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Monique Lynn

Birthday :

March 13, 1997

Also Known For :

Fashion, Travel

Birth Place :

California, United States of America

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 Monique Lynn is a 20-year-old famous American social media celebrity. She is known for her makeup expertise, travels vlogs and all things to do with beauty. She has portrayed this enthusiasm on her Instagram account, ¬_moniquelynn, and YouTube channel, Monique Lynn. At only the age of 8 years, she launched her Instagram account and got 8 million followers.

Early Life 

Monique Lynn was born on the 13th of March in the year 1997. Her biological parents split right after they gave birth to her. She was then raised by her biological mother, a lawyer, and her stepfather in Northern California. Her family relocated to the south of California later when she was 17. She traveled to so many countries as a child. Her experiences of travel had a strong bearing on her travelogues then in life. At 16, she graduated from high school after just three years of study. Several universities were ready to admit her to their system. She then moved to Malibu in California for her college degree.


Career debut

Monique Lynn, at only 8, made her first makeup tutorial and posted it. She launched her accounts, her Instagram account gaining more than a million followers. She published her pictures showcasing the some of the most populous fashion trends. Being a model, she showcased different brands of clothes, makeup styles, and accessories on various models. Monique is also an actress, a role which makes her outgoing and gracious in every way.

Moreover, she loves photography to the peak, and this helps her showcase her work in the best of lighting and most precise of pictures. On her YouTube channel, Monique started posting videos of many genres including tours and travels, makeup tutorials, stunning hairstyles, detailed vlogs and even the best of fashion trends. Her love for travel got her to post vlogs about places in the world. These enabled her to communicate with her fans, and the platform provides an arena for her to interact with them. 

Her tutorials explain step by step on how to create an excellent look which helps her viewers receive first-hand information about her beauty tips. They only need to purchase the products used or those that best fit them. Her travelogues give her viewers a preview of the most amazing places to visit and the dos and don’ts of the various destinations. She gives clues to what is hot and latest trending in the market on her fashion posts. She also offers the best hints on how to wear and blend different styles.


Major works

Monique Lynn rose to popularity when she started creating her looks with Kylie Jenner products. She put a lot of thought into coming up with utterly unique and creative looks. Using her vast knowledge and interest in makeup styles and products, she would create the best of makeup looks. She gives comments on different products and their efficiency and different looks created by other makeup artists. She also comments on fashion brands and trends showcased by various designers.She says on anything to do with beauty and associated accessories

She always considers her fans. Therefore, she continuously refines her looks. She does product reviews on most beauty products with her audience in mind and comments on the current fashion trends. Other than products from the Kylie Jenner fashion line, she has also worked with products from different famous fashion lines. Products from Jeffree star cosmetics and the famous MYX cosmetics.

Monique also does vlogs where she features those people who work and spend time with her. These include her colleagues and models she works with. Her travel vlogs are created and put together with such expertise and organization. On some of her vlogs, she tells stories about her lifestyle. They give her viewers a sneak peek into her daily life or how it feels like to be Monique Lynn. Evidently, she tells stories which the narrator, viewers and the general public can relate with.

She is also adventurous and loves to experiment with various products to create new, different looks. She is not just a one-sided girl therefore in her pastime she blogs too. Her blogs are mostly motivational, and they evoke her friendly, creative and outgoing nature. She is interested in a variety of fields and has put an effort in all of them.


Personal Life

Monique Lynn is a beautiful lady who is outgoing and creative. She, however, still lives with her family, her mother, and stepfather. She is not yet engaged or married.



Monique Lynn had to wait a whole year to join college. Her Instagram account and Youtube channel are flooded with followers who are particularly interested in what she posts next. This is a rare thing, and it shows just how original and outstanding her work is.



Monique Lynn managed to complete her high school in just three years.

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