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7 Feng Shui Tips For Your Bookshelf

7 Feng Shui Tips For Your Bookshelf

Bookshelves can be found in nearly every home. They serve a functional purpose, holding and displaying a collection of books. But a bookshelf has the potential to be more than just a piece of utility furniture. It can be a design feature, adding an exciting dimension to an otherwise dull room, a place of calm in a cluttered environment and a reflection of your personality within your living space. Here are a few Feng Shui tips for your bookshelf.


The ancient philosophical practice of Feng Shui is centralized on the belief of creating harmony within an environment by aligning items and structures in a way that maximizes the flow of positive energy. In Feng Shui, everything has energy, even inanimate objects like bookshelves and furniture. The philosophy of Feng Shui is used in building, in interior design and also office design. The benefits of Feng Shui can be found in all aspects of life, even in the seemingly insignificant chore of arranging a bookshelf.


#1. Find the Right Location

Feng Shui is all about location, stressing the importance of orientation and position. Bookshelves represent an extension of our creativity and imagination. Place your bookshelf in a light and airy room, where the creative energy can grow and positively influence your energy.

Some of most well-known theories of Feng Shui use the cardinal directions to create eight designated sections of a room. Each direction is said to have unique qualities of positive or negative energy. Within this theory, the West is supposed to be the direction of creativity. Placing your bookshelf in the western area of a room will increase the flow of creative and intellectual energy.


#2. Clear Away the Clutter

To maximize the flow of positive energy, clear out old or unused books. By keeping books you have no interest in, you’re inviting old and negative energy to take root. Clearing out old or disused books will help create a more inviting space, and encourage you to utilize the bookshelf and its contents more frequently.

Within the practice of Feng Shui, clutter causes negative and confusing energy, which can block the positive flow of energy through a room. This belief applies to bookshelves as much as general clutter in a room. Keeping your bookshelf free of clutter will ensure a flow of positive energy and encourage use.


#3. Keep it Clean

Bookshelves can quickly be forgotten in usual cleaning habits. Letting dust collect on shelves negatively impacts mental energy and discourages you from using the bookshelf frequently. A bookshelf should be an item that brings joy and positive energy into a room, but if it is covered in dust or grime, the impact is dulled.

Accumulated dust on a bookshelf can signal overall messiness throughout a living space. This has a detrimental effect on the flow of positive energy, which is the goal when applying the tenets of feng shui. A clean home can help promote peace and happiness, and ensuring that the bookshelves are kept tidy and clean is an essential step toward achieving pure harmony in the house.

#4. Make it a Focal Point

If you take pride in your book collection and seeing it brings you joy daily, make the bookshelf a focal point in a central room. By making it a centerpiece or focus of the room, it will bring you joy every time you walk in the room. The comfort and energy you feel from seeing the bookshelf prominently featured will be reflected back into the room, increasing the positive energy and joy in the space.

A bookshelf can be made a focal point by placing it prominently in a frequently used room, or even by putting it near the front entrance to the home. Both locations promote the flow of positive energy and encourage creative thought, as well as display a dedication to intelligence and creativity.

#5. Let in the Light

Feng shui is heavily focused on the use of energy and light is considered one of the most influential reflections of energy. To create a positive flow of energy, the bookshelf should be in an area with lots of natural light. This will encourage the flow of energy and balance within the room. If natural lighting is not an option, soft and unintense artificial lighting should be chosen. Ideally, a floor lamp with a lampshade that cuts the harshness of a light bulb should be used, allowing for a soft, naturalized light to fill the room.

Even the choice of light bulb can have an impact on the energy flow of the room. If a harsh light bulb is placed near the bookshelf, the glare and intensity can overpower the energy flow. It is essential to balance the amount of light within a room and ensure that the strength is never overwhelming.

#6. Create Consistency

Feng Shui is about understanding the impact that placement and orientation of items can have on your energy. When arranging your bookshelf, create a consistent means of storage. If you prefer to stack books upright, ensure that all books on the shelf are stacked in such a way. Make sure it’s the right choice for your home and your energy. You’ll be more likely to maintain the arrangement and seeing the neatly arranged shelves will bring harmony and positive energy into your space.

As with any application of Feng Shui, think carefully about the energy you want to encourage when you organize the bookshelf. The placement of the books can have an effect on the overall energy of the room, and either encourage positive energy or block it completely.

#7. Be Expressive

Though the primary purpose of a bookshelf is to store books, it can be used as a way to express yourself and project your unique energy throughout the living space. With a large collection, the spines of the books can serve as an unexpected display of art. Books can be grouped according to color, with like colors grouped together and arranged in a way that forms a literary rainbow of sorts.

For visual individuals, this way of expressing your creativity can also serve to make locating specific books easier, which will, in turn, have a positive impact on the energy flow of the living space. Be sure that whatever way you choose to display the books reflects your style and energy. The philosophy of Feng Shui is about harmonizing your energy with the energy within your living space.

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The practice of Feng Shui is one that can be applied in all aspects of life, from interior design to office organization. By applying the tenets of Feng Shui, you can create a more peaceful and centered environment that is filled with the right energy for your life. The most important thing to consider when applying Feng Shui to any aspect of your life is to make sure that it works for you.

Feng Shui is enecessarily a philosophy that states that the energy in our homes and living spaces are a reflection of our onergy. To achieve maximum harmony, you have to understand the connection between the energy in the home and your personal energy. The first step to achieving a harmonious environment through Feng Shui can start with even the smallest of tasks: arranging a bookshelf.

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