Monday, August 2, 2021

Pisces Woman And Scorpio Man – A Tantalizing And Fun Match

Pisces Woman Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

How compatible are Pisces women and Scorpio men mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Pisces woman and Scorpio man get along because they are both water signs. While they understand each other’s emotional pull, the male scorpion is more intense than the female fish. Because of this, they will have to find compromises at certain points in their relationship.

Pisces Woman Scorpio Man Relationship – Pros

Even though both sun signs are more introverted, the Scorpio man is most likely in the center of a crowd while the Pisces woman is on the edge of it. He is dark and mysterious, and people always want to get to know him. He is intriguing, even to the quiet and subdued Pisces female, and he notices her because she is not in the middle of things.

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And once they start talking, the Scorpio male realizes how bright and intuitive she is. Even though she can’t read him completely, for he always keeps secrets, she is able to see more under the surface than anyone else. And he senses an immediate emotional connection with her, for he understands the depths of her feelings.

It’s this kind of mutual appreciation and respect for each other that strengthens the Pisces Scorpio bond. And although he may be a bit impatient for her to make up her mind, they will eventually move the relationship into the bedroom. This is where they will take their love to a new level, for they both experience their sexual union on a spiritual level.

The Scorpio man offers more of his personality and true intensity between the sheets, and she gets to see how truly emotional he can be. Normally he hides his feelings to the world, but here he unleashes all of his passion and torment and honesty. And the Pisces woman takes it all in, diving deep into the stormy seas of his soul.

Their different views of life can hinder their otherwise healthy Pisces woman Scorpio man relationship, which is based on trust and love. They need to remember how much they complement each other. His need for control of their financial affairs is just fine with her, for she doesn’t care about those mundane details. And her easygoing attitude suits his sometimes domineering nature. Thus their love compatibility complements their different personalities.

pisces woman scorpio man

Pisces Woman Scorpio Man Relationship – Cons

During sex, the Scorpio man may be overbearing at times, and the Pisces woman will need him to slow down occasionally so as not to overwhelm her. This is one of the few places where he will become annoyed with her more delicate sensibilities, for he doesn’t like to keep things too contained with his lover.

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But he can easily upset his sensitive mate, especially if he brings out his stinger, and she will want to swim away from him. The Pisces and Scorpio match will have to find a balance between his fervor and her gentle nature if they want to continue in their satisfying union.

And that is true outside the bedroom too, for he is more grounded in reality than she is. The Pisces female has more grandiose ideas of what their love should be and how they should approach the world. And while the Scorpio male agrees and makes some of those dreams come true, others he finds too frivolous.

Scorpio men are much more ambitious and driven than Pisces women so his concern is with goals that are achievable. She finds that too boring and wants more out of life. The funny thing is, he sometimes finds her slow and steady attitude boring, and wants to spice things up.


Pisces is a mutable water sign whereas Scorpio is a fixed water sign, the Pisces woman Scorpio man compatibility gets a FIVE Hearts rating. If the Pisces and Scorpio sun signs can work together toward a common goal, they will go well beyond their wildest dreams.


  1. Love my Scorpio known him for 9 years together for 2 and I feel him when he is not around me he makes me feel so confident and even when he distance himself I find it attractive I love my space but when he comes back is like I’m meeting him all over again and I love. That feeling his eyes make me nervous in a good way I feel like I can’t hurt him or lie to him the way he looks at me I feel so protected around him when he’s mean I hate him but I can’t be mad at him for long I’ll just act like the smart ass I am and do something else and then he follows me I feel like I have known for decades even the silence between us feels good his presence alone makes me happy sex is intense I love his dominant ways he has this control over me that has me surrender to him is so passionate and aggressive at the same time sometimes is so good I cry of how intense it is. And when I think about is so vivid I feel like he is there looking at me and touching me I have never felt this way about anyone or with any one ever

    • DAMN you just explained how i feel about my scorpio love ???

    • Omg omg omg girl I have felt the same way..everything u just said about your Scorpio I’ve had that same effect with Scorpio first love…such intensity and passionate.sometimes I couldn’t breathe I was so attracted to him it was crazy…crazy in love

  2. Woww man i am so in love with my scorpio man .

    Our love making is very intense,and lord i am just speechlesss..

    This is all so true….

  3. What happens when scorpion man is your best friend brother. Well we have already been in the bedroom so I agree on that point. Now he has gotten upset distance and I don’t know why. His sister knows just because she see how we look at each other. I have not spoken about us to anyone and I feel like he is upset thinking I am talking about us.what to do. I am a pisces and feel the connection. I only been talking to him for a year half before I was with him. Will he speak to me again.

  4. I have been knowing a Scorpio Man for about 3 years now. I was 19 when I first met him he was 36. To this day I have never met anyone who I know from inside that understands me so well even if he hides it and doesn’t always tell me he understands my emotions or rants. Etc. It’s like I can tell him anything and words just flow on their own like I’m speaking my heart out because I am talking to him. I met him in May , I had just broke up with my now husband at the time and seriously did not miss him because I was hanging and getting to meet this amazing Scorpio. He was so available to me at the time I could go over his house at any time and he would never say no. I loved going over because It was like a place to rest. No one new just us and I loved it. He was also a man who had a lot of women admirers and I felt so lucky to be the one he gave his time and the honor to be his girlfriend in public. Now I understand why. Because I am the pisces, the one who makes him feel like a man, and the one he can resist in any way. Unfortunately we drifted after he left for vacation to see his family . I am angry with myself because I went back to my ex and now I am stuck here at least that’s how I feel. Whenever my boyfriend and I have beak ups I turn over to him and he is always waiting for me. He has a child now with another woman too but doesn’t love her, and I am in the same situation. Why I feel like he’s the only one who can please me 100% ? Because he is a Scorpio and I am a Pisces lady and we were meant for each other. I can’t get enough of our compatibility posts I have read tons of them and I feel like there is more to write. Just like my feelings for him I feel like they are just not enough. And you’re wondering the age difference? I don’t know why I love this. He is a real Man. Makes me feel so secure, & can solve any problem that comes his or my way and I feel like a mermaid in a shell that he protects. Gosh I love him. Thanks for your time ladies. I hope you liked my post. I am never this expressive until it is about him.

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