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10 Quick Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

What Is Feng Shui?

A lot of people nowadays, when it comes to designing and decorating their homes, often consult the Feng Shui tips for home

In Chinese, Feng means wind and Shui means water. The practice of Feng Shui governs how your space or environment is organized to promote the balance of the flow of chi, or energy.


People try to achieve good Feng Shui, as it is believed to bring good luck; and avoid bad Feng Shui, as it brings bad luck. However, not all of us have the liberty to drastically change our homes to suit Feng Shui.

Most of us do not have the time or the energy to do so, but that doesn’t mean we cannot try to achieve good Feng Shui.

10 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Feng Shui Tips for Home

#1. Clear Your Space

Since we want to achieve a harmonious flow of chi or energy, we would not want to block its flow and keep it stagnant by keeping a lot of clutter. If you look into your home and realize you keep way too many things, then it’s time for clutter-clearing.


Separate the things you need from the stuff you do not need, especially inside your closet. If you find things you have not used in a very long time and things you don’t think you’ll ever use again – get rid of them!

Once you’re done getting rid of your clutter, it is time to clean your home

#2. Clean Your Space

Once you’re done getting rid of your clutter, it is time to clean your home. It does come naturally to clean our own homes, and Feng Shui just gives us more reasons to do so.

If we clean our space and move things about, we’re going to tap on and stir existing energy that would have been stagnant – increasing the harmonious flow of the energy inside our home.


#3. Remove Dangerous Furniture

It is important to feel that we are safe inside our own homes. If you have stuff inside your home that may bump you, trip you, or hurt you in any way, exchange them for furniture and fixtures that are just as useful but safer to put inside your home.

It is important to feel that we are safe inside our own home

Feng Shui Tips For Home

#4. Fix Broken Things

There are a lot of broken things inside a home that could easily be neglected, like a drawer or a bed that lacks its complete set of bolts to hold it together. Aside from broken things having the potential to harm us, it is important to maintain our home and everything inside it in top condition. (Here are a few Feng Shui tips for your bedroom)

After all, our home is the reflection of how we live, and we should always take care of our home as much as we take good care of ourselves.


Feng Shui Tips For Home

#5. Make Your Entryway Welcoming

Your main doorway or entryway should be inviting and should allow plenty of opportunities that come your way.

This area is important because this is where energy enters your home – make it attractive.

Your main doorway or entryway should be inviting

#6. Allow Fresh Air and light Into Your Home

One more important Feng Shui tip for your home is to open your blinds and windows as much as you can to allow air and light to flow freely into your home.

As much as this is refreshing and enlightening, these two elements are crucial for good Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Tips For Home

#7. Immediately Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs

As said in the previous tip, light is essential for good Feng Shui. Always take the time to replace burned-out light bulbs with newer, brighter lights. Light would welcome clarity and brightness into your home and your life.

#8. Bring Plants In

Having plants inside your home gives you a dose of purity and growth, and makes you feel connected with nature. Having plants and flowers would create a soothing environment, bringing positive energy to your home.

Feng Shui Tips For Home

#9. Never Have Your Back To A Door

When working on a task in any area inside your home, it is important to position yourself facing the door. This way, you would have a clear view of what is coming.

And you won’t have to devote your energy to worrying what’s coming up behind you. Thus you can focus more on the task you have at hand.

Do not keep old things you do not want to have inside your home any more

#10. Update & Love What You Have

Do not keep old things you do not want to have inside your home anymore. It is important to make your space your own, so you should always try to update the things inside your home that do not suit your fancy anymore.

This could mean repainting your bedroom in a different color or maybe changing your furniture, or anything you wish to replace inside your home.

This is important because you should always live in an environment that contains stuff you love. This would lead you to love your home and living in it and would promote positive energy flowing through yourself and your environment.

Remember, your home is the reflection of your life. Make your home happy, healthy, nurturing, and full of life and love through good Feng Shui – and surely, good fortune will always come your way. Make use of these Feng Shui tips for your home and be blessed with a happy life.

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