Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Asteroid Transits

Asteroid Transits

South Node pulls you back into the comfort of what you know, and the North Node pulls you into the unknown future and possible anxieties. The sign in which each one is placed in the chart tells you the nature of what you know or need to learn.

Asteroids only came to our attention in recent years, and are continuing to be discovered. Chiron appears to give us a key to semi-hidden elements within. As with any change, it can hurt as it heals. Ceres has qualities of Virgo, work, teaching, service, and health. With its transits, we have the opportunity to change our ability to express love unconditionally in these matters.

Pallas increases our deeper knowing and understanding and brings us new ideas. Vesta encourages us to come from our center and focuses our inner fire on specific goals. The minor asteroids are less understood. Look at Trans Pluto transits of natal positions to see if you notice any relative psychological states in your life that need attention.

Poseidon is related to the emotional waters which can put us in touch with the river of life that flows through us. Lilith, thought of as Adam’s first mate is sometimes called the Dark Moon or daemon because she rejected the domination of the male, Adam. Lilith carries repressed anger for the lack of respect for her equality. She gives us the possibility of resolving power issues and reaching a state of agreement.

This gives you some basic data to work with. The house and sign show in what manner and where the quality is being directed in your chart. As in all astrological matters, the proximity of the asteroid to a luminary, personal, or near planets, Mercury through Mars, is most noticeable.

We are most likely to be aware of an effect with a near aspect (less than 4 degrees), especially a conjunction, opposition, or square. We tend to take easy aspects (trine and sextile) for granted and don’t pay attention to them. Those who are more aware of their responsibilities (Saturn) and possibilities (Jupiter) may also notice the effects of asteroid transits to those planets and the far planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, if they strongly aspect the natal planets that correspond to our more personal characteristics.

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