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15 Tips For Your First Date

How To Prepare For The First Date?

So we have all had first dates and I don’t just mean those in our teens? As we go through we life we have other first dates. So what are the best ways to conduct ourselves meeting that special person for the first time. Lets look at a few ways to make the day or night go smoother. Let’s look at before the date and the actual date itself in two separate parts.


Before the date it is a good idea not to be rushing around and on a busy timeline. This will mean you are not relaxed and chilled for the date. Sure you might have done things earlier in the day or the night before but allow plenty of time to prepare for the date. Remember the first date is the key one to make that big impression!

Preparation For The First Date

So let’s look at a few things to do before the date and then during the date. Before the date do some or all of the following:

#1. Have A Healthy Snack

This sounds a bit strange but it will settle your nerves. You will also not salivate so much when that dinner arrives in front of your date nor do you want to be losing your dinner manners you are so famished after starving yourself before the date.


Also it will give you extra energy. Perhaps a salad, a smoothie and maybe a cammomile or peppermint tea if you are nervous! Milk can also give you confidence, energy and satisfy hunger that is why a banana smoothie is ideal!


#2. Dress Well

Give yourself plenty of time to try outfits on so you know exactly what you want to wear. This applies to both men and women since we all can get a bit nervy before dates.

So try on different styles of clothes, trying this with that and see which you feel most comfortable in. This will be the outfit you come across most comfortable in and look the most attractive to any new partner in.

#3. Shower

Have a nice long shower or bath again to get relaxed and to brush up sparkling clean and fresh. Then apply some contemporary, classical fragrance or perfume, nothing too over the top the first date.

#4. Water

Drink lots of water beforehand (and during the date). It helps your skin look healthy and sexy. It also keeps your brain alert so you can keep that conversation going during the date.

Sipping water also serves to relax you too. So drink up lots in the hours before but preferably not just before you meet the date. The toilet might see more of you than your date.


#5. Music

Put together a Playlist for pre-dates and play it before dates. This will get you in the mood as you dance around your bedroom or lounge getting ready. Enjoy, have fun and relish the lead up to the date!


Dating Rules To Keep In Mind

#1. Be Composed

When you first meet your date, retain some composure, show you are pleased to see them but not too gushing or too cold or formal. Treat it as a business meeting with a friend.

That way if it goes either way you are both comfortable and no one loses face. You are both there with certain expectations of the date and are both wanting to make a good impression.


#2. Be Polite

If your date offers to take your chair as you sit let them. This is a good gesture and not appearing grateful can be rude or upset some people.

#3. Get Settled

When you sit down give yourselves time to get settled. Try and avoid your nerves getting the better of you and launching into a monologue about yourself or alternatively quizzing them like it is the Spanish Inquisition! Just make small talk first about the weather, what sort of day they have had and lead into more interesting conversation openers like so tell me a bit more about yourself.

#4. Listen

When your date starts telling you about themselves, listen actively, do not try and compete or so Uh-huh. Vary your responses such as I see, Oh wow. Occasionally paraphrase what they have said to show that you have been listening.

5. Be Interested

Look at their eyes every now and then to show you are interested in what they have to say by making infrequent eye contact. Try and not stare them out making you seem too keen or too desperado!

#6. Do Not Bore

When you are talking about yourself, do not download your entire life history. Remember the term “Too Much Information” (TMI). This phrase is very important to remembers at the back of your mind on a first date.

#7. Avoid Talking About Exes At All

Your date and potential partner does not want to hear what a loser your last girlfriend/boyfriend was or indiscretions about their bad habits! It shows them you have not moved on and also that you may not be someone to be trusted or liked!

#8. No Phones

Switch off that mobile phone or Tablet or Phablet or Laptop already! Sure that may have made you look busy in the early days of technology gadgets but now it is seen as downright rude by dates of quality!

Would you like it if someone on your date texted, even received phone calls and checked emails when they were with you? Even if both of you are comfortable with that if you are it indicates a potential communication problem!


#9. Balance Conversation

Try and balance the conversation between them talking and you talking, see it as a ball being bounced back and forth between the two of you.

#10. Limit Your Drinking

Do not get drunk and try and prevent them getting drunk. Neither of you will be on their best behavior and things would either bomb or you could sleep together way too soon.

Finally above all else once you have followed the extensive check lists (selecting those that you find useful), enjoy, take time to find what sorts of people you like spending time with and what type of person would be a suitable dating partner and more going forward.

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