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How To Get Over A Broken Heart?

Healing and getting over a broken heart is hard to do. Even if the break up is for the best, both people are usually still hurt. Here are a few tips to make it easy for you.

Time Is The Only Healer

Allowing for time to heal is never fun but it is necessary for your peace of mind. And you need to allow yourself that time; an important part of doing this is no contact. So even if you and your ex have decided to remain friends you should give each other some space for a period of time.


Do not text nor call him or her. Try to avoid their face book page or anything at all connected to them if possible. This doesn’t have to be forever but until the pain subsides or until you can talk with them as a friend without an ulterior motive (such as wanting to get back together.)


If you cannot talk to them without feelings coming back than give it more time and more space. If you cannot avoid contact with your ex because there are issues that need to be resolved than try to keep the contact to the business dealings only that are necessary. Otherwise avoid the dealings and the person until you are ready.

Allowing for time to heal is never fun but it is necessary for your peace of mind

Feel The Pain & Get Over It

Allow yourself to feel the pain. Overcome the hurt and throw out the anger. Cry, scream, and throw a fit if you want and need to. It is okay to be upset or angry but let go of those negative feelings as soon as possible.


The best way to do that is to vent and let them out. Punch a punching bag, go the gym or talk with friends or even professionals if you feel the need. Talking about your feelings can help you feel better. Writing or journaling about your thoughts is a great way to express the things you don’t want to talk about.

Journaling also allows you to understand why this relationship had to end and why you want to move on. You don’t want to hold onto the pain and the resentment too long. You don’t want to obsess over those negative feelings.


There is no set time limit for healing and processing your emotions. Each person and each relationship is different. So don’t rush yourself but do try to improve as time moves on. Hopefully each day you will think about that person and the past less and less.

Talking about your feelings can help you feel better.

Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes

Surround yourself with positive things, such as good friends and activities that you enjoy doing. Move on! Even if you are still hurting it is good to get back to work and the normal routine.

Get rid of the negative things. Get rid of any of their stuff that is lying around. Either give it back to them or throw it away. Do not do this as a revenge idea. If you have some of their things and you know they would want them, than be kind and allow them to get their stuff.

It doesn’t do either of you any good to be mean and it will only draw out the fighting and the breaking up. It makes the healing take longer and it is not worth any momentary satisfaction.

Being the bigger and better person even if you ex is being nasty will only help you to get over them. It will help you to grow and mature. It is hard but they are only hurting themselves by being negative and spiteful. You don’t want to harm yourself by doing the same.

Get rid of any of their stuff that is lying around
Also, it is good to see these negative things that your ex is doing and to remind yourself that this is why you are moving on. He or she is not a good or a nice person and you do not need that in your life. They are not good for you.

Remind yourself of other negatives surrounding them and the positive reasons that you are leaving or moving on.

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