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August 28 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality

August 28 Zodiac Sign Is Virgo

Birthday Horoscope Of People Born On August 28

AUGUST 28 birthday horoscope predicts that you are a humble person. You seek the simpler things out of life but can be critical at the same time. Your zodiac sign is Virgo – The Virgin. You are very down-to-earth and enjoy life when it is not complicated.


This Virgo birthday person is usually very conservative, practical, and smart. Additionally, you are fun and interesting people. Mainly, you want to be loved for who you are.

If today August 28th is your birthday, then you are hard workers with a no-nonsense style and approach to maintaining a certain lifestyle. To reach your full potential, you feel you may have to make compromises and could be useful in the service or caring profession.IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS AUGUST 28, you are a humble person. The August 28th birthday personality are restless individuals; you are always doing something to satisfy your nervous energy. Generally, you can wind up in a frenzy if not active and productive. Perhaps you could learn better how to deal with idle moments more conducive to promoting inner peace.


A good start would be to stop worrying and obsessing over things usually not in your control. Accept things for what they are and quit looking for underlying problems or solutions. Otherwise, this will only give you stress and tension.

Your friends and family say that you are very talented. Normally, you look for people who are a source of support and have the same interest as you. It is natural to want to share your experiences with someone who understands.


Typically, you are not in a hurry to settle down with a family, but when you do find that special someone, you will make and keep that commitment. First and foremost, you should find a friendship with your lover. This usually makes for a lasting relationship, forecasts the August 28 birthday astrology.

The August 28 horoscope also predicts that you are playful and mischievous. This is a sure sign of your happiness. While you are cautious, you are good at trading or making deals that are to your advantage. You are creative, and on occasion, you can be impulsive. On the other hand, you like things to stay the same as opposed to change.


Choosing a compatible career can be hard for someone born with this August 28 zodiac birthday. Career options range from teaching, counseling and because of your love and interest in holistic health care, a healer.

August 28 astrology predicts that you are quite passionate and understand the needs of others. You like being in the spotlight at work. The August 28 personality brings out the best in their co-workers, friends, and family. You may have a talent for helping people realize their dreams and be a motivating factor for them.


It is normal to find someone with this August 28 birthday in early retirement. This can give you the opportunity to indulge in what is of interest to you and could be profitable as well. With still a lot of determination and drive, you work hard to produce top-notch results. Usually, good is not good enough for you. You want to go beyond what is average.


What your birthday says about your health is that it will be pretty good. Typically, you do not have to watch what you eat, but you are careful about what goes into your body. It is not likely that you follow a diet plan, but rather eat foods high in protein and fiber because you simply like those particular foods. Moreover, you work out. You like what you see when you look in the mirror and strive to maintain that look and feel.

The August 28 zodiac shows that you are a Virgo who can be shy and practical. You can be restless as you tend to stay busy doing something mostly productive but sometimes, you can get into a mess.


You tend to investigate things that should be left alone. You want the best, so you work hard, and you would make a fine teacher or perhaps you would do well in a healing profession. Virgos born on August 28 want to love but may find it difficult to settle down.

august 28 virgo birthday calendar

Famous People And Celebrities Born On August 28

Jack Black, Johann von Goethe, Luis Guzman, Kyle Massey, Jason Priestly, LeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain

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This Day That Year –August 28 In History

1898 – A soft drink made by Caleb Bradham is renamed Pepsi-Cola
1944 – Ambon raided by aircraft
1962 – Hackberry, La holds the state record for rainfall at 55.9 inches
1963 – The “I have a dream speech” by Martin Luther King happened this day with 200,000 in attendance

August 28 Kanya Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign)
August 28 Chinese Zodiac ROOSTER

August 28 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet is Mercury that symbolizes quickness, witty, restlessness and always on the move to do the next thing.

August 28 Birthday Symbols

The Virgin Is The Symbol For The Virgo Zodiac Sign

August 28 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birthday Tarot Card is Magician. This card symbolizes the practical and pragmatic approach in your life. The Minor Arcana cards are Eight of Disks and King of Pentacles

August 28 Birthday Zodiac Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Cancer: This relationship has the right balance of emotions and harmony to make it succeed.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Sagittarius: This relationship will need a tremendous amount of compromising to succeed.

