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Blake Gray

Birthday :

January 9, 2001

Birth Place :

Cypress, Texas, United states of America

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Blake Gray                                                   

Early life

Blake Gray was born on January 9, 2001, in Cypress, Texas, United States of America. He was born into a loving and supportive family. He has an elder brother known as Austin Gray. He is an American internet personality,, and Instagram star. He is also on other social media platforms such as Twitter, YouNow, and YouTube. He loves modeling, and he posts most of his videos on for easy access by his viewers and fans. He is a part of the website ‘’


Rise to fame

YouNow sensation Musically stars internet personality started his social media career when Blake Gray created a YouNow account. After creating the YouNow account YouNow sensation Musically star internet personality went ahead to create an Instagram account where Blake Gray got millions of followers by the year 2015. In 2016, he joined the Magcon Tour team. He is a model, and he was approached by a Houston based clothing company to become their model. He took up the opportunity and started modeling for them. He loves posting videos of him performing on the internet. He loves fashion, and so he loves making himself look good and fashionable.

Blake Gray posts videos that range from him acting all cute and at times acting crazy. Many of his fans are drawn to his personality. He loves travelling and so he meets his fans face to face when he is on tours. He a member of the website known as ‘’ Where fans are allowed to list details of the popular people they would love to meet and where they would love to meet them. Blake’s work is then to plan how he can meet his fans while on tour. He has become a highly recognizable Star as he has a lot of followers on social media.


What makes Blake special?

Blake Gray is loving, caring and optimistic in that he does not give up on the things that he wants to achieve. He loves his family and friends so much and likes spending time with them any chance he gets. He makes his family feel special and loved by the way that he adores them. He is handsome and cute. He has an attractive body that drives ladies crazy. He is still young, but he has made it and is continuing to make it achieve his goals. He is known to keep his promises to his fans. He always finds a way to hang out with his fans and talk to them in a very loving manner.

Blake Gray loves living his life freely and to the best of his ability. He enjoys having fun and travelling from place to place. He is also athletic and sporty as he loves almost every type of sport. So many ladies are into him, but he is single and not dating anyone currently. He dedicates his success to the people who immensely support him such as his family. He has a multifaceted personality as he fits everywhere. He has a lovely smile and green eyes that are very attractive. He travels a lot with his tour group.


Personal life

Blake Gray was born and raised in Texas. Not much is known about his family but the fact that he has an elder brother known as Austin Gray. His mother is his inspirations and hero. He acknowledges and gives credit to his family for all his achievements. Blake loves Pizza and participating in different types of sports. He is single though he at times posts pictures of ladies who are his friends. He is close friends with Rowland and Brandon Rowland.

Blake Gray has over two million fans on, one million and eight hundred thousand followers on Instagram and four hundred thousand followers on Twitter. He has an estimated net worth of some thousand dollars which has not yet been established accurately. He was bullied while growing up, but this did not put him down, but instead, he fought it and grew up to be a confident young man. He encourages his fans to fight for themselves and not allow anyone to demean them in any way. He uses his life as an inspiration to most of his fans.

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