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Pisces Man And Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Pisces Man Taurus Woman

Can Pisces men and Taurus women relationships be compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Pisces Man is bound to have a lot of fun with a Taurus Woman. They are both able to think on the same emotional level. She is not only realistic but also sentimental.

In a Pisces Man Taurus Woman relationship, both will be able to offer each other emotional stability and security. Then what could possibly hold these two apart?


Pisces Man Taurus Woman Compatibility – Pros

The Taurus Woman is a gorgeous person who will most likely attract the Pisces Man very easily. They have a lot in common, and after their first conversation and a night spent in the bedroom together, he will soon understand why she is perfect for him.


When the Pisces man is dating a Taurus woman, his ability to be more refined and charming and will inspire her to keep returning to him.

The Taurus female is full of love and compassion. She is able to stimulate the emotional side of the Pisces male and fulfill his wants to be cared for and protected. She will enjoy making the decisions in the relationship because he has trouble settling on one thing.


In a Pisces Man and Taurus Woman marriage, both enjoy spending time at home. Granted, the Taurus lady will want to spend most of her time in bed with the Pisces Man.


Together, they are able to create a sanctuary out of their home life. The Pisces guy is able to bring emotional and spiritual well-being to the environment. She will more likely decorate the home.

The Pisces Man has the ability to create wonderful ideas. The Taurus Woman will consider him as a visionary and will want to see his ideas come to life. She is more likely to take action before him. So he might let her take his ideas and see them through.

He is unselfish and is able to share with others what he understands. Together the Pisces and Taurus in love are able to create an explosive relationship.

Pisces Man And Taurus Woman Relationship – Cons

If there is going to be conflict in this Pisces Taurus friendship, it will be due to the family finances. The Taurus Woman is good at making money and saving it for future needs. She might live at a fast pace than her lover but she is still able to concentrate on the future.

Sometimes the Taurus female becomes obsessed with money and wants to spend money only on what is necessary or what might bring greater fortune in the future.

The Pisces Man on the other hand is more materialistic. He likes to fill his home with unique objects.

The Taurean too is considered to be materialistic but she is able to refine herself from making hefty purchases. She might get upset with him when he spends a small fortune on something insignificant like a piece of art when he has several extras to choose from in his garage.

The Pisces have a tendency to be hoarders and to spend money on silly things. She will tend to be controlling and will dominate him, so that he stops spending money on worthless things. He may not like this and decide to break up.


Pisces is a water sign that is mutable and Taurus is an earth sign that is fixed by nature. The Pisces man Taurus woman compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts love rating.

The Pisces Man Taurus Woman relationship has many benefits. They are both able to provide for each other’s emotional needs and will be able to create a home life that they will both enjoy.

The Pisces and Taurus soulmates will most likely start in bed but will expand to include great ideas and inventions that they will create together. As long as they can both learn to balance the pocket book effectively, then they have nothing to worry about in the future.

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