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March 22 Famous Birthdays

March 22 Famous Birthdays

If you share your birthday with the famous people born on March 22, then you should be wearing your diamonds. They are the Aries’ best friend. Well, you could use a little help when it comes to temper as diamonds are said to have healing qualities and balancing effects.

There are times when famous people born on March 22nd seem to lose control of their emotions. Otherwise, people seem to like these guys. They have a way of changing a person’s mood. The sun seems to come out when they are around. With this in mind, they are probably effective as the trailblazer everyone thinks highly of.


When it comes to love and to relationships, those who share this famous March 22 birthday don’t seem to have much luck. If they could make a decision and stick to it, it may change the outcome of what could have been a wonderful union. No one is perfect and if they continue at this rate, they just may be alone for a long time.


Famous people born on March 22 like to have fun. They can never go anywhere without meeting someone they know. They naturally bring out the best in people. Alternatively, these famous March 22 Aries cannot take orders but will make an awesome leader. Read on to know more about famous March 22 birthday celebrities.


March 22nd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

22 March Good Traits:

  • Vibrant
  • Passionate
  • Intuitive
  • Positive
  • Joyful
  • Optimistic

22nd March Bad Traits:

  • Impulsive
  • Hyperactive
  • Loner
  • Indecisive

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March 22nd Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron North, 1979, Guitarist
Agnes Martin, 1912, Painter
Al Neuharth, 1924, Entrepreneur
Alex Padilla, 1973, Politician
Alex Woodrow, 1987, Bassist
Aline Weber, 1989, Model
Allison Stokke, 1989, Pole Vaulter
Alyssa Poppin, 1991, YouTube Star
Amy Studt, 1986, Rock Singer
Andreas Johnson, 1970, Rock Singer
Andrew Lloyd Webber, 1948, Composer
Andrew Susac, 1990, Baseball Player
Anne Dudek, 1975, TV Actress
Anthony P Damato, 1922, War Hero
Arnold Anderson, 1912, Runner
Arthur H. Vandenberg, 1884, Politician
Arve Henriksen, 1968, Trumpet Player
Ashley Cook, 1989, Family Member
August Rei, 1886, Politician
Austin Howard, 1987, Football Player
Bassem Youssef, 1974, TV Show Host
Bbabyigz, 2000, Star
Beverley Knight, 1973, Soul Singer
Billy Collins, 1941, Poet
Billy Vessels, 1931, Football Player

Blythe Masters, 1969, Entrepreneur
Bob Costas, 1952, Sportscaster
Bob Mover, 1952, Saxophonist
Bradie Webb, 1990, Drummer
Brennen Bliss, 1999, YouTube Star
Brett Marshall, 1990, Baseball Player
Brian Schwenke, 1991, Football Player
Brian Shaw, 1966, Basketball Player
Brianna Haire, 1999, Dancer
Bruno Ganz, 1941, Movie Actor
Bryan Donkin, 1768, Engineer
Bunga Citra Lestari, 1983, Pop Singer
Burton Richter, 1931, Scientist
Carlton Cuse, 1959, TV Producer
Caroline Norton, 1808, Novelist
Celia Birtwell, 1941, Fashion Designer
Chantelle Tagoe, 1983, Family Member
Charlie Poole, 1892, Country Singer
Cheddi Jagan, 1918, Politician
Cheskino, 2003, YouTube Star
Chico Marx, 1887, Movie Actor
Chris Ivory, 1988, Football Player
Chris Smylie, 1982, Rugby Player
Christina Bennett Lind, 1983, TV Actress
Christopher Maloney, 1969, Rock Singer
Christopher Wheeldon, 1973, Dancer
CobaltStreak, 1986, Twitch Star
Cody Gifford, 1990, Family Member
Coenie Oosthuizen, 1989, Rugby Player
Cole Hauser, 1975, Movie Actor
Colton Harris-moore, 1991, Criminal
Constance Wu, 1982, TV Actress
D4rkFrame, 1994, YouTube Star
Daisy Haggard, 1978, TV Actress
Dale Mabry, 1891, Pilot
Dan Norton, 1988, Rugby Player
Daniel Molo, 1994, YouTube Star
Darien, 1991, eSports Player
Dave Keon, 1940, Hockey Player
Dave Reed, 1988, Music Producer
David Choi, 1986, Pop Singer
David Golub, 1950, Pianist
David Portnoy, 1977, Entrepreneur
David Reed, 1987, Football Player
Davin Meggett, 1990, Football Player
Deng Gai, 1982, Basketball Player
Denise Jones, 1945, Rock Singer
Dexter Fowler, 1986, Baseball Player
Dick Ellsworth, 1940, Baseball Player

