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Feng Shui Tips For A Restaurant – How To Boost Your Business?

Fantastic Feng Shui Tips  For A Restaurant

Ancient Chinese relate Feng shui to the five elements; water, earth, metal, fire, and wood. These elements symbolize productivity. They are elements that should be used for good. Feng Shui tips for a restaurant is a rich culture that brings a sense of peace and stability, especially in places with an overflow of customers.

Over the years, Feng Shui has been used in different aspects of education, environmental psychology, semiotics, electromagnetic radiation, interior design, ecological design, and many more.

How To Bring Life In Your Restaurant Using Feng Shui Elements

Have you ever wondered why some restaurants bloom in work while others don’t? Here is the trick; check the colors used to decorate the place. Are they dark, bright, cool, shouting, or soothing? Most people prefer cool places with cool colors that bring serenity and calmness. A successful restaurant business will consider Feng shui aspects to give their small or big restaurant a classy look.



Color is a compelling aspect of life and can be used to achieve desired results. Color is an expression of light. The five Feng shui elements, wood, water, fire, earth, and metal, are associated with four colors’ green, yellow, red, and white.


• Red represents the fire element; it symbolizes heart desires and excitement.
• Yellow is the earth element. It symbolizes appetite, happy gatherings, and good times.
Green symbolizes nature and freshness. It becomes aware when people make healthy life choices to enhance productivity.
• White symbolizes cleanliness and is also connected to emotions. White generates supportive energy for all endeavors made out of creativity.
Blue represents water, money, or wealth.


#3. Energy Flow for Good Feng shui in your Restaurant

Energy flows in all the Feng shui elements. The colors associated can be used to show energy flow.

1. Water

Listening to the flow of water can be therapeutic. Using the element of water in your restaurant can give your customers a soothing feeling. It can also be used with the earth, i.e., using stones to make fountains. The water gliding over the smooth rocks shows how energy flows from one aspect to the other. The water element can be used with the earth element to generate productivity: plants.

2. Fire

The color red represents fire. However, you can be more creative. You can also use red velvet carpets or light shades to bring in the fire element instead of the fire itself. You can also blend fire with earth; setting up a fireplace using wood would be great.

3. Earth

The colors light brown, sandy, earthy brown, and light yellow are associated with earth. You can use these colors for your restaurant furniture or carvings too. Earth, wood, and water can blend by creating small water fountains inside the restaurant.

4. Metal

Get creative with metal; you can have wall hangings, light holders, cutlery, and many more. Remember to use fascinating pieces that will transfer positive energy from the walls to your customers.

5. Wood

Wood has so many uses, and you cannot say it’s hard for you to get creative with it. Use different wood textures on your restaurant’s furniture and chopsticks, spoons, salt, and sugar holders.

Feng Shui Your Restaurant with Professional Assistance

You may want to start a food business that is your calling. You also know the colors you want for your place, but the thing for sure is that you don’t know ha how to blend in the colors correctly. Pick on the best interior designers and make sure they understand the Feng shui concept. Make the best investment to get quality results.


The chosen theme for your restaurant goes hand in hand with the kind of decoration you want. Whether vintage, classic, or modern, the general music should enhance the atmosphere of the whole place. For one using Feng shui, choose pieces that bring the idea out well.

The Layout

The restaurant layout should be spacious. This will ensure staff and customers do not get into each other’s way. Ch’i energy flow should be constant and free. There should be adequate ventilation, and the tables should not be too close.

Great seats

One of the primary reasons why people visit restaurants is to share a meal or hold a meeting. Make sure the seats are comfortable enough for your customers. The seating arrangement should be comfortable and not too close to each other.


Have recipes that will significantly impress your customers. Do not break the peace energy already created in your clients by the inviting delicious smell and layout by providing displeasing dishes. The trick of great food is how you display good food on the plates.

Good Lighting

Feng shui colors are already breathtaking, and good lighting can generate an appetite for your customers. Use fluorescent light bulbs that do not produce too much energy. Do not use bright lights in your restaurant; instead, you can opt to use illuminated lights that make food delicious.

Soothing Music

Soft music should be present at any restaurant. It should not be too loud that people cannot have a conversation, nor should it be too weak. The music should be gentle enough to bring calmness to your customers and reflect on your restaurant’s theme. Music should blend in with the water element and not be too fast.

Choose art pieces with meaning

Ensure that the art pieces you display in the place have a meaning. Choose simple but great articles that will help.

Color layer and texture

The color layers and textures also reveal the type of restaurant you decide to put up. A good restaurant with poor color choice broadly states that the place is of poor service and food quality. Choose OK or coarse texture depending on the theme and the ch’i that you want vividly expressed.

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