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Dating A Nomad: Traveling And Exploring

9 Reasons To Date A Nomad

I can’t see myself dating a nomad for several reasons. They have no particular place of stay and rather prefer traveling is a no-no for me. But that is me! However, I currently read a piece on nomads that almost changed my perception of them. They are adventurous and love to explore the world spectacularly.

But would you have the same experience when you date them? Dating a nomad comes with many challenges but gives you an experience no other relationship can offer you. It is not just about living a nomadic life but much more. Here are some reasons to date a nomad.


1. Make-up is not Their Thing

A nomadic man or woman feels good in her skin, and for most of them, makeup is a no-no. Traveling from one place to the other, they have no time to sit in front of a mirror to add to her natural beauty.

She cherishes her natural beauty and feels good being themselves. This is good to hear because you can save that money on make-up for other things.


2. They are Learners

Nomads get to learn many things through their numerous travels. They pick up some cultural and social lifestyles, languages and learn how to prepare different dishes from places they go. When you are dating a nomad, you would have the taste of different dishes from different countries. You would also have the opportunity to new words like saying “I love you” in Spanish or French.


3. When They Love You, They Truly Love You

He or she meets different men from the different locations she travels to, and most of them are more attractive with fat wallets. This makes falling in love with another person straightforward and unavoidable. However, if he truly loves you, he would return to you. He would be with you until her next trip.


4. They are Good Company

Nomads are fantastic bedmates and can thrill you in bed. He wouldn’t mind trying new bedmates just to keep you excited. Yeah, he has been out for so long, so I would ensure all the sexual deficits are cleared once he returns home. Isn’t that exciting! So you had better prepared well when she tells you, “honey, I’m coming home.”

5. They are Sociable

A nomad is a well-mannered, smart and cultured person with high social values. They interact with many people while traveling, which makes them sociable. They also like meeting new people so taking her out for a get-together or a drink up with friends wouldn’t be a problem at all. He would be able to excite your friends as she interacts with them.

6. They are Independent Minded

With their long traveling experiences, nomads learn to be independent. It takes an independent person to move from their comfort zone to the unknown. Despite being new to the places they visit, they manage to live and enjoy life.

So, you should know that a nomad won’t have the time to be clingy and leave independently. Yes, she would always appreciate your presence, but that doesn’t mean she can’t leave without you.

7. Exploring Together

What of joining her in one of her travels? Exploring with him wouldn’t be only exciting but also romantic. You will feel why she is always out there and some of the challenges she goes through to make it happen. Visiting interesting locations together and helping each other out in tough times would strengthen your bond.

8. They are Passion Driven

Nomads are very passionate and strong people. They are the “everything is possible to type” and won’t give up until they achieve their plans. Once he settles on going out there, nothing can stop her. He goes in for what he wants and gets it no matter what.

9. You will be Showered with Gifts

Except she is out of cash, your nomad girlfriend would try to get you something from places she visits. You will share in her experience out there through gifts. So, get ready to be spoilt with a gift from different countries and cultures.

As I’ve already stated, dating a nomad is not a smooth and all rosy experience but worth trying. There is no harm in trying to hook up with that charming nomad to experience her world.

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