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August 28 Lucky Numbers

Number 1 – This number stands for your strong willpower and leadership qualities.
Number 9 – This number symbolizes your Karmic enlightenment and your soul purpose in life.

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Lucky Colors For August 28th Birthday

Yellow: This is a color that encourages us to learn new things and be more persuasive in life.
Blue: This color signifies responsibility, trust, loyalty, and spiritual intelligence.

Lucky Days For August 28 Birthday

Sunday – This day ruled by Sun and signifies a day to show your kindness and generosity to others and motivate them to achieve their goals in life.
Wednesday – This day ruled by the planet Mercury is symbolic of communication, rational thinking and persuasiveness.

August 28 Birthstone Sapphire

Sapphire is a gemstone that is symbolic of faithfulness, trust, and loyalty.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On August 28th

A toolkit for the Virgo man and a good cookbook for the woman. The August 28 birthday personality loves meaningful gifts instead of anything fancy and expensive.



  1. I am a male and my birthday is June 21,1954 born a cancer and my girlfriend August 28th 1987. We are in heaven with each other, we love each other beyond words we can’t measure our love there’s nothing to compare it too. My girl is the most wonderful women I have ever had by far and I thank God for her everyday I am her slave I will do anything for her anything I will fight for her take a bullet and step in front of it if I thought it would save my special women’s life. I am happier now than I have ever been in my life thank you God for such a sweet and caring young women to take care of me to take of her also. I will never let her go I will hold on to her for dear life.

    • I am a female. My birthdate is also 28th august . My partner is a cancer man . We are both very happy with each other. Glad to know there are people experiencing same kind of love ?

    • Yadnaywalkya dewanand hatwade

      Future mdhe kai banel ….kai carrier asel

  2. I’m a female virgo born on August 28 and i agree with this predictions.I married twice already but not lucky.
    first one had passed away at my young age and married the 2nd time again but seems like i was inside the jail everyday living with that violent man so i decided a divorce and gain my freedom at last.
    I met again another man, and he brings out the best in me.I felt i already found someone whom i can live for the rest of my life,We have the same interest in life and that is why i am attracted to this man.He loves helping the community and loves traveling. I would love friendship first before going on into a serious relationship.
    Knowing a person better is a must before entering a marriages life and settle down.

  3. I am not alone in being very curious as to why in “August 28 in history” Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is being called “infamous.”

  4. Hello. my birthday is on August 28, 1965. I was the 13th child born in the Cagary General Hospital and with being an earth sign my temperment helped me threw life strugles with calm and sureness. The strength of my sureness questioned by others amazed them. With my heart, soul, feelings and wanting to share made it very hard for others to understand me. The only true love that even tested me died with my child in her and am still single. i am still looking for a real love to bear my children with. That will be a surprise when I do find her or she finds me.

  5. Cyril James Sanico Villanueva


  6. Virgo woman seems like this cancer man is just not for me 😔
    SEX IS AMAZING but emotionally, he “doesn’t feel it..”
    but hey, he’s only 1 cancer out of millions.

  7. August is my boyfriend’s b-day. You pretty much nailed it (it-s kinda scary).
    He is in early retirement but has to be doing / fixing something everyday. This article all of it is exactly him. 🤔

  8. Collins,
    I’m a male and my birthday is August 28.Reading this article is like reading exactly about ,I believe so much in faithfulness and sincerity but I have not be able to find my partner is very painful cos I have been failed in several occasions by those I love.

    • You’ll hardly get good people when you’re in a rush, just give it time, clear up your table, the right one will come; I’m also born on these day, it’s not always easy to get our kind of person since we look out for good quality in our partners

    • You need to pray for that

  9. I read 2 comments where i read the spouse died😥 i would like to hear more about the experiences of women born on 28th Aug and how they are leading their life, career, love and married life has been. Also did y’all notice the tarot card the magician which one to consider the upright or the reverse one?
    Evening is very much true but i feel more cautious now.

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