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7 Ways Angels Send You Guidance

7 Ways Angels Send You Guidance

People tend to search for guidance when they feel that they need it most. However, in truth, you are always receiving input from your angels. Everything that happens to you can help shape and guide how you move through life. Here are seven ways that your angels can send you guidance.

#1. When Something Goes Wrong

If something doesn’t go your way, your first instinct is likely to believe that you have received poor advice from your angel numbers. However, disappointment is a perfect opportunity for your angels to dissuade you from continuing down a particular path. While it may seem like the end of the world when something goes wrong, you can have confidence that something even better is around the corner for you.

It is tough to see the valuable lesson to be had when something goes wrong. Commonly you will feel cheated. It is natural to feel angry. Over time, however, you will find yourself becoming more open to the idea that this time it didn’t go your way, but next time it might. Your guardian angels are just steering you away from something rather than towards something. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time, or the right thing, for you. Maybe you need to reinvigorate your motivation. If something in your life goes wrong, take that as an opportunity to reflect on where you are and where you want to be.

#2. When Something Goes Right

On the other hand, when things in your life do go right, this serves as positive reinforcement from your angels. These instances give you the recognition that you are making steps in the right direction. Never take your successes for granted; even the small things that seem to have no importance at the time may have an influence on your choices in the future.

All of your experiences are urges from your angels to head in one direction or the other. Some accomplishments are significant, glaring definite spots in your life; you graduated college, you got a job, you bought a house. An achievement’s significance is up to you, though, and you alone. Congratulate yourself on getting out of bed on a rough day.

Not everything that goes right in your life has to serve as an instrument for decision-making. Positivity in your life is beneficial to your health and can merely be taken as encouragement from your angels. It may not seem significant that you won a game you’ve been trying to beat for months, but if it is important to you then it is an achievement. No one can tell you what should or should not matter in your life. When things go right, take that as a sign that you are validated.

#3. Gut Feelings

Gut feelings very commonly prove to be true. These instinctual feelings you have function as advice from your angels to guide you through a situation. Your gut feeling can be seen as a message. Gut feelings exist for conditions when facts may not be relevant, and you need to make a decision based on how you feel. Your angels can help you make decisions and form opinions about people, places, and options provided to you. These feelings give you critical feedback to avoid harmful situations. If your gut instinct says someone doesn’t seem trustworthy, for example, it’s best to consider following that instinct.

Not all gut feelings are telling you something is wrong. In fact, they are just as crucial for encouraging you towards positive situations. You could meet a person and feel very strongly that you’d like to be friends with them, for example. Your gut feelings are there to nudge you in the right direction, whether that is away from something negative or towards something positive (or both!). Listen to any advice from people around you, but it is essential that you listen to the information that your angels give you in these situations.

#4. Dreams

Not all dreams serve as a means of guidance for you. Some are merely nonsense, fun, or even a creative moment trying to get your attention. However, all dreams stem from your past experiences in some way. Your angels may have specific memories or experiences they think you should reflect on. In your dreams, they give you a chance to evaluate your thoughts and feelings. Learn more about understanding dreams.


Sometimes they just give you a place to release pent-up emotions. Dreams give your mind a reprieve, a place to sort through information without any repercussions. Many dreams happen in the background and aren’t crucial for your conscious decisions. How often do you wake up with a fading memory of a dream, only to completely forget the dream’s contents moments later? Dreams give your brain a way to clear out any junk you no longer need.

#5. Pets

If you own a pet, more likely than not you agree that they chose you, not the other way around. That is because your angels helped guide you together to provide you with a very special bond founded on unconditional love. A pet does not judge you based on your opinions or choices. Your relationship with your pet is a source of comfort and happiness in your life.

Pets can often tell how you are feeling, even if you do not express those feelings out loud. During a rough patch or illness in your life, your pet will often comfort you. They may be more endearing to you than usual by sitting on you or touching you frequently. Pets continuously provide you with love and joy, creating a confident and happy life. Your angels know how beneficial this is to you and want to make sure you always have a best friend in your pet.

#6. Advice From Loved Ones

Your loved ones are your most trusted confidants. Because you are so close to each other, they know you and your experiences very intimately. You will get advice from many people throughout your life. Some of this advice will be helpful and some of it will not. When that advice comes from a loved one, however, it holds a little more weight.

Your angels can’t always sway you, but they can encourage your loved ones to send you advice that you may be more willing to accept. Be sure to actively consider any counsel that someone you are close to gives you, especially when that person has more experience than you in that field. These suggestions are perfect to help guide you to the right decision.

#7. Passage of Time

Time is fluid. A minute can feel like it goes by in the blink of an eye or a thousand years, depending on what you are doing at the time. The very existence of time, however, gives you encouragement to keep going. Your angels are always moving you forward.

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In rough periods of your life, you can feel confident that it will end because time will never stop; your angels wouldn’t allow it. There will always be more opportunities and more experiences in the future. You will never be stuck in one place. Enjoy the good times; push through the bad. Always remember that you have a future and that the possibilities for that future are endless.

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