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Adolf Hitler

Birthday :

April 20, 1889

Died On :

April 30, 1945

Also Known For :

Revolutionary, Demagogue

Birth Place :

Braunau am Inn, Upper Austria, Austria

Zodiac Sign :


Adolf Hitler is known to the world as the Nazi dictator that led Germany into World War II. His acts and plans also led to the extermination of millions in the Holocaust.

Childhood And Early Life

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Braunau am Inn, Austria. Adolf Hitler was three years old when the family moved to Germany. Adolf Hitler was active in his church as a child, especially as a member of the choir.Adolf Hitler did well in school and got along well with his classmates in primary school. Adolf Hitler was often in disagreement with his father, especially when it came to fine arts. Adolf Hitler had an interest in becoming a painter.

While Adolf Hitler was resentful and reclusive when it came to his disciplinarian father, Adolf Hitler was close to his mother. His father died in 1903, and his mother died of cancer in 1908. In his later years of school, Adolf Hitler became bored with most of the school work, particularly math and science.

While he thought of becoming a Catholic priest, Adolf Hitler was in his teens when he realized that his faith was not as important to him anymore. During his childhood, Adolf Hitler gains resentment for the Hapsburg monarchy that ruled Austria. Because they lived in the area that bordered Germany, there were many who were more sympathetic and loyal to Germany.



From 1897-1898, Adolf Hitler attended Volkschule Lambach. Between 1900 and 1904, Adolf Hitler attended Bundesrealgymnasium Linz. Adolf Hitler was held back for a year because of poor grades. Twice his application for the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts was rejected.


Rise To Power

When Adolf Hitler was 16, he moved to Vienna, Austria to make his way as a painter. Not only did he face rejection after rejection, but he struggled to survive. In his economic suffering, his ire toward the monarchy grew.Adolf Hitler was also living in the capital city during a time that racial and religious prejudice was on the rise. At this vulnerable stage in his life, those negative feelings grew within him as well. He believed that the Jews were the cause of all of the problems in society and politics.

When World War I broke out, Adolf Hitler left Austria to enlist in the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. In his service, he was awarded the Iron Cross for bravery. Despite his efforts, Germany lost the war.Adolf Hitler was in the hospital for injuries sustained during the war. Out of his anger and disappointment, he knew he had to make a stand to bring the country back to the greatness he saw in it.

In 1919, Adolf Hitler joined the German Workers' Party, which was later renamed the Nationalist Socialist German Workers' Party. Adolf Hitler became the Chairman in 1921. Hitler's talents in public speaking through years of leading school children and practicing sermons became more useful.Adolf Hitler gave them the Hindu symbol of prosperity with the swastika and organized the group in squads of storm-troopers (SA) and bodyguards (SS).

In 1924 Adolf Hitler was arrested in the party's attempt to overthrow the Munich government. Even though he was sentenced to five years, Adolf Hitler was released after nine months. During his imprisonment, Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in which he expressed his thoughts and beliefs for the future based on his personal experiences. While it did not sell well initially, it sold millions of copies after he became Chancellor of Germany. By the 1930 elections, the Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler was gaining national popularity. They had the support of industry, military, and even the media. The party won the majority vote.

After Adolf Hitler became a German citizen, he ran for president in 1931 but lost the race. However, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor in 1933. Adolf Hitler removed the competition with persuasion and power and even terror.



As Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler built an army despite the requirements of the Treaty of Versailles. Adolf Hitler supported the military in neighboring countries while taking over other nations such as Czechoslovakia, Poland, and France.

Even though he made a non-aggression pact with Russia to prevent a two-front war, Adolf Hitler broke that pact later in the war. The Third Reich was growing with the support of Italy in the Mediterranean. Great Britain was holding out despite attacks across the English Channel.

By 1941, Adolf Hitler's Germany controlled much of Europe and went on to implement “The Final Solution of the Jewish Question.” This called for the complete extermination of the Jewish race.

While the Jews were already being interred in camps in and around Germany, they were also being killed every day. The systematic killing of the Jewish population and others who did not fit in with the image of the perfect Aryan race terrorized the continent for the rest of the war. The same treatment was used on Soviet prisoners of war and anyone who resisted the Nazi party.

As the Americans entered the war and the British started to push back against the German assault, Adolf Hitler became more frustrated and anxious. When he would not listen to the advice of his generals, they planned an assassination attempt on Hitler. It failed, and Hitler had his enemies destroyed.

As the war fronts marched closer to home, Adolf Hitler's desperation reached its limit.Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bunker. After that point, the Nazi party was no more because of its association with the diabolical treatment of humans.


Personal Life And Legacy

Adolf Hitler dated Eva Braun for many years. They married in 1945. The couple committed suicide in Berlin the day after their marriage.

Adolf Hitler is known as the man who caused World War II. In his attempt to create an Aryan society, Adolf Hitler contributed to the destruction of a nation and the deaths of millions. People learn about the reign of Hitler so that it never happens again.


Awards And Achievements

Adolf Hitler earned medals of honor for his service during World War I. In 1939; he was a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Summary Of Major Works

Mein Kampf (1925)

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