Iguana Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Iguana Animal Totem Symbolism

The iguana animal totem is an ancient and often misunderstood creature. Because of their appearance, they are often feared and given a less-than-desirable reputation. Negative assessments are unfair, though, and if you take a few moments to truly analyze this reptile totem, you can see what wondrous traits and symbolism it possesses.

After a few moments of reflection, you couldn’t help but agree that “the benevolent dragon” is an appropriate nickname for these archaic animals. Unlike some of the aggressive reptiles, most notably the Komodo Dragon, the iguana spirit guide is a satisfied and restful creature. Through its stoicism, the iguana spiritual totem offers us many symbolic associations and inspires us to practice using our intuitive insight.

The iguana symbolism shows contentment and can teach us many lessons in the importance of feeling fulfilled with what we have in our lives. Iguanas also allow us to understand our inherent nature and purpose on this Earth. In addition to contentment and gratitude, these brightly colored reptiles present us with relevant symbolism of acute awareness, deep contemplation and having expectations.

These creatures spend the majority of their lives soaking up the sun from a warm day. They move only to hunt and feed and seem to be perfectly OK with that. For us, this is a very basic and simple observation of total contentment. It serves as a reminder for us to also take time for repose and to be happy with life’s simplicities.

The iguana animal guide practices infinite cooperation with the world around it. It accepts its place and what it is meant to do, moving (or rather, sitting) through life and enjoying what they’ve been given. They appreciate the finer things in life, which also happen to be the most simple.

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Iguanas spirit guides never rush nor bother themselves with meaningless concerns. In our lives, we frequently allow ourselves to be overcome by chaos and unimportant situations and drama.

We forget to slow down and just “be”. This is the most valuable lesson that the iguana animal totem teaches us, and we would do well to incorporate its message into our lives. “Appreciate the simple satisfactions,” says the iguana. Listen to it.

Iguana Associated Traits

Stoic, Intuitive, Content, Gratitude, Co-operation, Fast, Camouflage


Symbolic Meaning Of Iguana

Although iguanas are restful and relaxed creatures, one of their greatest strengths is their ease of motion. As one of the scurrying animals, they are extremely quick paced and have reaction times that strike as expeditiously as lightning. They are also capable of disguising themselves brilliantly through the art of camouflage. Both of these qualities make them the most polished escape artists.

For us, they symbolize that we, too, have the ability to recognize and remove ourselves from danger when we need to. Furthermore, once we recognize this ability, we realize that we need not be overly hypervigilant and worried. This further allows us to relax and have a calm demeanor.

Most of us do not live our lives like the iguana. The iguana symbol can present itself to virtually anyone who is receptive to its message. It has a particular affinity for showing itself to those who are letting their lives pass them by because of petty worries.

The iguana symbolic meaning will come to you to tell you to stop worrying and take a step back to live simply. Take time for yourself and relish in the wonderful things in the world, rather than focusing on your various stressors and complications. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

Our lives revolve around a series of events and responsibilities, making it hard to escape. We are trained to live this way because of how our society functions, and to break free of this, even for a moment, is truly challenging. The iguana animal totem is here to assist us in this and shows us the potential fruits of our efforts if we can take time to revel in positivity and contentment. Bask in the gifts that you have been given and give heartfelt appreciation to those who have made them a reality.

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