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Scorpio Cancer Love Compatibility

Scorpio Cancer Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Scorpio and Cancer emotionally, mentally, and sexually? Read on…

The Scorpio and Cancer love compatibility in a romantic relationship will have the combined energies of two emotionally intense signs. They will usually mix well. Their strengths will help to balance out each other’s weaknesses. The scorpion and the crab will have an intense physical attraction.

When they are in the same room, things will tend to be very hot. Scorpio and Cancer soul mates will have a lot in common. They will be more than capable of keeping the passion in their relationship. They will be able to keep the Scorpio Cancer relationship strong.


Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. Cancer is ruled by the moon. Mars is concerned with passion and Pluto is concerned with power. The moon is concerned with emotion. Pluto has a very powerful influence. Because of this, this is a passionate mix of planets. However, there will be a good balance of male and female energies. They will make the basis of all human relationships.

The moon has a nurturing love. It is concerned with rebirth and growth. Mars has motivation and passion. It is about romance and the passion that goes with it. Mars and the moon work well together. The influence of Mars makes Scorpio zodiac sign smoldering and intense. Cancer is emotional and very attracted to Scorpio’s passion. At the same time, the scorpion will love the inherent affection of the nurturing crab, ruled by the moon.



The crab will focus their emotional energy on their families and their home. The scorpion concentrates more on life’s subtleties and suggestions. Scorpio is interested in other’s intentions the secrets behind them and the power they can have over other’s emotions. The scorpion can show the crab how to look at things deeper and see more than just what is on the surface.

Cancer’s extensive heart can show Scorpios how to recognize their feelings. They will show their lovers that they do not need to be afraid of their emotions. The scorpion will admire how rational the crab is. At the same time, the crab enjoys the scorpion having envious feelings. The crab recognizes this as a sign of being loved and appreciated.


Scorpio And Cancer Love Compatibility – Positive

The best thing about Scorpio Cancer compatibility in a romantic relationship is the teamwork they are capable of when they both agree on their goals. The Cancerian will need to realize that the Scorpio is not going to leave. If they can recognize that the relationship is emotionally productive, the Scorpio Cancer marriage can be successful. They will both be very motivated. Because of this, the Scorpio Cancer friendship will have formidable strength.


Scorpio and Cancer soul mates have a strong love compatibility from the start. They will likely become more compatible the longer they are together. There is a lot of chemistry between the scorpion and the crab. They are very devoted to each other and have a lot of emotional depth.

Scorpio and Cancer are both water signs with very strong emotions. They will both need a source of stability in their lives more than anything. They can both easily provide each other with the stability and security that they need.

The Scorpio Cancer in bed will have a very sexy relationship. Scorpio will likely be the most sexual sign in the zodiac. Cancer will bring passion and romance to the relationship. They will match and complement the depth of the scorpion. When the relationship is going well, they will have a common, unspoken closeness. Because of this, they will be able to hold their sexual compatibility together and not have as many issues. The scorpion and the crab might fall in love at first sight when the Scorpio dates the Cancer personality.


Scorpio and Cancer in Love will give each other everything they need in their everyday lives. Cancer is rational and will give the relationship common sense. This will help ground the magic Scorpio brings to the relationship as the sorcerer. The homemaker will be able to somewhat quiet the sorcerer’s darker side. They will be a source of positive emotions. The scorpion will have a lot of envious feelings.

However, the crab enjoys this. The crab will feel desired and safe. In the Scorpio and Cancer marriage, both will both have a lot of respect for each other and be very trustworthy.


The scorpion and the crab will both like purchasing things together and making a cozy domestic space. The Scorpio personality will want to have power. Cancer will want to have security. They both tend to think a lot about domestic goods and resources.

In the Scorpio Cancer love compatibility, they are concerned with things like stocks, bonds, and inheritances. They will both be concerned about their home and they will both be intensely loyal to their family. The scorpion and the crab usually complement each other very well. They both look at life as being an experience in human bonding on a passionate and emotional level.

Scorpio Cancer Compatibility – Negative

Scorpio is a Fixed sign and Cancer is a Cardinal sign. When the scorpion and the crab both want the same thing, they will find a way to get it. They might have trouble if they do not agree.

Cancer will likely be the first one to start a disagreement. However, Scorpio will be the one to finish it. The crab might seem like they are the domineering partner and that they get what they want more often than the scorpion. However, this is not necessarily true. Scorpio might not call a truce but decides to pretend to give in instead.

Both the scorpion and the crab are more than willing to use emotional manipulation to get back at each other. They will both have to keep arguments and negative feelings from getting out of control. They will both need to be willing to talk about what is important to them so that they can make a fair compromise.

When the Scorpio and the Cancer born realize they can trust each other and believe in each other, they will be able to accomplish almost anything just by perseverance alone. Their relationship will not be successful if they are not able to overcome their stubborn and opinionated views.


The Scorpio Cancer marriage compatibility will have issues like every other. Scorpio might hurt a sensitive crab with some harsh words. Cancer might make Scorpios feel impatient if they have too many mood swings. They are both capable of emotional manipulation. However, they have a strong mental connection. If the relationship is not successful and they decide to go in for a Scorpio Cancer breakup, it will be very painful for both of them.

However, they are not likely to end their relationship. Scorpio men or Scorpio women are not likely to give in. Cancer men or Cancer women will be the ones to try to repair the relationship in a tough patch. They will both take any issue they have seriously. Because of this, they have a good chance of overcoming whatever the world throws at them.

Scorpio And Cancer Compatibility – Conclusion

Scorpio and Cancer are both Water signs. They will both be very deep, like the ocean. No matter how much one learns about them, they will never know everything. In this Scorpio and Cancer compatibility, both will be likely to withdraw and become more reserved. However, they can come right back quickly and with amazing force. The scorpion and the crab both want emotional security in the relationship. Because of this, they both will be very devoted to each other.

The Scorpio and Cancer relationship might look enigmatic and mysterious to other people. The scorpion and the crab will both value their privacy. Scorpio might be secretive. They will keep secrets together. They are very interesting together.

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