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Sabbat – Lammas: Wicca Wheel Of The Year

Significance of the Wicca Sabbat – Lammas

The Wiccan Sabbat of Lammas, known as Lughnasadh in some areas of the world, is nearly the last harvest of the season.

Lammas – The Festival of Grain Harvest
: August 1st
Important Elements: All night vigil, abundance, feasting, singing, celebrating, bonfires
Related Holiday(s): Lughnasadh
Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Brown, Gold
Symbols: The Sun, Lilies, Door Wreath,
Related Deities: Lugh, Johnny Barleycorn, Lleu (Welsh)


What Is the Wicca Sabbat Lammas?

The Wiccan Sabbat of Lammas, known as Lughnasadh in some areas of the world, is nearly the last harvest of the season. The Pagan God has risen to his great power at Midsummer’s and is now well into his sagehood as an old advisor.


He has seen much, learned much, and passed his wisdom down to those who come after him. He is fading, but in no way lesser, merely passing into another important phase of his life, the elder.

The sacrifice of Johnny barleycorn is made, a special bread formed in the way of an anatomically correct man, often with exaggerated genitalia. The heart of the celebration is the sacrifices of the land for us, and our showing respect for the same. The Goddess is quickening with the child God within, while he still serves at her side in his aged state.


There has been some thinking about the coming winter at this time of Lammas. Though it is still a good way off, it is necessary to begin your planning now. The tradesman appears at this time, the labors of the spring and summer being brought to trade for those harvests of the field, that all may have what they need.


Due to this nature, there is much honor given to the gleaning of the fields, much representation of the wealth gathered from our crops. Corn doilies abound, and stands of gathered straw and wheat are becoming apparent through the hillside.

The Wiccan Sabbat of Lammas is known as Lughnasadh

Altar and Home Decorations For Lammas:

During the Wicca festival of Lammas, the Altar should be decorated as it has been throughout the harvest season, with fruits, grains, vegetables, and other wealth of the field. It is also good to put up offerings of your crafts on the table, be they drawings, poetry, sculptures, or even tools of your trade. Honoring the craftsman within is an important part of this holiday and this time.

On another part of the altar, place images that represent your ambitions for the year to come. And more than just images, you can place trinkets that represent this path.

Remind yourself daily that to achieve your dreams, it is necessary to pursue them with fervor. On that same note, it is a perfect time to set flame to your fears and apprehensions. Mark them down, carve upon the wood, write upon the paper, and let them be sacrificed in the pure flame.

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