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How To Choose A Tarot Spread For A New Business

The Tarot Spread For A New Business

The Tarot spread for a new business can give you a time frame for when the events are to take place by pulling one card in the deck.

1 Is the choice of activities correct?

2 – What are the benefits?

3- What are the weaknesses?

4- Are there enough financial resources?

5 is the timing correct?

6 – Near-term prospects

7 what will help

8 what will interfere with


9 – Partners

10 suppliers

11 customers or clients

12 rise or fall in prices for goods

13 advertising

14 – Possible force majeure

15, the presence of competitors

16 – Obtaining licenses, permits, and documentation



To work 1 – how present work employers 2- how is it in reality 3- Promises of salaries 4-What will be salaries 5-moral recoil, which promise employers 6 actual moral returns 7-promised prospects 8 real prospects 9 Promised prospects for the premises 10 real prospects for the premises 11 identified risks 12 hidden risks 13 What is waiting for the Querent?

14 What he will get 15-team, which promise 16-a Real team 17 What employers conceal from the Querent 18 What is the matter of concealing 19, what is the ratio of employers to the client 20 Motivation of the employers 21- advice


Tarot Spread for a New Business

When will I finish the started work?

1 choose the significator 2- choose 8 cards from the deck 3 Mix 8 cards with the significator 4 decompose cards in a row from left to right 5 cards, that are before the significator indicate traveled distance, the cards that are after the significator show all upcoming cases that need to do to the end of the case.


Timing events in Tarot

The Tarot can give you a time frame for when the events are to take place. You can pull one card from the deck to determine when an event will happen.

You can consider the following information.

Major Arcana The Fool – 2 weeks. If the card is inverted, the events will turn the life upside down. The Magician – 3 months. The High Priestess – 1 year or 40 days. The Empress – of 1.5-3 months. The Emperor – 6 months. The Hierophant – from 6 months. to a year. The Lovers – up to 1.5 years. The Chariot – 1.5 months. Strength – 2-3 months. The Hermit – from 3 months to 1 – 2 years. The Wheel of Fortune – 3 months or one year Judgement – 3 years, the event returns every 3-5 months within 3 years.

Hanged man – from 3 months to 2 years Death – from a few days to 2 months. Temperance – from 1.5 to 7 years The Devil – 1-3 months The Tower – 1.5 months. The Star – 1 year The Moon – 1 month The Sun – 1 year Judgement – 2 years The World – from 2-4 months to 2 years Wands – days, the season – spring Cups – weeks, the season – summer Swords – month, the season – autumn

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