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Moon in Scorpio

Moon In Scorpio: Significance and Meaning

Element And Quality: Water & Fixed

Celebrities With Moon In Scorpio: Charlie Chaplin, Elizabeth Taylor, Will Smith, Eminem

Keywords for Moon in Scorpio: Intuitive, Secretive, Intense, Imaginative

Moon In Scorpio: Personality Profile

While Scorpios appear calm on the outside, on the inside they are a raging sea of emotion and intensity. This is what makes them appear so mysterious, and the Moon in Scorpio magnifies their allure. They are incredibly intuitive and can read people like a book, while they remain obscure.

Because of this psychic ability to see right through people’s facades, this zodiac sign can come off as quite intimidating. Some are attracted to their powerful personality, recognizing there’s so much more to this person that they will never know. Others are leery of their need for the extreme, especially Lunar Scorpios.

The Moon In Scorpio People Are Alluring, Intuitive, Intimidating And Can Read Others Like A Book.

Scorpio Moon: Positive Traits

The Scorpio Moon sign people’s desire for meaning mixed with their intuition makes them highly intelligent people who are able to confidently navigate their way through the world.

Because of this immense strength, they often attract a social circle who long to be as self-assured as they are. Lunar Scorpios are the most adept at reading a situation and responding correctly, whether it’s a simple social gathering or a sudden crisis.

As for their desires it doesn’t matter what they’re going after, it’s all or nothing every time. There’s no middle ground with them. They have an incredible need to find heightened and profound experiences that add significance to their lives.

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Scorpio Moon: Negative Traits

The Moon represents our emotions, feelings and imagination, and the Scorpio zodiac sign have all these in spades. As a water sign their mood goes through ebbs and flows, although they would never show their true feelings to the rest of the world. They keep the depths of their personality hidden as far away from others as possible, revealing only what they want people to see.

Nothing surprises or frightens them, making them both sympathetic and detached at the same time. This is difficult for some people to comprehend. This is because the Scorpio moon can understand a person’s problem and have a solution for it without getting emotionally invested in the situation.

Sometimes that can come off as cold or aloof when the Moon in Scorpio is simply going through the motions of figuring out what the issue is while simultaneously solving it. Not many have the ability to swim through chaotic waters and come out stronger on the other side, but that’s exactly what the Moon in Scorpio people do.


The Moon In Scorpio people need a partner who is as strong as they are to handle the intensity of their mate. Because they are so in-tune with the rest of the world, Scorpios are always on the lookout for problems and people who might betray them. This means Lunar Scorpios especially can put their partner through a series of tests, without them even knowing their performance is being judged.

While this may seem cruel to some, those who pass the love tests will have a devoted mate for life. The Moon in Scorpio intensifies their immense love for those close to them, and brings it up to almost obsessive levels. Those who have just met this person might be scared off by their severity, but those who stick around and get to know them well will grow to appreciate this devotion.

You never forget the Scorpio Moon in your life, for they bring you through some serious and enlightening experiences that enrich your very existence. And if you can handle their desire for ultimate satisfaction in everything they do, you can grab onto some of that gratification for yourself.

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