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Jupiter In Pisces Sign: Meaning, Significance And Personality Traits

The Jupiter In Pisces: Significance and Meaning

What does Jupiter in Pisces mean? These people are very empathetic and will go out of their way to help people in need.

Element And Quality: Water & Mutable

Celebrities With Jupiter In Pisces: Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, Sigmund Freud, Rafael Nadal, Abraham Lincoln

Positive Keywords for Jupiter in Pisces: Empathetic, Imaginative, Healing, Helpful, Devoted

Negative Keywords for Jupiter in Pisces: Escapist, Unreliable, Over-Sensitive, Dreamy


The Jupiter In Pisces: Personality


Being one of the most intuitive zodiac signs in astrology, Pisces has no trouble connecting with others. So Jupiter in Pisces magnifies this ability ten-fold. This allows them to easily make contacts that bring in good fortune. For them, it’s all about compassion. And, their devotion gets them far in life.



Jupiter symbolizes our travel habits, values, ideology, and the way we bring luck and good fortune into our lives. For Jupiter in Pisces, their moral code includes helping those less fortunate and caring for their close social circle.


Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, being a good listener, or a sensitive soul, Jupiter in Pisces is there to provide whatever is needed. It’s this kind of effort that brings in great reward. Even, if it’s not financial, Pisces feels fulfilled just the same.

The Jupiter In Pisces

Positive Traits of the Jupiter in Pisces

For the Jupiter in Pisces career, it’s not so much about material possessions as it is a sense of duty to heal the wounds of others. This kind of empathy comes naturally to them. And, it’s the ideology around which they build their entire lives. They don’t care about fame or fortune, as long as they are useful to those in need.


This makes the Pisces Jupiter person most successful in careers such as social work or counseling, and they tend to be volunteers as well. This doesn’t offer a lot of wealth. But, it does give Jupiter in Pisces a sense of pride and accomplishment.

And these kinds of jobs lead to good fortune in other areas, like when Pisces needs help. There is always someone willing to step up and care for them, just as they do for others. They build strong connections with all walks of life. This comes in handy when they are struggling.


Negative Traits of the Jupiter in Pisces

The only thing the Jupiter in Pisces have to be careful of is those who pretend to be their friend but are only looking to take advantage of them. They are so trusting that others might try to dupe them with fake promises and relationships. Jupiter in Pisces especially has to be cautious. They tend to be the most sensitive to the cries of others, whether they are fake or not.

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And when they get hurt, Pisces zodiac sign tends to flee into a world of fantasy to withdraw from the harsh reality of the world around them. They would rather live in a fictional place where everyone is good than exist in a land of ups and downs.


It’s this kind of escapism that can get them into trouble, for they can lean toward unhealthy things such as drugs, alcohol or nicotine addiction. And they are not the most reliable sun sign when it comes to taking care of responsibilities in the first place. So adding something like an addiction only makes it worse.



But if Jupiter in Pisces can focus on the good of this world and work toward maintaining all the positive things in their life, they will continue to bring in good fortune. Their ability to work behind the scenes and create magic wherever they can is what keeps the luck rolling in for them.


People enjoy their company because Jupiter in Pisces understands them in a way no one else does. And, that opens doors for them that no one else can see. They will never want for anything as long as they stick to their morals.

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