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Birthing Ourselves Into a New Life: Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Effects of Solar Eclipse on Cancer

The Sun and Moon unite in a climactic outpouring of eclipse energy. The conditions are fertile for a new self to come through.


If it feels as though Life has been dangling you by the heels from a skyscraper, you’re not alone. Big changes are occurring at an accelerated pace, ready or not. Today’s eclipse, operating through the water element, is about using your emotional intelligence and intuition as another avenue toward greater spiritual awareness. So the intellect and intuition are merging as we continue to develop.

Effects Of Eclipse

Today’s eclipse is quite complex. For starters, it’s in the sign of maternal Cancer. That’s an astonishing bit of cosmic resonance since this eclipse gives birth to a new Saros cycle. A Saros cycle is a family (there’s another Cancer word) of eclipses. Contemplate the synchronicity of the Cosmic Mother (which the Moon symbolizes) birthing a new soul family from her home sign of Cancer.


The rest of the complexity of today’s eclipse stems from the fact that it stokes the cosmic furnace associated with the ongoing cardinal cross. This one’s a whopper with a high degree of tension. And yet it’s also a New Moon so, provided you can tap into your highest vibrations, it’s an enormously potent time to meditate on the new life you envision for yourself and the world.

Although there are four heavyweight planets at each of the four corners of the grand cross (Sun, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto), it’s quite telling that each of these planets also provides an outlet to make the highest use of this otherwise fraught energy.


Tapping into your divine nature is possible through a trine that flows from the Sun and Moon in Cancer to Chiron and Neptune, both in mystical Pisces. If Neptune represents Unity Consciousness, then Chiron provides the bridge to the Divine.

The Influence of the Trine

This benevolent trine is one way to spiritually and creatively release the tension you may experience, whether through dance, making music, singing along to your favorite tunes, creating or experiencing visual art, and photography. Or meditate, pray, chant, visualize…whatever gets you into your brow and crown chakras. These are all activities associated with the Neptune in Pisces vibration.


You can also tap into the flow by baking, cooking, giving love to parents or children, and any members of your spiritual family. Or beautify your home, ridding it of no longer wanted items. Donating those discards is an especially meaningful way to tap into today’s vibrations.

Release Of Energy

Another beneficial release of energy comes through the trine between Pluto in Capricorn (which sits opposite the eclipse) and Jupiter in Taurus. There is deep body wisdom and healing with this energy. Your body is a tuning fork, and it’s sending you messages.

Depending on where the eclipse is contacting your natal chart (9 degrees of Cancer), physical disease may show up to reveal literally and symbolically where you need to release debris and blocked energy. Interestingly enough, Jupiter and Pluto are also connecting with Chiron and Neptune midway between them. This reveals the benefit of letting go and letting in God, as the saying goes.

To a certain extent, a pattern is unfolding, much of which is in play for the foreseeable future. For some, this may be welcomed as something you’ve been striving to attain for a long time. Others may feel discouraged or unhappy by the recent turn of events. If so, be cautious of moving to the Neptunian shadow state of victim or martyr. There are still options, some of which may have eluded you so far.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Libra is connected with Mars in Gemini by way of a trine – yes, you do have options, so don’t get fooled into thinking you’re stuck! Make the best use of everything you have, whether it’s terrific people in your life, strong stamina, or a gifted intellect. Mars in Gemini encourages bold ideas, impassioned speech, and the symmetry of motion and thought. Mars’ link to Saturn speaks of the commitment to act on your highest ideas and then make it so.


Ideas live in the Gemini portion of your chart and are mediated through Gemini’s ruler Mercury. As I stated, we are merging intellect with intuition. Mercury – which governed the June 1 eclipse – is in the sign Cancer where this final chapter plays out. This confirms the blending of logic and intuition. It’s very telling that Mercury is in a trine with the fourth planet involved in the grand cross, Uranus. This aspect is developing now and will grow stronger over a few days.

Part of the process of birthing a new and authentic you involves owning that gut instinct or that flash of intuition. It’s staggering the number of people who shrug off their intuition as a ‘crazy’ (Uranus) idea (Mercury). If you’re genuinely concerned that your mind has taken a leave of absence then, by all means, see a health care practitioner.

But the prevailing wisdom is that the people who ask themselves if they’re crazy are not the ones who need to be concerned that they’re crazy. And, as an aside, judging by the length of time that Uranus and Pluto will remain in a square with each other (over six
ral years), we’re going to deconstruct the notion of crazy anyway.

Mercury trine Uranus opens the channel to deeper self-awareness and helps dislodge some of the thought forms that get stuck on us like pebbles in the brain. We embody our thought forms. Today’s eclipse in life-giving Cancer challenges us to embody our wisdom, love, and compassion in recognition of, the vital role we play as sacred servants of our Mother Planet.

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