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12 Types of Women You Should Never Date

12 Types of Women You Should Never Date

Single men are often advised to cast a wide net. Date as many people as you can because you never know where you might find Mrs. Right. That’s good advice, but at the same time, you don’t want to waste time, emotion and money dating the type of woman who has no hope of being the one.


When you see a great girl or find one online, double check that she doesn’t fall into one of these categories before polishing your pickup lines.


Don’t date her if there’s no R-E-S-P-E-C-T

A good dating experience requires basic, mutual respect. If that is missing on either side, you’re wasting your time and you’ll probably have a terrible date. Avoid these three types of women:


  • Women you don’t respect. Don’t date a woman just because she’ll say ‘yes.’ If you’re going to have fun, even with casual dating, you need to genuinely respect her.


  • Women who don’t respect you. If she doesn’t warm up to you right away, you can charm her around, but if she treats you badly, disentangle and move on. This type of woman will use you, break promises and always look for the next whipping boy.
  • Women who don’t respect themselves. Good partnerships require two people who can stand up for themselves and for each other. A woman with no self-respect is going to cling to you for security and self-esteem. You’ll be stifled and looking for any way to get out of that relationship.

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Don’t date her if she’s no fun

Dating is about having fun and some people are strictly no-fun varieties. They may be so focused on other parts of their lives that they just don’t take the time to relax. They may take themselves so seriously that there’s no room for play. Or they may be on a constant campaign for justice. Any of these types of women will leach the joy out of your date.



  • Women with no sense of humor. People all have different senses of humor, but if there’s nothing that gets her to crack a smile, you’ll find yourself tense and anxious before long.

  • Workaholics. Women work just as hard at their jobs as men and they can be just as laser-focused on their careers. If your intended date works 14 hours a day, doesn’t take off weekends and interrupts social conversations to take work calls, then dating is not her priority. At best, you would be a distant second priority in her life.
  • Women with an agenda. We all feel passionate about certain issues, but anyone who cannot stop talking about political issues, who leans over and coughs loudly at smokers or constantly interrupts you to point out your political incorrectness will be no fun. Ever. This woman will be exhausting and embarrassing. She is more concerned with her issue of the day than with enjoying your company.

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Don’t date her if it’s inappropriate

Let’s face it; some women are strictly off-limits. You may be enticed by the thought of dating forbidden fruit, but these social taboos are generally there for a good reason. Dating inappropriate women can have serious negative consequences for your career, family or health. So for your own sake, avoid dating these types of women.

  • Women you work with. Everyone knows that workplace dating causes friction and lawsuits, especially if you are dating someone you work for or who works for you. Depending on your company’s policy, dating at work can get you fired. People will tell you of someone they know who met their spouse at work, but honestly, with all the people out there whom you could safely date, do you want to risk a career for a possible romance?

  • Women who are much younger or much older than you. Some men only want to date very young women, but these guys aren’t serious about finding a soul mate. Someone who is many years your junior or senior will have different values and want different things out of life than you. A good rule of thumb is to stay within 10 years of your own age.
  • Women in a marriage or relationship. Don’t date attached women. Enough said.


Don’t date her if she brings baggage

Developing a relationship takes work and will create plenty of stress on its own. You’ll have no hope of creating a meaningful connection with a woman who is struggling with much larger life issues. You may like a female in this situation, and you’ll want to help her through it, which is fine. But do so as a friend, not a romantic partner, and make sure you can separate from her emotionally if necessary.

    • Women who need to be in a 12-step program. If you recognize any signs of addiction in a woman, do not think of starting a relationship. She has a lot to straighten out before she can be a good life partner. Of course, if she’s willing to listen, you can point her to a good program, but don’t be surprised if she is closed off to anything outside her habit.

  • Women you met in a 12-step program. If you have been through a 12-step program, then you’ve shown amazing courage and tenacity. And you might have met someone great there, but you’ll know as well as anyone that you need to be well along the path of recovery before thinking of dating. Better yet, find someone who is not fighting her own personal demons while you struggle with yours.
  • Women in the middle of a divorce. A woman’s divorce will distort her view of men and romance for quite a while. You’ll be drawn into her drama and she won’t be in a stable place to build a great new relationship. If you think she’s great, let her get through the divorce before making your move.

You might feel that a huge percentage of the available women have just been knocked off your list, but take heart. People will move in and out of these life phases. If there’s someone you like who falls into one of these types, just be patient and develop a friendship. When she’s in a better place, you can grow into a romance. In the meantime, have a great time dating more suitable women.

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