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John Carpenter

Birthday :

January 16, 1948

Also Known For :

Filmmaker, Screenwriter

Birth Place :

Carthage, New York, United States Of America

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John Carpenter breaths, eats and sleeps cinema. He cannot go unnoticed in the history of cinema. He’s the leading filmmaker, director, and Horror screenwriter. It has reached a point where he gets impressed and amazed by his end product. 1978 ‘Halloween’ and 1981 ‘Escape from New York’ acclaimed acknowledged him as a promising filmmaker.  


John Carpenter is one of the joyous and creative personas in the filmmaking industry. He falls in love more with laughter and adventure. In simple terms, he’s magical, rational and knows perfectly how to differentiate between light and dark. From the word go, he loves what he does, and he won’t mind call it a well-spent day.

Although he likes to make horror and science fiction, John’s main happiness comes from making new friends. Most of all, he loves being at peace, and his health always comes first. At 70 years old, he still has a purpose in life; having a fulfilling and well-lived life no matter what.


Childhood and Later Life

John Howard Carpenter was first seen in the world on January 16th, 1948 in Carthage, New York. At his tender age, his fond family relocated to Bowling Green. It was there that his loving father was positioned at the Western Kentucky University as a music instructor. During his childhood life, John fell in love with horror films and earlier science fiction. He watched Forbidden Planet and The Thing from Another World film episodes.

Having a camera at home, John thought of nothing else than shooting short films mostly horror movies. After his graduation, he joined his father’s musical school. Afterward, he attended the University of Southern California where he majored in filmmaking. After several months he and his close friends wrote an educational film titled The Resurrection of Bronco. In 1971 it was named as the Best Live Action Movie.

After graduating from high school, Carpenter attended Western Kentucky and later transferred to the University of Southern California to study filmmaking. There, he co-wrote a student film called The Resurrection of Bronco Billy which, in 1971, won an Oscar for Best Live Action Short.



The success of his first film turned John Carpenter into a workaholic together with his friend, Dan O’Bannon. The duo started to work on a sci-fi satire called the Dark Star. The film was unleashed in 1974 where it received nothing else than fame. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so for John since he aimed to be entered into a long contract with the Westerns. The film opened a few doors.

Another succeeding film was called Assault on Precinct 13. The film did moderately at the box office than his previous movies. The good news was that it was received well during the London Film Festival. He sold loads of pairs and later produced Eyes of Laura Mars and Zuma Beach.

After a short break, John worked under Mustapha Akkad as an assistant director of horror films. He first started with Halloween film that roared with fame. It grossed over 19 million dollars as well as holding box record for some time.

From 1979 to 1981 John Carpenter directed films such as The Fog, Halloween II, and Escape from New York. Mentioned films paved the way for Carpenter’s stardom. In 1982 he made a handful of independent hits where The Thing movie was born. Another box office great commercial success was a screen adaptation horror film called Christine.

In 1984, John produced aromatic sitcom coupled with science fiction titled ‘Starman’ that later garnered positive reviews. His next substantial project happened in 1986 with Big Trouble in Little China movie that starred Russell.

Over the years, Carpenter opted to focus more on short films including They Live as well as In the Mouth of Madness. In between he worked for notable projects such as Invisible Man and Escape from L.A. Aside from his producing and directing roles, John also composed music in most of his films.


Later Career

In 2000, John Carpenter's film-making career rose with a spark. Interesting featured films began to appear including Vampires, Ghost of Mars and Village of the Diamond. Other incredible series followed through. Famous ones include the Masters of Horror.  In 2007, Carpenter appeared in countable of documentaries where he returned to filmmaking in 2011 with The Ward feature film.


Personal Life

John Carpenter received various awards in his career including the Cable Ace Award. On 1st January 1979, John married Adrienne Barbeau, but they later parted ways on 14th September 1984. In 1990 he married Sandy King to date.

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