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Top 10 Tips To Cope With Mood Swings – Part II

Top 10 Tips To Cope With Mood Swings – Part II

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Read on to know more home remedies to control your moods.

#4. Food

A healthy nutritious snack or even a little naughty food is the best home remedy for moodiness! At times when you are feeling like you need cheering up, try and eat healthy but do not knock yourself out over it. There is nothing wrong with a bar of dark chocolate (Known to be a mood elevator and good for your heart and also immune system due to high antioxidants).

Alternatively if your favorite dish is Mexican and there is a small cafe down the road, take yourself there and buy a Margarita while you are at it. Alternatively if it is cold enjoy a nice warm mug of hot chocolate with a marshmallow on top! Relish the food and drink. Feel good you can choose. There will be plenty of other times you can stick to the chicken salad and water!

Remember too for all the healthy eating advice, protein itself can life your mood so some solid meat food (Nachos is ideal) will actually raise your mood naturally.


#5. Pets

Whether you have pet fish in a gold fish bowl, a pet hamster, a cat or a dog play with them. Lose yourself in their fascinating world and give them your (for once) undivided attention. Fish are the most fascinating small creatures as they relentlessly swim back and forth opening and shutting their tiny mouths!

Other larger pets will love you back with meows and wagging tails not to mention the odd peck on the cheek. You can of course take the dog out for a walk. It needs walking and this will give you purpose and you don’t have to chat to anyone when you are out unless you feel like chatting to a fellow dog walker, who may incidentally be trying to shake off their own moods too!

On the note of pets, why not go out to the Pet Warehouse and get them some treats, some new toys perhaps. Both of you can be entertained for hours as they prod, poke, pounce on and play with their new toys. They may not say thank you but they will show it!


#6. Photographs

Look at old photo favourites, perhaps to times when you felt strong and certain. You might be surprised how heartening this can be. Alternatively viewing photos of an amazing, adventurous trips that had some near death experiences.

Many of us have had them or at least adventures we lived to tell the tale. Sometimes it helps to tell ourselves all we have been through in our lives and yet survived and grown stronger. This can in itself lift a mood.

#7. Cooking

Food again I know! However food is one of those best natural remedies that does many things for us humans. It can bind us together, help us to communicate, to do a business deal, to get closer to someone, to romance, to wind down after a long day at work or to lift our mood.

Cooking is for many people a kind of practical, cathartic therapy that gets them involved in something other than their worried thoughts. Baking a cake or some cookies results in a treat but it also involves some creativity and thinking and also that old domesticated homely feeling.

Many people find this alone lifts their spirits. Then it only takes an unexpected phone call and you have gotten out of your mood.


#8. Swimming

If you can get to a swimming pool or to a lake or sea this is the best way to brighten or change your mood. There is something about plunging into any water that makes one feel rejuvenated, like they are starting the day all over.

This is especially good if your morning at work or school/college has been blah and you need to get out of that bad mood or feel better or de-stressed.

#9. Reading

This is perhaps one of the best home remedies to change your mood. Sometimes the only thing you feel like doing is curling up with a good book, engrossed in a good story and characters, forgetting your worries. You can help the characters solve their predicaments instead of your own.

Also of course self-help or self-development books can be inspiring. However go easy on these when you have really low moods. They will do more damage than good. Sometimes they can be a bit glib for practical purposes when you have a really bad mood.


#10. Phone A friend

That is right, you don’t have to feel alone. Try and pick a friend who always makes you feel good or is quite up themselves in spirit. This is preferred to the friend who always seems to have problems and loves other people’s misery too. You want a more positive perspective no someone to soak up all your sorrows! Maybe you think you do but you know how they say misery loves misery’s company!

It goes without saying and I can’t emphasize enough the above mood management strategies are only for smaller mood changes. They are not for major mood changes associated with chronic depression, bipolar, severe post-birth depression and other such moods.

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However for the general population some or all of them will help when you next feel a bit down or have a bee in your bonnet and just can’t shake that “funk” of a bad mood! You need some mood strategies and I hope the above suggestions will do it for you.

They mostly do it for me and finally remember moods in themselves are not a bad thing. They show you your innermost thoughts, bring to the surface problems you may be grappling with, clarify abstract thoughts when accepted and allow you to express a whole range of amazing, subtle human emotions.

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