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Sun In 10th House Meaning And Significance

Sun in the Tenth House of the Natal Chart

What does sun in 10th house mean? You are born leaders who want to rule the world and are ready to put in the hard week needed.

10th House Also Known As: House Of Social Status

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Sun In 10th House Celebrities: Harrison Ford, Nostradamus, Johnny Hallyday, Meg Ryan, Donald Trump

Positive Keywords for Sun in 10th House: Prodigy, Responsible, Balanced, Strong, Hardworking, Tireless

Shadow Keywords for Sun in 10th House: Over-Ambitious, Loner, Egoistic, High Expectations

Sun In Tenth House: Personality Traits

Your drive and ambition with the Sun in the 10th house is incredible, making you one of the hardest working people on the planet. The Sun represents your self and feelings of self-worth. And for you, it’s all about your status and material possessions. You need the power to feel respected.

This makes you a natural leader, as you don’t want anyone standing in the way of your success. You don’t take orders very well, for you feel you know more about a particular subject than anyone else. As the ruling zodiac sign for this astrological house is Capricorn, you work tirelessly to not only get the job done but to do it right the first time.

The Sun In 10th House

Sun In 10th House: Positive Traits

Your expertise is unparalleled (you make sure of it) which makes you a valuable asset for any company. Because of this, the sun in the tenth house personality strives to climb the corporate ladder as quickly as possible. You don’t want to be anywhere else but at the top.

Because you wish to share your success with someone, you are always on the lookout for that perfect partner. You need a person who is just as concerned with their image as you are, and puts a lot of effort towards maintaining a certain kind of lifestyle.

They will need to be career-oriented as well, at least until you are ready to have children. Family is very important because of your desire to pass on your legacy. This person will have to understand that part of your ambition also.

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Sun In 10th House: Negative Traits

You put a lot of pride into your work, ensuring that everything you do is perfection. Sometimes your ego gets in the way of your productivity, especially when someone else has a different opinion on what works best. This is why you’re better off on your own.

You spend so much time focused on your career that it often leaves very little room for anything else. You have incredible stamina. This serves you well in life and your sexual pursuits, but you often forgo pleasure in favor of gaining a higher status in your job.

This is okay while you’re young, but as you get older, you find your health begins to suffer. Learn to slow down, even just a little, and enjoy more recreational activities. You can be just as competitive here with single sports such as tennis or golf, or play as part of a team like a volleyball to be more social.


You can achieve just as much recognition on the court as you can behind your desk. Just make sure that this kind of appreciation doesn’t make up all of who you are. There’s more to life than just status symbols.

Working on your personal and spiritual growth can be just as fulfilling as getting ahead in your career. It will also be just as useful when you are searching for a future partner, one who cares not only about your money but your personality as well.

It will not be easy, for your expectations tend to be high in every facet of your life and you will never settle for anyone less than stellar. As you get older and your priorities change.

You may find yourself in a deeper place of understanding, one that opens your mind to different possibilities. And once you reach this place, you will have a better idea of the person who will genuinely make you happy.

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