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October 12 Famous Birthdays

October 12 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 12 keep it on the down low. When they spend too much, they usually don’t tell a soul. I’m just joking… I know they like to have a little diversion from time to time but nothing to extreme. Spending money they don’t have could be the downfall of this Libra. Having a large salary will do them no good if they don’t know how to manage their money.


Being born on this day suggests that these famous October 12 celebrities could have a couple of different personalities. They are indecisive one day and very adamant the next. Additionally, they don’t handle stress well. They tend to drag their feet when chaos rears its ugly head. Having to think too much wears them out. They’re exhausted by the end of the crisis.


Having a trusted friend to share the load with makes a big difference in the lives of the famous October 12 born. Their friends and family are usually the ones to come to them with their mischief-making stories. They tend to take life as it comes and leave the judgments up to someone else.


Famous people born on OCTOBER 12th have dual personalities. One day they behave this way but the next, they are not the same as the day before. They are intelligent but they may be easily influenced. They love food so they need to watch their weight.

October 12 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

12 October Good Traits:

  • Elegant
  • Graceful
  • Affectionate
  • Patient
  • Instinctive
  • Perceptive
  • Versatile
  • Quick
  • Analytic
  • Cooperative
  • Generous

12 October Bad Traits:

  • Private
  • Blunt
  • Outspoken
  • Frugal
  • Procrastinator
  • Unsure
  • Extravagant

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October 12 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Lowe, 1974, Figure Skater
Aaron McKie, 1972, Basketball Player
Adam Dirks, 1978, Family Member
Adam McQuaid, 1986, Hockey Player
Adam Rich, 1968, TV Actor
Adrian Wilson, 1979, Football Player
Aggie Mackenzie, 1955, TV Show Host
Akshara Haasan, 1991, Movie Actress
Al Held, 1928, Painter
Aleister Crowley, 1875, Religious Leader
Alejandra Costello, 1984, YouTube Star
Alfredo Pareja, 1908, Novelist
Aline Riscado, 1987, Dancer
Amy Lynn Thompson, 1989, YouTube Star
Amy Wren, 1989, TV Actress
Angela Rippon, 1944, TV Show Host
Ann Petry, 1908, Novelist

Anthony Centracchio, 1929, Criminal
Anthony Nash, 1984, Hurler
Art Clokey, 1921, Animator
Arthur Space, 1908, TV Actor
Ashley Adams, 1955, Paralympian
August Horch, 1868, Entrepreneur
Ayesha Omer, 1981, TV Actress
Bai T Moore, 1916, Novelist
Benny Benson, 1913,
Bob Schneider, 1965, Rock Singer
Bode Miller, 1977, Skier
Boi-1da, 1986, Music Producer
Brad Thomas, 1977, Baseball Player
Brandon Tindel, 1988, Reality Star
Branko Crvenkovski, 1962, Politician
Brian J Smith, 1981, TV Actor
Brian Mason, 1953, Politician
Brian Tong, 1981, TV Show Host
Brigitte Lahaie, 1955, Radio Host
Brooklyn Haley, 1988, Pop Artist
Cade Ball, 2000, Movie Actor
Calum Scott, 1988, Pop Singer
Carl Soderberg, 1985, Hockey Player
Carlos Bernard, 1962, TV Actor
Carlton Cole, 1983, Soccer Player
october 12 famous birthdaysCasey McGehee, 1982, Baseball Player
Cesar Pelli, 1926, Architect
Charles B. Hensley, 1953, Entrepreneur
Charles Gordone, 1925, Playwright
Charlie Ward, 1970, Basketball Player
Chloe Harris, 1976, DJ
Chris Botti, 1962, Composer
Chris Chandler, 1965, Football Player
Chris Nicholl, 1946, Soccer Player
Chris Rupp, 1979, Country Singer
Chris Wallace, 1947, TV Show Host
Christa Harmotto, 1986, Volleyball Player
Christel Vidal, 1997, Vine Star
Christian Stuani, 1986, Soccer Player
Claudio Encarnacion Montero, 1995, Movie Actor
Cody Cameron, 1970, Director
Colton Ford, 1962,
Conrad Smith, 1981, Rugby Player
Cristie Kerr, 1977, Golfer
D’Andre Siggers, 1988, YouTube Star
Daliah Lavi, 1942, Movie Actress

