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The Hidden Power Of Vibrations

Power of Vibrations

The Human Body acts as an instrument, few people realize our bodies have a definite response to music, even though each and everyone responds differently to a different beat. When our bodies enjoy a certain type of music, the physical effect is likened to a ‘soothing massage’ when we hear rhythmic music. When we hear a melody, we liken this to a ‘vigorous massage’. The power of vibrations has been known to human beings since early age.

To hear good music makes the human body feel better, healthier, and more alive, but, the music we dislike can have a detrimental effect on the Human Body.

During the Middle Ages Physicians quite often called upon ‘Minstrels’ to play music and sing to those who were ill, depressed, anxious fearful, etc. It was noticed that the most serious of those afflicted with illness began to respond positively. Musicians and the Jesters were valued greatly for lifting the spirits and bringing laughter to those who were ill, they quickened the healing process. Music, the Spirit of the Soul.


Each of us dances to the different beats of a drum, but when Physicians began to ask why, they found that the Human Body knew instinctively which ‘beat’ was needed to help cure any deeper problems, both inside and outside of the body. Any theory of vibrations and energies is nothing new, we have ancient yogis that have explained the constant and repetitive Mantras (syllables, sounds, or a phrase containing sacred and spiritual links), that will increase our sensitivity and our spiritual awareness.

Mantra-Kara and Music

In Burma, India, etc., some men are known as ‘Mantra-Kara’s’, who compose mantras to achieve specific cures for various diseases,(as most of us know ‘disease is when the body is out of a ligament), Mantras (Music, Vibrations, Energies) are also composed to help heighten our intuition, our extra-sensory perceptions & various other ‘Psychic Powers’, (I prefer the word ‘Sensitive Powers’).


The most powerful Mantra is that of the Magical ‘OM’, which, when used correctly, produces a health-giving vibration that soars throughout the Kundalini (Spine), it has a potent effect upon the chest, head, moving into the Solar Plexus which is the seat of power & the emotional self.


Some call these the 7 Chakra Points, mastered by Buddhist Priests, it is now commonly known as Mantra-Yoga, or simply Yoga. It has been based upon the theory that all matter consists of vibrations and energies that can both heal/destroy, cause sorrow or joy, and change an individual’s mental and spiritual outlook and awareness. Mantras were used to cure poisonous snake bites, it was widely studied and it is now scientifically proven that these Mantras worked.

Power of Vibrations

Diamond Symbolism

Another example is that of the Diamond, one of the hardest of substances known to man, most fissures within gemstones cannot be seen beneath a magnifying glass. In 1966 a Group Captain in Britain had an RAF Band hit the high musical note of ‘E’ above ‘C’ and at this point, an Opal ring which was worn by another, completely disintegrated.

We can gently flick a wine glass with our finger and produce a pure musical tone, several times it has been proven that the vibration of sound can shatter an entire room full of glass (it has been recorded in history that plastic was used to replace glass in certain towns with a high noise level).

Energy and Vibration

The power of vibration and the speed at which the energy and vibration traveled also apply to the Celestial Planets, Numbers, and their effects upon Humans. Music is used whilst humans are upon the operating table!! Fiction? NO!! These are all factual, when a single breath is produced in the correct tone it aids meditation and improves our health.

It is likened to ‘exercising the inner self’. The eerie cry of the muezzin, (There is no God but Allah), from atop the mosque towers early mornings and evenings, calls all those of faith to pray, once heard, it is never forgotten. Neither is the sound that emanates from Hindu, Jewish, and Buddhist temples, which cut through the air to all of those who can hear or feel.

Power of Vibrations

Music Is Free

Music, energies, and vibrations have been with us for thousands of years, They help free us from inhibitions, aid healing, uplift, help us to remember memories, it encompass our entire body….and it is free!, Infinite uses of vibrations, often untapped by humans, is there to be used freely for all of mankind. It can kill or cure, noise pollution alone is a very destructive vibration that causes untold horrors of (example) why we have ‘road rage’ etc.

It can cause headaches, stress, sadness, and anxiety and the list is endless. Take a deep breath, calm, listen to the music, and feel yourself re-energize. Music, vibration, and energy are FREE…when used wisely they can soothe the ‘savage beast’.

Develop Psychic Powers by Mantra Meditation

The word “Mantra” itself means the liberators of mind. It’s said to have an influential impact on the human network on both spiritual and physical sides.

Human minds are believed not to be in a stable state since we can easily change our opinions quickly, and it’s pretty hard for us to put all of our focus on something for a while. Luckily, this sort of meditation can make it easy for us to concentrate on one subject for a long time.

It’s an effective tool helping us to realize our covered energies, and reconstruct the subconscious mind with the help of Mantra energy. Besides, the Mantra also assists us in doing meditation as long as possible by warding us off the surrounding noises and vibrations.

Chanting the mantras repeatedly every day is one of the most common techniques used to uncover psychic abilities. Be careful that wrong pronunciation and shortage of mental concentration are all main causes leading to failure during chanting.

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