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How To Make A Fae Charm?

How To Make A Fae Charm?

Everyone who knows about the Fae knows that they are notoriously mischievous. Here is how to make a charm that will keep them from wreaking their havoc on you.

The Fae or Faerie or Fairies are wildly clever, but also very easily distracted. They are terribly vain, and while they have wits that rival any human, they are also terribly single-minded.

This is a simple charm you can make that will keep the Fae distracted during any time you need to focus on a specific project that you’d like not to be targeted by mischief.

fae are mischievious creatures.

How To Make A Fae Charm?

Cut a twig from a living plant, around six inches long. Make sure it is generally straight, and has as few branching sprouts on it as possible. It should be strong, and the bark should be left intact on it. Let this twig dry on a windowsill overnight.

Using thin aluminum or copper wire, wrap the stick from top to bottom tightly, making the twig sparkly and shiny because of the metal wire. This will attract attention. Next, glue or tie something that sparkles to the top of the stick.

Some rhinestones, gold leaf, or glass marbles work well for this. These will bring the Fae to the charm instead of your project. In the middle of the stick, affix a polished coin or other piece of reflective material.

This will keep the Fae busy as it admires itself in its reflection. Finally, dip the bottom of the stick in honey, wine, or milk. This will give the Fae something to part with, and will signify that no harm was meant with the charm.

how to make a fae charm

Hang the finished charm over your front door, or by an open window near your project when you start working, but take it down when you are not actively working. Each time you hang it up, make sure to re-dip the bottom of the stick to replenish the Fae gift.

This Faerie charm uses the same principles that the Fae themselves use when they interact with humans: Attract their attention, give them something to consider or fiddle with, and then show them what they have been doing the whole time.

They generally have a good sense of humor, and when they see they have fallen for the charm, they will likely show their companions to it as well, to watch them also fall for it. In this way, they are much like we are.

Use this Fairy charm when you need to be left undisturbed, but don’t use it too much or too often, or the Fae will recognize it!

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