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6 Things Men Love To See On A First Date

6 Things Men Love To See On A First Date

When you have the first date with your new crush, you’ll probably have more questions than answers.

Everything from what you should wear to what you should order at dinner is up for debate.

But if you focus on the list below, you won’t have to worry about the little things until your next date!


#1. You have a life

Men love to see that you have an independent life with your own ideas, passions and opinions. Your date wants to hear about your work and hobbies as much as he wants to tell you about his. An independent, self-confident woman makes a fun partner.


You don’t need to go overboard and talk about only yourself, but don’t belittle your work or hobbies or agree with everything he says in an attempt to ingratiate yourself. That strategy will have the opposite effect.

#2. You eat and drink like a grown up

Ordering the smallest salad and picking at half of it will not impress your date. He wants to see that you eat like a normal person. If he’s enjoying a great dinner and he’s brought you to his favorite restaurant, he wants to share the enjoyment with you.


So go ahead – order something you love and enjoy with gusto. Some of the best flirting occurs over a shared desert. When it comes to drinking, however, dampen the enthusiasm. Thoroughly enjoy one or two drinks, but don’t overindulge. Nobody wants to see sloppy drunk who gets a bad hangover, especially on a first date.


#3. You’re OK with dating before committing

On a first date, a guy is looking to get to know you. He doesn’t want to complicate anything by assuming that you two are suddenly in an exclusive relationship.


He wants to have the freedom of waiting a few days before calling you again. He loves to see that you’re interested in seeing him again but he doesn’t want to pick names for your kids. Not yet.

#4. You go for the kiss, but skip the sex

First dates are not the time for jumping into bed. Even if a guy asks to come up to your place after the date, he really wants you to refuse. If you two are truly into each other, you’ll be fine with waiting a bit for sex.


However, your date will LOVE it if you go for the kiss. He’ll be looking for signs that you’re open to one and if you lean in and grab that first smooch, he’ll be flattered and turned on at the same time.

#5. You thank him for a great time

Regardless of whether you liked the restaurant or whether you thought disco bowling was the right first date choice, be sure to thank your date. He made an effort to show you a good time.

If he added any thoughtful touches, like flowers at the door or champagne after dinner, be sure to specifically thank him for that. He’ll love that you noticed and appreciated his efforts, and he’ll be OK if you suggest skipping the disco bowling next time.


#6. You’re comfortable being yourself

The first date is your guy’s chance to get to know you – the real you. He really wants to see your natural looks and personality. When you’re not trying to be someone different, you’ll be more relaxed and comfortable, which will put him at ease also. If you act like someone other than yourself, he’ll see the artifice, and even if he likes the fake you, he won’t call back. Let him see the real you and if there’s a spark, you’ll know it’s genuine.

Men usually take the bulk of the responsibility for the first date. They usually ask you out, plan the date and pay for it. They do all this because they really want to get to know you. Follow these dating tips and you’ll make the most of this initial time together. At the very least, you’ll have a great time on a Saturday night!

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