Blagojevich’s writ. Supreme Court in April 2018 rejected Blagojevich’s second appeal also.

President Donald Trump announced to the press that he was considering reducing Blagojevich’s sentence (but without pardoning him) in May 2018.

Personal life

Rod Blagojevich married Patricia Mell “Patti.” The couple have two children


Blagojevich wrote his autobiography in June 2009 entitled The Governor: The Truth Behind the Political Scandal That Continues to Rock the Nation. The print was released on September 2009.

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