Daniel Adongo, 1989, Football Player
Daniil Simkin, 1987, Dancer
Danny Cadamarteri, 1979, Soccer Player
Darby Walker, 1998, TV Actress
Dave Legeno, 1963, Movie Actor
David Threlfall, 1953, TV Actor
David Vanian, 1956, Rock Singer
David Wilkins, 1946, Politician
Deborah Foreman, 1962, Movie Actress
Deepak Mondal, 1979, Soccer Player
Dick Gregory, 1932, Comedian
DJ Sidereal, 1995, DJ
DJ Whoo Kid, 1972, Music Producer
Dominic Thomas, 1991, Rapper
Doriano Magliano, 1992, Metal Singer
Doris Miller, 1919, War Hero
Dusty Rhodes, 1945, Wrestler
Dwayne Roloson, 1969, Hockey Player
Ebru Gundes, 1974, Folk Singer
Edith Stein, 1891, Religious Leader
Edward Bloor, 1950, Young Adult Author

Eleanor Columbus, 1989, Movie Actress
Eleanor Lee, 1999, YouTube Star
Ella Benward, 2000, Family Member
Elmer Ambrose Sperry, 1860, Entrepreneur
Emily Dao, 1994, YouTube Star
Emma Boynet, 1891, Pianist
Engin Akyurek, 1981, TV Actor
Erica Dixon, 1983, Reality Star
Erich Gruenberg, 1924, Violinist
Essie Mae Washington-Williams, 1925, Memoirist
Eugenio Montale, 1896, Poet
Francisco Gattorno, 1964, TV Actor
Gawn Grainger, 1937, Stage Actor
Giannis Maniatis, 1986, Soccer Player
Godwin Abadaki, 1993, Soccer Player
Greig Laidlaw, 1985, Rugby Player
Guido Molinari, 1933, Painter
Harshita Gaur, 1990, TV Actress
Helen Castillo, 1987, Fashion Designer
Helena Modjeska, 1840, Stage Actress
Henri Lansbury, 1990, Soccer Player
Henry Akinwande, 1965, Boxer
Hiroyuki Sanada, 1960, Movie Actor
Hugh Jackman, 1968, Movie Actor
Iris Apatow, 2002, Movie Actress
Ivica Llanca, 1992, YouTube Star
Jack Fuller, 1946, Journalist
Jack Marin, 1944, Basketball Player
Jake Turner, 1984, Guitarist
Jakob Kuhn, 1943, Soccer Coach
James Graham, 1996, Pop Singer
James McAuley, 1917, Poet
Jamie Varner, 1984, MMA Fighter
Jane Norton, 1954, Politician
Jane Siberry, 1955, Jazz Singer
Jason Wing, 1965, Bobsledder
JD Beach, 1991, Motorcycle Racer
Jean-Pierre Marty, 1932, Pianist
Jeffrey Eli Miller, 2000, Vine Star
Jeffrey MacDonald, 1943, Criminal
Jen Pringle, 1983, TV Show Host
Jessica Shannon, 1996, Reality Star
Jim McKrell, 1937, TV Show Host
Jimboy Martin, 1997, Reality Star
Joe Cronin, 1906, Baseball Player
Joe Garcia, 1963, Politician
John Booko, 1982, YouTube Star
John Engler, 1948, Politician
John Hoyland, 1934, Painter
Jonathan Crombie, 1966, TV Actor
Jordan Pundik, 1979, Pop Singer
Jose Bragato, 1915, Composer
Jose Valentin, 1969, Baseball Player
Joseph Kahn, 1972, Director
Josh Hutcherson, 1992, Movie Actor
Joyce Ilg, 1983, TV Actress
Jozef Kundlak, 1956, Opera Singer
Jozsef Revai, 1898, Politician
Judit Masco, 1969, Model
Julian, 1970,
Julie Kagawa, 1982, Novelist
Julie McWhirter, 1947, Voice Actor
Kajsa Bergqvist, 1976, High Jumper
Kane Foster, 1993, YouTube Star
Kanika Banerjee, 1924, World Music Singer
Karen Jarrett, 1972, Wrestler
Katie Piper, 1983, TV Show Host
Kelli Maple, 2001, YouTube Star
Kenzie Ruston, 1991, Race Car Driver
King Edward VI, 1537, Royalty
Kirk Cameron, 1970, TV Actor
Kofi Opare, 1990, Soccer Player
Kurt Carr, 1964, Gospel Singer
Lane Frost, 1963, Bull Rider
Lardarius Webb, 1985, Football Player
Larry Jeffrey, 1940, Hockey Player
Lauren Tannehill, 1988, Family Member
Layla Crawford, 2004, TV Actress
