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Libra Woman and Virgo Man – A Discordant Difficult Match

Love Compatibility Between Libra Woman Virgo Man

How compatible are Libra women and Virgo men mentally, emotionally, and sexually? The one thing that brings the Libra woman and Virgo man together is their obsession with details. The female scale considers both sides of an issue before making a decision and the male virgin ensures everything is correct before advancing. Between the two zodiac signs of them, everything is under control.


Libra Woman Virgo Man Relationship – Pros

The airy Libra woman is a social creature, making the rounds at a party when she notices the quiet Virgo man. He is an earth sign and very much grounded in reality, and she is attracted to how well he seems to be put together. Once she strikes up a conversation, she will be even more impressed with his mental acuity and ease of communication. The Virgo male notices the same thing in her and appreciates her analytical nature.

Because Virgo men are so stable, they make a wonderful foundation on which the Libra women can land. Although the sun signs may appear to be opposites in this sense, they are both careful enough to consider all possibilities before moving the relationship to the next phase.


And the bedroom is a place where they can come together harmoniously, for she is slow and sensual and he takes his time to create a perfect union. The Libra female is romantic, which is not something he cares about that much, so this will take some getting used to on his part.

The Virgo male experiences their lovemaking on a more practical level so she will have to let go of the mind games and get lost in his physical prowess. But his attention to detail is impressive to any lover, and she is no exception.  And as with everything else in his life, he is a perfectionist who will not stop until they get it right.


Thankfully this is exactly what his Libra partner wants. But she will have to constantly reassure him that they are going in the right direction and that she loves him. Together, the match will work to find an approach that is sexually satisfactory for both partners.

libra woman virgo man

Libra Woman Virgo Man Relationship – Cons

The only issue between them is her indecisiveness. The Virgo man is steadfast in his decision-making process while she’s all over the place, trying to figure out the best way to maintain balance.


The Virgo man is ambitious and driven, which usually means he is successful and financially solvent. He likes to provide for his spouse and family, and his Libra partner loves that. But she also loves lavish gifts and he is too practical to desire such things. This can cause arguments and he’s never cared for drama or disruptions in his life.

Luckily, she is so skilled at communication and compromise that she may be able to smooth things over with her Virgo mate. The pair will both have to work on having more patience with their partner. He will have to accept her inability to make quick decisions and she will have to accept his demanding personality.

The Libra woman is also more social than he is, and while she enjoys a night at home she doesn’t want things to get too boring either. She might help to loosen him up a bit, while he can help to organize her thoughts.


Libra is a cardinal air sign whereas Virgo is a mutable earth sign, the compatibility gets a TWO Hearts rating. If they meet halfway, the Libra woman Virgo man match can be a strong couple, and that’s what they both want. Both are very devoted, and they will stick it out until the end provided they can get over their differences.


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