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Water Element In Astrology

Elements In Astrology: Water

In symbolism, astrology, alchemy, you name it, four elements are said to make up the whole of our planet. These elements are fire, water, earth, and air. All these elements are said to have a special symbolic meaning that brings even more to the element.


The zodiac signs are also grouped by the elements because they share many of the symbolic traits as the elements. This article will discuss some of the symbolism behind the water element, what the water signs are, and how the water signs interact with some of the other elemental zodiac signs.

Water Element Symbolism In Astrology

Water is generally thought to have many feminine symbols surrounding it. Some of the things that relate to water well are emotions, healing, friendship and love, purity and mystery. Everyone knows that we all need water to live. Without water, we wouldn’t last more than a week.


Water is also said to be a purifying or cleansing element as well. In Christianity especially, water is used for a purifying effect in baptisms. Water is also a passive element. Water itself doesn’t choose to go anywhere. On its own, it is stagnant. It moves because of curves in the earth or blows from the wind.


Water element can also symbolize growth because without it nothing could live. Water may be the most basic element, but at the same time, it is the most important.


Water Zodiac Signs

In astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs. All of these signs are said to have different personality types from each other. These twelve sun signs are made into groups of three so that they can be evenly divided between the four elements. The star signs that fall into the water category are said to be more relatable to the symbolic meanings of water than the other nine astrology signs. The water zodiac signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.


How Water Signs Interact With Other Elemental Signs

Water and Earth Element Symbolic Meaning

Water is generally said to be an emotional element and earth is said to be stable. Together they can help each other to open up and focus. Water can make earth signs get more in touch with themselves while earth signs can help water signs to focus on their goals. These two make a great team.

Water and Air Element Characteristics

Water and air together are an emotional team. While they are both highly in tune with their feelings, they can also be easily distracted by this. They can have a great friendship with each other, but they are not likely to have a very productive time together if they work together. Air and water signs make great friends, but bad business partners. They can work together to make their feelings into creative projects or stories as well.

Water and Fire Element Astrology

Water and fire may sound like a dangerous mix, but they can work well together at times. Fire is creative and wild while water is emotional and pure. These two astrological elements can bring out the best or worst in each other, depending on the choices that they make. At times, these two can inspire and motivate each other. At other times, these two types of horoscope signs can seem too overbearing for the other one, putting out their friendship like water puts out a fire.

Water and Water Element Personality

Two water signs together can be a great or terrible pair. They are likely to be able to understand each other’s emotions well, but they can become too wrapped up in it or annoyed by it. Their bond can be very close at times, but like water and air, they are not likely to get much done in a practical sense.

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