DJ Moore, 1987, Football Player
Ed Macauley, 1928, Basketball Player
Edward J. Fraughton, 1939, Sculptor
Edward Moore, 1712, Playwright
Elvis Stojko, 1972, Figure Skater
Emilio Aguinaldo, 1869, World Leader
Emily Weiss, 1985, Entrepreneur
Eric Roth, 1945, Screenwriter
Fanny Ardant, 1949, Movie Actress
Felipe Gustavo, 1991, Skateboarder
Francesco Quinn, 1963, Movie Actor
Frank Rossi, 1997, Model
Fred Anderson, 1929, Saxophonist
Gabriel Patalinghug, 1997, Pop Singer
Gabrielle Roy, 1909, Children’s Author
Gary Beadle, 1988, Reality Star
Gavin Macintosh, 1999, TV Actor
George Benson, 1943, Jazz Singer
George Ferguson, 1947, Architect
Gig Morton, 1996, Movie Actor
Glenallen Hill, 1965, Baseball Player
Goran Bregovic, 1950, Composer
Graysan Rogers, 1998, YouNow Star
Greg Mort, 1952, Painter
Guillermo Diaz, 1975, TV Actor
Haing S. Ngor, 1940, Movie Actor

Hans Wilsdorf, 1881, Entrepreneur
Harry Devlin, 1918, Cartoonist
Haystak, 1973, Rapper
Heather Lind, 1983, Movie Actress
Heaven Hart, 2005, Family Member
Heinz Winckler, 1978, Pop Singer
Houston Alexander, 1972, MMA Fighter
Hunter Frederick, 1989, YouTube Star
Iben Hjejle, 1971, Movie Actress
Ike Davis, 1987, Baseball Player
Isaac Hayden, 1995, Soccer Player
Isabel Kaif, 1986, Movie Actress
Izzy Meikle-Small, 1996, Movie Actress
Jack Shapiro, 1907, Football Player
James Balmont, 1991, Pop Singer
James Carpenter, 1989, Football Player
James House, 1955, Country Singer
James Kostesich, 1996, eSports Player
James McManus, 1951, Novelist
James Patterson, 1947, Novelist
James Wolk, 1985, Movie Actor
Jan Lundgren, 1966, Pianist
Javier Castillejo, 1968, Boxer
Jay Dee Daugherty, 1952, Drummer
Jazsmin Lewis, 1976, Movie Actress
Jean-Paul Boetius, 1994, Soccer Player
Jelle Vossen, 1989, Soccer Player
Jeon Boram, 1986, Pop Singer
Jeremy Barnard, 1996, YouTube Star
Jessica Darlin, 1976,
Jessica Ellis, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Jessie Andrews, 1992,
JJ Watt, 1989, Football Player
Jocky Wilson, 1950, Darts Player
Joe Nedney, 1973, Football Player
John Otto, 1977, Drummer
John Stanley, 1914, Comic Book Author
Jon Hassell, 1937, Trumpet Player
Jordan Wall, 1985, TV Actor
Joshua Rogers, 1994, Gospel Singer
Josip Racic, 1885, Painter
Josip Vancas, 1859, Architect
JP McCarthy, 1933, Radio Host
Juan Uribe, 1979, Baseball Player
Judson Laipply, 1976, YouTube Star
Justin Masterson, 1985, Baseball Player
Kandyse McClure, 1980, TV Actress
Karen Rodriguez, 1989, Pop Singer
Karena Dawn, 1980, Reality Star
Karina Jelinek, 1981, Model
Karl Kani, 1968, Fashion Designer
Karl Malden, 1912, TV Actor
Karylle, 1981, Pop Singer
Karyn Dwyer, 1975, Movie Actress
Kathleen McGowan, 1963, Religious Author
Katie Stuart, 1985, TV Actress
Keegan-Michael Key, 1971, Comedian
Kelli King, 1992, Family Member
Kellie Shanygne Williams, 1976, TV Actress
Ken Boothe, 1948, Reggae Singer
Kenneth L. Tallman, 1925, War Hero
Kev Junior Alston, 1998, Instagram Star
Kevin Guthrie, 1988, Movie Actor
Kevin Junior Alston, 1997, Instagram Star
Kidada Jones, 1974, Fashion Designer
Kofi Sarkodie, 1991, Soccer Player
Kolohe Andino, 1994, Surfer
Lamine Sane, 1987, Soccer Player
Larry Evans, 1932, Chess Player
Laura Day, 1959, Self-Help Author
Laurent Kelmendi, 1994, Pop Singer
Laurie David, 1958, Film Producer
Layla Anna-Lee, 1983, TV Show Host
Lena Olin, 1955, Movie Actress
Leontien van Moorsel, 1970, Cyclist
Lew Wasserman, 1913, Entrepreneur
Lisa Mitchell, 1990, Pop Singer
