Libra Zodiac Sign – Health & Well Being

Libra Zodiac Sign – Health & Well Being

Libra, the seventh zodiac sign, falls in the element of Air Triplicity along with Aquarius and Gemini. Libra, which symbolically signifies the Scales, is ruled by Venus.

Librans are specifically known for their creativity and elite taste. In Zodiac Astrology where every Zodiac Sign has its own key phrase, the related phrase of the Libra is “I balance”. As Librans are known for their intellectuality, and a special blend of creative and mental abilities, their life style includes a lot of logical habits which other zodiacs find hard to follow.

The creative taste of the Librans is aesthetically inclined and they find ultimate pleasure in good books, sweet melodies, fresh flowers, and fragrance of elite taste.

Libra is the costliest zodiac sign and Libran people are known for their extravagance. The Librans are too fond of luxurious and comfortable life style. And if blessed with the opportunity and social and financial security, they leave no chance to live like a king.

This nature of the Librans makes them splurge exorbitantly on expensive food items a bit too often. Librans generally have sweet tooth and have a weakened inclination towards rich and oily food items. Though Librans are self-obsessed and love to splurge on the best item available, their inherent nature doesn’t allow them to work hard for their own physical fitness and strength.

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The ruling organs of the Libra Zodiac are kidneys, lumbar region, and buttocks. The excretory ruling organs of the Libra are kidneys and skin. While the buttocks, adrenals, lumbar region and vasomotor systems are ruled by the zodiac sign Libra externally. Lumbar Vertebrae is ruled by Libra structurally.

Since Libra rules the kidney, lower back and the ovaries, they generally suffer from the lower back pain, kidney mal functions, uremia, edema, renal calculi, and polyuria hazards. Due to much higher intake of the sugar or rich and oily foods, Librans are easily prone to blood pressure and abnormal sugar level problems. It is generally found that Librans are emotionally hyper active and suffer from emotional and psychological problems.

If conferred with financial security, Librans can go to any extent to buy themselves and their loved ones the best quality food available. But not every rich and resourceful food item is meant for Librans. According to the body structure and body type, the type of food suitable to this zodiac sign is extremely important which they need to learn and understand.

Food items rich in minerals and high-protein diet is most beneficial for Librans. Librans should indulge in fresh fruits like strawberries and apples which are rich in minerals. Mineral rich dry fruits like raisins and almonds suit best to the extravagant Librans. Librans are best satisfied when their victuals match best with their sort of quality and taste.

In their daily food habits, Librans should maintain a high protein diet chart which includes wheat, brown rice, oatmeal etc. After thirties Librans should cut down heavily on sugar, fat and acid producing food items.

For treating themselves, Librans should gorge into seafood, poultry eggs and chickens, and milk products like cheese, buttermilk and yogurt.

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