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Rachael SSG

Birthday :

December 29, 2002

Birth Place :

England, United Kingdom

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Rachael SGG was born on December 29, 2002, in England. Her family moved to the state of Massachusetts in the United States when she was a child. She has a large family that includes an older sister Katherine (who is also a YouTube sensation), an older brother, Thomas, and a younger sister, Grace.

Before Social Media

When Rachael SGG is not making YouTube videos with her siblings and friends, she likes to spend her time singing in a choir. Some of her musical talents can be seen in her YouTube videos. She also likes to run track and exercise in other ways.

Rachael SGG and her sister, Katherine, once audition for a spot in the Seven Awesome Kids Group, but they were turned down.


Super Seven Girls

One channel on YouTube means more to Rachael than any other: Super Seven Girls. The channel was first set up on YouTube in 2011.  Her sister, Katherine, has a main spot on this channel. Rachael SGG often appears in her sister’s videos which are how she began to grow her internet fame. Eventually, Rachael earned her own slot on the channel. She currently posts videos on the channel almost every Friday. In her videos, she does what she can to make her fans laugh. She and the other girls who share the channel often post videos of themselves taking part in various YouTube challenges.

Other than Rachael SGG and her sister, there are six other girls who share the channel. Each girl posts a video on one day of the week so that there is a new video on the channel every day. The other girls in the group are Emily (Monday), Jazzy (Tuesday), Kaelyn (Wednesday) Jenna (Thursday), Mimi (Saturday), and Nicole (Sunday). All of the girls in the group are younger than 17 years old. They pride themselves on being young YouTube stars. Katherine is the oldest in the group and Jazzy is the youngest. The girls do not all live near each other. Some of the girls live in the United States, while the rest live in England. Luckily this doesn’t stop them from sharing one YouTube channel and posting wonderful videos together.


Other YouTube Work

Outside of the Super Seven Girls, Rachael SGG also has appearances on her sister’s (Katherine’s) YouTube channel: katherineshow1. The sisters do similar things, like YouTube challenges, that they do on the Super Seven Girls channel.



Rachael’s popularity on the Super Seven Girls YouTube channel has also gained her fame on another social media platform: Instagram. Instagram is both a website and an app. On Instagram, people can share videos and pictures of themselves. On her Instagram, Rachael has almost 200,000 followers, and that number continues to grow every day.


Facebook Fan Page

Rachael SGG is further involved with the Super Seven Girls group on Facebook. This group posts sponsored videos, questions for the fans, and pictures of the girls in the group. On this page, the fans of the girls have a way to communicate with the members of Super Seven Girls. Many of the fans of this page are also young teenage girls.

The wonderful responses on the fan page show that Rachael SGG and the other members of Super Seven Girls have a wonderful and positive impact on their fans. Here’s hoping good luck to Racheal and the other members of the group!

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