Lizzie Brochere, 1985, TV Actress
Louis L’Amour, 1908, Novelist
Luis Davila, 1996, Vine Star
Luke Freeman, 1992, Soccer Player
Luminor, 1985, Rock Singer
Lynden Pindling, 1930, Politician
M Emmet Walsh, 1935, Movie Actor
Marcel Marceau, 1923, Comedian
Marcelo Michelli, 1998, Pop Singer
Marcus Camby, 1974, Basketball Player
Mario Cipollini, 1967, Cyclist
Marshall Perrin, 1987, Instagram Star
Marty Blake, 1927, Sports Executive
Marvin Yagoda, 1938, Entrepreneur
Mary Tamm, 1950, TV Actress
Mathew Collins, 1990, YouTube Star
Matt Crushes Games, 2006, YouTube Star
Matt Nicholls, 1986, Drummer
Matthew Modine, 1959, Movie Actor
Maurice Stans, 1908, Politician
Max Corden, 2011, Family Member
May Britt, 1934, Movie Actress
Mel Fair, 1964, TV Actor
Micah Kittiesmama, 2016, Family Member
Michael Hamburger, 1924, Poet
Michael J. Mosley, 1957, TV Show Host
Michael Morse, 1982, Baseball Player
Michael Westmore, 1938, Makeup Artist
Michalis Kouinelis, 1979, Rock Singer
Michelle London, 1986, Blogger
Mick Hazen, 1993, Soap Opera Actor
Miguel Carballo, 1979, Golfer
Mike Smith, 1982, Hockey Player
Milt Kahl, 1909, Cartoonist
Mims, 1981, Rapper
Mlpstopmotion, 2000, YouTube Star
Mort Drucker, 1929, Cartoonist
Natalia Cardoso, 1993, YouTube Star
Nick Robinson, 1995, TV Actor
Nikki Sapp, 1987, Dancer
Nino Manfredi, 1921, Movie Actor
Nyima Funk, 1975, Comedian
Nzo Ekangaki, 1934, Politician
Oliver Strunk, 1901, Teacher
Oscar Hernandez, 1954, Composer
P Ramlee, 1929, Movie Actor
Paola Andino, 1998, TV Actress
Pat Robertson, 1930, Entrepreneur
Pernille Rosendahl, 1972, Rock Singer
Pete Bennett, 1982, Pop Singer
Piotr Trochowski, 1984, Soccer Player
Raelia Lewis, 1992, Model
Ramon Martinez, 1968, Baseball Player
Randy Brown, 1968, Basketball Player
Reese Witherspoon, 1976, Movie Actress
Richard Ayala, 1993, Instagram Star
Rick Harrison, 1965, Reality Star
Riley Biederer, 1996, Pop Singer
Rob Wainwright, 1965, Rugby Player
Robert Emery, 1983, Pianist
Robert Millikan, 1868, Scientist
Robin Banks, 1972, TV Show Host
Roger Whittaker, 1936, Pop Singer
Rojean Delos Reyes, 1996, Model
Rosie Scott, 1948, Novelist
Ross Martin, 1920, TV Actor
Russell Maryland, 1969, Football Player
Sabiha Gokcen, 1913, Pilot
Scott Bradley, 1960, Baseball Player
Shannon Bex, 1980, Rapper
Shawn Bradley, 1972, Basketball Player
Shelley Longworth, 1976, Voice Actor
Skye Lightzz, 1996, Model
Sleep Skee, 1987, Rapper
Sonny Parker, 1955, Basketball Player
Spanky Manikan, 1942, Stage Actor
Stephanie Mills, 1957, R&B Singer
Stephen Sondheim, 1930, Composer
Stewart Stern, 1922, Screenwriter
Sue Radford, 1975, Reality Star
Surya Sen, 1894, War Hero
Tania Raymonde, 1988, TV Actress
Tawnie Jaclyn, 1989, Model
Ted Blunt, 1943, Politician
Thomas Davis, 1983, Football Player
Tiffany Dupont, 1981, TV Actress
Todd Ewen, 1966, Hockey Player
Tom John, 1995, Soccer Player
Tommy Miller, 1994, R&B Singer
Tyler Oakley, 1989, YouTube Star
Ulugh Beg, 1394, Scientist
Uthradom Thirunal-marthanda Varma, 1922, Royalty
Veljko Bulajic, 1928, Director
Villano V, 1962, Wrestler
Virginia Grey, 1917, TV Actress
Warren A. Morton, 1924, Politician
Wayne Turner, 1976, Basketball Player
Werner Klemperer, 1920, TV Actor
Wilfrid Brambell, 1912, TV Actor
Will Yun Lee, 1971, TV Actor
William Shatner, 1931, TV Actor
Wolf Blitzer, 1948, TV Show Host
Yayoi Kusama, 1929, Sculptor
Zalmay Khalilzad, 1951, Politician
Zan Rowe, 1978, Radio Host


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