Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Achieving Serenity and Romance

Feng Shui Bed Room Tips For Peace

The following article includes relevant information that may take you to reconsider what your belief implied. The most important thing is to note with an open mind and be willing to adjust your understanding if necessary.

Feng shui is the Chinese practice of placing objects and creating space for the free flow of positive energy into a home. Feng shui in the home has three major aspects that need to be considered. These are the front or main door, the bedroom and the kitchen. Feng shui bedroom tips are plentiful and also important to bear in mind since we spend a lot of our time in there.

#1. The Bedroom

Feng shui bedroom usually starts with the condition of the bedroom door. An ideal bedroom door should be able to open as wide as a 90-degree angle to promote the entry of better opportunities and other chances. Feng shui bedroom tips are quick to point out that a blocked door is detrimental to opportunities and a squeaky door can also affect the entry of the positive energy of chi.

Other Feng shui bedroom tips include what your greeter should be and the state of your bedroom. A greeter is usually the first thing that a visitor to your room will set their eyes on. Greeters should be chosen in such a way that they leave a nice impression of you to the beholder. The state of your bedroom is also included in the many feng shui bedroom tips. Too much mess or clutter can obstruct the circulation of chi in your bedroom and leave you with stagnant air which does not promote growth or improvement. Clean up your bedroom in order to improve your life and your love life.

#2. Placement Of The Windows

More feng shui bedroom tips are the placement of the windows of the room in accordance with the door of the room. The door should not be in direct line with a window in the bedroom. This will signify chi going straight from the door out through the window.

Other Feng shui bedroom tips are not to place a mirror right in front of the foot of the bed and not to sleep directly under an exposed beam of the house. You could try to move your bed so as to place it on the side of the mirror. An exposed beam signifies oppression so move your bed to help you sleep well.

#3. Bed Room Tips

Feng shui bedroom tips focus more on achieving serenity and calm in the bedroom. Some Feng shui bedroom tips also help you find romance or love. Improving your bedroom by following Feng shui bedroom tips do not cost anything. You only need a strong body to help arrange things around the room.

Eight House Feng Shui

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Now you can be sure on Feng shui bedroom tips. You could have something to bring to the table next time you join a discussion on Feng shui.

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