Ledley King, 1980, Soccer Player
Les Dennis, 1953, Comedian
Les Horvath, 1921, Football Player
Lexi Davila, 1997, Pop Singer
Lilly Kruk, 2005, Model
Lin Shaye, 1943, Movie Actress
Lock Martin, 1916, Movie Actor
London Rene, 1977, Reality Star
Luciano Pavarotti, 1935, Opera Singer
Lyman Beecher, 1775, Religious Leader
Magnus Magnusson, 1929, Game Show Host
Mahala Ashley Dickerson, 1912, Lawyer
Marcus T. Paulk, 1986, TV Actor
Marion Jones, 1975, Runner
Marko Jaric, 1978, Basketball Player
Martie Maguire, 1969, Violinist
Martie Seidel, 1969, Country Singer
Matthew Yarbrough, 1966, Lawyer
Meena Kandasamy, 1984, Poet
Meenakshi Dixit, 1988, Movie Actress
Melvin Franklin, 1942, Rock Singer
Meng Fei, 1971, TV Show Host
Michael Wolfe, 1976, Director
Mihai Gruia Sandu, 1956, Movie Actor
Mike Green, 1985, Hockey Player
Mike Shouhed, 1978, TV Actor
Millie Brown, 1986, Performance Artist
Miri Bohadana, 1977, Model
Morgan Shepherd, 1941, Race Car Driver
Nathaniel Bandy, 1993, YouTube Star
Ned Jarrett, 1932, Race Car Driver
Nicholas Elia, 1997, TV Actor
Nida Yasir, 1973, TV Actress
Nobuo Nashiro, 1981, Boxer
Nolan Reimold, 1983, Baseball Player
Nur Ali, 1974, Race Car Driver
Paola Maria, 1993, YouTube Star
Pat Dinizio, 1955, Rock Singer
Paul Benson, 1979, Soccer Player
Paul Engle, 1908, Poet
Paul Goddard, 1959, Soccer Player
Paul Harragon, 1968, Rugby Player
Paulie Koch, 1996, Wakeboarder
Paulo Henrique Ganso, 1989, Soccer Player
Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1872, Composer
Raymond Ochoa, 2001, Voice Actor
Richard Meier, 1934, Architect
Richard Price, 1949, Novelist
Rick Parfitt, 1948, Guitarist
Rick Parfitt, 1948, Guitarist
Rie Tomosaka, 1979, TV Actress
Robert Fitzgerald, 1910, Poet
Robert Mangold, 1937, Painter
Robin Askwith, 1950, Movie Actor
Rodney Mack, 1970, Wrestler
Ruben Yanez, 1993, Soccer Player
Ruth L. Kirschstein, 1926, Scientist
Sage Sivan, 1997, Family Member
Sally Rogers, 1964, TV Actress
Sam Moore, 1935, Soul Singer
Sam Whitelock, 1988, Rugby Player
Samia Ali, 2014, Family Member
Samir Farid, 1943, Journalist
Sammy Winward, 1985, Soap Opera Actress
Samuel David Moore, 1935, Soul Singer
Samuel Miller, 1991, Rock Singer
Sanada Hiroyuki, 1960, Movie Actor
Sarah Lane, 1976, TV Producer
Sasha, 1974, DJ
Sean Monahan, 1994, Hockey Player
Sebastien Stella, 1971, Choreographer
SecretLifeOfABioNerd, 1987, YouTube Star
Seo Kang-joon, 1993, TV Actor
Shakti Mohan, 1985, Dancer
Shane McAnally, 1974, Country Singer
Shola Ameobi, 1981, Soccer Player
Simran Sethi, 1970, Journalist
Sinead Harnett, 1989, R&B Singer
Sneha, 1981, Movie Actress
Soslan Tigiev, 1983, Wrestler
Stephen Lee, 1974, Snooker Player
Steven Agnew, 1979, Politician
Sunny Joseph, 1957, Director
Susan Anton, 1950, Movie Actress
Susana Felix, 1975, Rock Singer
Taylor Horn, 1992, Pop Singer
Terry McMillan, 1953, Drummer
Theodore Watts-Dunton, 1832, Poet
Tom Guiry, 1981, Movie Actor
Tony Kubek, 1935, Baseball Player
Tubby Hall, 1895, Drummer
Tyler Blackburn, 1986, TV Actor
Vanessa Noel, 1959, Fashion Designer
Victor Potel, 1889, Movie Actor
Will Ferguson, 1964, Novelist
Yvonne McGuinness, 1972, Multimedia Artist


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