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4 Feng Shui Tips To Cure Depression

Feng Shui for Depression

When people first think of depression, most people think of therapy, medication, or other conventional methods when dealing with this debilitating disease. You would be surprised, however, to find that Feng Shui for depression can help you overcome your depression symptoms.


Feng Shui is based on the Chinese philosophy that having a clean house makes a lucky house. This means that when you clean up, you are actug yourself more of a fthan than you think you are.


Clearing away old junk or even just your average amount of clutter could mean that you’re bringing in better Karma. Bad karma and old memories have a way of clinging to items, by cleaning up you get rid of these old memories and make way for new and brighter ones.

Feng Shui can help you overcome your depression symptoms.

Feng Shui Tips For Depression

#1. Entry Way

Make sure that entrywayy way to your home is inviting. This means clearing away the clutter, the stacks of bills and any other distractions. Your entryway should be clean and friendly so that when you come home you are not immediately stressed out. You should be able to look around and like what you see; this will help improve your mood.

Make sure that your entry way to your home is inviting.

#2. Living Room

Once the entryway has been tackled, you should pay more attention to the center of your home, the place where the most people are active or where you entertain. This area needs to be positive and inviting to help cultivate good karma and help relationships. Make sure it is uncluttered as you wouldn’t want this “heart” of your home to have clogged arteries; you want the energy to flow freely.

pay more attention to the center of your home.

#3. Garage

The next thing you need to tackle is the place where you store all your clutter, this may be a closet or perhaps the garage. Either way, you need to take a long careful look at these areas. This is likely where all the bad Karma will be coming from. All the bad memories of things you don’t want to necessarily face.


Try going through some of these areas and de-cluttering them bit by bit. If this is too overwhelming for you try hiring a professional to help you sort through all the clutter. By sorting through all of this unwanted stuff you will help lift the energy in your home and yourself.

Try going through some of these areas and de-cluttering them bit by bit.

#4. Kitchen

The next place to tackle is your kitchen, you give yourself and others nutrition through the food you make. Now does the space also possess the nutrition required to give that energy back to you? Is there enough room to prepare food?


If your kitchen is cluttered or filled with junk food it’s unlikely that you will make good choices and take good care of yourself or others. A kitchen that is warm and inviting, comfortable to prepare food and entertain in will provide you with more energy in return.


A kitchen that is warm and inviting

Just because you have decided to take up a Feng Shui lifestyle doesn’t mean you should be trying to do this all at once. Doing all of these things at once will only make your depression seem more overbearing. This is a slow process where you should take it step by step to reorganize your house and your life.

Above all you are supposed to be having fun while you’re de-cluttering. If you find this overwhelming then you may need the help of friends or family to make it an enjoyable process. Keep it light and airy just like the home you are aiming to create and you will be fine. In the end, you will have a home with good karma, good luck and hopefully a good life without depression.

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