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Pisces Woman And Scorpio Man – A Tantalizing And Fun Match

Pisces Woman Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

How compatible are Pisces women and Scorpio men mentally, emotionally, and sexually? The Pisces woman and Scorpio man get along because they are both water signs. While they understand each other’s emotional pull, the male scorpion is more intense than the female fish. Because of this, they will have to find compromises at certain points in their relationship.


Pisces Woman Scorpio Man Relationship – Pros

Even though both sun signs are more introverted, the Scorpio man is most likely in the center of a crowd while the Pisces woman is on the edge of it. He is dark and mysterious, and people always want to get to know him. He is intriguing, even to the quiet and subdued Pisces female, and he notices her because she is not in the middle of things.

And once they start talking, the Scorpio male realizes how bright and intuitive she is. Even though she can’t read him completely, for he always keeps secrets, she can see more under the surface than anyone else. He senses an immediate emotional connection with her, for he understands the depths of her feelings.


It’s this kind of mutual appreciation and respect for each other that strengthens the Pisces-Scorpio bond. And although he may be a bit impatient for her to make up her mind, they will eventually move the relationship into the bedroom. This is where they will take their love to a new level, for they both experience their sexual union on a spiritual level.


The Scorpio man offers more of his personality and true intensity between the sheets, and she gets to see how truly emotional he can be. Normally he hides his feelings from the world, but here he unleashes all of his passion torment, and honesty. And the Pisces woman takes it all in, diving deep into the stormy seas of his soul.


Their different views of life can hinder their otherwise healthy Pisces woman-Scorpio man relationship, which is based on trust and love. They need to remember how much they complement each other. His need for control of their financial affairs is just fine with her, for she doesn’t care about those mundane details. And her easygoing attitude suits his sometimes domineering nature. Thus their love compatibility complements their different personalities.

pisces woman scorpio man

Pisces Woman Scorpio Man Relationship – Cons

During sex, the Scorpio man may be overbearing at times, and the Pisces woman will need him to slow down occasionally so as not to overwhelm her. This is one of the few places where he will become annoyed with her more delicate sensibilities, for he doesn’t like to keep things too contained with his lover.



But he can easily upset his sensitive mate, especially if he brings out his stinger, and she will want to swim away from him. The Pisces and Scorpio match will have to find a balance between his fervor and her gentle nature if they want to continue in their satisfying union.

And that is true outside the bedroom too, for he is more grounded in reality than she is. The Pisces female has more grandiose ideas of what their love should be and how they should approach the world. And while the Scorpio male agrees and makes some of those dreams come true, others he finds too frivolous.

Scorpio men are much more ambitious and driven than Pisces women so his concern is with achievable goals. She finds that too boring and wants more out of life. The funny thing is, he sometimes finds her slow and steady attitude boring and wants to spice things up.


Pisces is a mutable water sign whereas Scorpio is a fixed water sign, the Pisces woman Scorpio man compatibility gets a FIVE Hearts rating. If the Pisces and Scorpio sun signs can work together toward a common goal, they will go well beyond their wildest dreams.

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