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October 12 Birthday Horoscope Personality

Birthday Meanings Of People Born On October 12th

October 12 Zodiac Sign Is Libra

IF YOU ARE BORN ON OCTOBER 12, you are an elegant and graceful Libra. Some say that you have twin personalities that are totally opposite of each other. You can be a person who is openly affectionate, and at the same time, despise public displays of affection. You just never know with this October 12 birthday personality. It’s a part of their mystic.

As a part of being you, you can be blunt and straightforward people. It’s something that comes naturally and every so often, involuntary. This 12 October zodiac birthdate person can be intelligent and fascinating to talk to.

IF YOU ARE BORN ON OCTOBER 12, you are an elegant, and graceful Libra.You are patient, instinctive and perceptive when it comes to people and their feelings. You are giving people and are naturally social workers. For you, picking out someone who is “needy” is easy to do. Besides, they are drawn to you so, you are normally the one they tell their problems to.

If today is your birth day, your friends trust you and feel that you won’t judge them or look at them differently after they divulge their inner most secrets.

The 12th October birthday horoscope predicts that you can be versatile when it comes to choosing a career path, making the decision difficult. Your quick and analytic mind could be useful in professions such as a psychologist, therapist or many areas relating to justice. Additionally, you could be an asset to the scientific department as a part of the research team. You are an inspiring Libran who has great determination.

Some days you are concerned with your account balance and you’re frugal. Other days, you are decadent and you are blowing your budget. While it’s true you may have dual qualities, you‘re a very likeable and mysterious Libra. In addition, the October 12 birth date born, have the ability to see through people. You have great insight into people’s minds and hearts.

The October 12th birthday meanings show that you can be sociable and cooperative. However, your downfall could be that you are a procrastinator. When it comes to making decisions, you are slow to come to a conclusion. If you are pressured to make a snap decision, it could prove stressful for someone born today. It may feel as though you have done a day’s work afterwards.

The 12 October birthdate astrology forecasts that you feel as though everything should be balanced including your personal and professional lives. You have the capability of seeing both sides of a situation so, taking sides is extremely difficult for someone like you. Even when you argue with your soul mate, it is you who says “I’m sorry” first. You will go to great lengths to keep peace.

Not many people have your energy, Libra. You love people and sometimes, you are guilty of spending beyond your capacity maybe to please one of your friends. It could be that you max out your credit cards to live a lavish lifestyle.

This could put you in jeopardy of putting a big damper on your savings account. You’ll need to be making a substantial salary to afford the kind of lifestyle you want. You are a fun person to be around. Usually, very active and generous, this Libra birthday people have a good time wherever they go.

As an October 12 birthday personality, you are a low-key person. Loud noises and people tend to turn you off. You like all things to be in accordance with peace and harmony. This quality makes you a good friend and lover. As a lover, someone will need to be friends with you first in order for this relationship to last. You will need a partner who is strong and who is not jealous because it is likely that you are a flirt… an innocent one but nevertheless, a flirt.

In general, what your birth day says about you is that you are people who like to eat. You love good food and will drive a long way to satisfy a taste for that particular ingredient you’re looking for. However, you won’t walk for it. You are typically not the person to work out regularly. You stay active so your weight is not a problem but you still could benefit from toning and cardio exercises.

october 12 libra birthday calendarThe October 12 birthdate analysis shows you to be a person who is open one day and narrow-minded the next. While it’s a part of your true self, it’s still irritating to the rest of your family. You’re smart enough to be anything you want to be but you are hanging around the wrong people. Get out with those you aspire to be like. They can lead you into the right direction. Some people like to flirt but don’t worry, you won’t lose your job because of it.

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Date of Birth:

This Day That Year – 12th October In History:

1366 – King Frederick III of Sicily puts restriction on decorating synagogues.
1928 – Boston’s Children Hospital is the first to use an iron lung.
1980 – Dustin Hoffman gets married to Lisa Gottsegen.
2010 – Woody Peoples who was a football player dies today.

Celebrities Born On October 12:

Dick Gregory, Hugh Jackman, Terry McMillan, Raymond Ochoa, Alfredo Pareja, Dusty Rhodes, Conrad Smith

October 12 Birth Date Sign: You Fall Under Zodiac Sign Libra

October 12 Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Tula Rashi

October 12 Chinese Zodiac Symbol: DOG

October 12 Birthday Planet: Your ruling planet is Venus that symbolizes business relationships and the pleasures of being social.

October 12 Birthdate Symbols: The Scales Is The Symbol For The Libra Zodiac Sign

October 12 Birthday Tarot Card: Your Birth Day Tarot Card is The Hanged Man. This card symbolizes that you might have to sacrifice something right now, keeping in mind your future.

October 12 Birthday Compatibility:
You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Pisces: This is a pleasurable and loving match.
You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Cancer: This relationship between the Air and Water sign will be very dull.

October 12 Birthday Numerology:
Your Lucky numbers are:
Number 4 – This number stands for loyalty, discipline, traditional values and patience.
Number 3 – This is a number of adventure, optimism, pleasure and youthfulness.

Lucky Colors For October 12 Birth Date:
Purple: This is a color that inspires high ideals and helps us get in touch with our spirituality.
Silver: This is a feminine color that is soothing, emotional and signifies psychic abilities.

Lucky Days For 12th October Birthdate:
Friday – This day ruled by Venus shows your attitude in personal and business relationships.
Thursday – This day ruled by Jupiter helps you focus on the task at hand irrespective of the challenges that you might face along the way.

October 12 Birth Stone: Opal is a gemstone said to heal pain and aid in mental and spiritual well-being.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On The 12th Of October: A palm sized laptop for the man and a beautiful clock for the woman.

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