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Year Of The Snake

Year Of The Snake – Chinese Zodiac

The Year of the Snake is the sixth animal sign in the Chinese zodiac.

It appears every 12 years and is affected by the Chinese Elements cyclically.

People born in the years of the snake are considered to be blessed with good luck throughout their lives.

Read on to get free Chinese astrology predictions for the Year of the Snake.



Based on the Lunar calendar, the Years of Snake are divided as follows.

Year of Water Snake:

14 February 1953 – 2 February 1954
10 February 2014 – 30 January 2015

Year of Wood Snake:

2 February 1965 – 20 January 1966
29 January 2025 – 16 February 2026

Year of Fire Snake:

18 February 1977 – 6 February 1978
15 February 2037 – 3 February 2038

Year of Earth Snake:

6 February 1989 – 26 January 1990

Year of Metal Snake:

24 January 2001 – 11 February 2002


Personality Traits

People born in the Year of the Snake are supposed to share happiness and wealth when they have it. They also signify wickedness, secrecy, shrewdness, and foresight.

Positive Traits

Year of the Snake people have excellent sympathy for others and are always on the lookout to help people. They are calm and collected to look at but they are strong and zealous from within. They are resolute enough to achieve their targets and abhor failure. Financially they are well protected.

By nature, the Snake personality is good in conveying their message which may be meager. Snakes are endowed with good morality and excellent understanding. They are highly motivated and recognize their competence and awareness. Women Snakes are very good housekeepers.


Negative Traits

People born in the Year of the Snake can be obstinate in what they do, and overexert themselves. They do not trust others easily and are envious. They are not sure about the judgment of others and tend to be self-reliant.

If the Chinese Snake personality does not exercise caution in their communication with others, they are in danger of loss of companions and new openings. Because of their unpredictable nature, they may encounter setbacks in relations and love lives.

Influence of Elements

Characteristics of the Year of the Snake Animal Sign are altered by the elements.


Metal Snake

Metal Snakes are more resolute and ruthless than other snakes. Emotionally they build a strong barrier around them which prevents them from being exploited by others. They are delighted to earn lot of money and invest them in highly fashionable and costly luxuries. The Snake man or woman takes their own time in trusting their partners. Once they have the trust, they are fully committed to their families.

Water Snake

Water Snakes are more elastic, and are ready for change of strategies. They are more willing to work with others. They are more expressive about their affections and are flexible in their behavior. These snakes are very good at managing people and are affectionate with their families.

On the flip side, people born in the Year of the Snake may enrich themselves at the cost of others and there is some reservation with other contacts. Water Snakes expect necessary rewards for their diligence. They will use these financial gains to buy luxuries and to provide protection to the family till the end.

Wood Snake

Wood Snakes are influenced by the element of wood, and have a slightly reduced strength of their normal traits. They build up more social contacts and readily work with groups. They are determined in pursuit of things but do not betray others in the process. These snakes are committed to their families and are ready to make sacrifices for them. Wood Snakes are arrogant. They depend on their brains and capacity and avoid taking the advice of others.

Fire Snake

Fire Snakes are gregarious and pretentious. They like to be in the center of attraction in a group. They have a hot temperament, and are ruthless in achieving their social and financial standing, even by betraying others. These people are magnificent salespeople because of their eloquence and convincing abilities. Fire Snakes captivate others with their poise, histrionics, and audacity. But they are likely to be dogmatic and selfish.

Earth Snake

Earth Snakes are quite relaxed and may believe others sometimes. They like to be present at social meetings but do not try to show off. Though they are after monetary gains and luxurious objects, they do not attach much importance to them. They are hard workers but take sufficient rest in between. The Year of the Snake prefers to work in groups and rarely uses others to accomplish their objectives. They have a pleasing personality.


The Year of the Snake personality enjoys a systematic and serene life and avoids boisterous surroundings. They require a lot of leisure time and will be happy with limited responsibilities. Senior snakes should be careful about their physical fitness and take sufficient time off to unwind themselves.


The Snake traits show they are highly industrious and enormously resourceful. They lose their interest in their jobs very often and like to change their jobs. They enjoy careers involving a lot of intricacy and imagination. Snakes stick to strict schedules and excel in finding solutions to difficult problems. Some of the careers suitable for a Snake are Analyst, Sociologist, Astrologer, Investigator, Scientist, Magician, and Painter.


People born in the Year are very choosy about making friendships. They keep their emotions to themselves and it is very difficult to read their minds. Once they select their companions, they will not tolerate any break in the alliance. They value their friendship and are too possessive, fanatical, and envious of their select company. Snakes are happy to share their pleasures and unhappiness with their close friends.

Luck & Compatibility

  • Highly Compatible with Ox, Rooster
  • Should Avoid Pig, Tiger Monkey
  • Lucky Colors: Red, Yellow, Black
  • Unlucky Colors: White, Golden, Brown
  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, 9
  • Unlucky Numbers: 1, 6, 7
  • Lucky Flowers: Cactus, Orchid
  • Lucky Directions: South, Southwest, Northeast

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