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Nathan Lane

Birthday :

February 3, 1956

Birth Place :

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States of America

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Nathan Lane is a comic thespian who is best known for playing different roles in both theater and television. He once acted as an opera singer in Encore! Encore! Sitcom. He then followed with a theoretical role in “Love, Valor, and Compassion.” Lane’s breakthrough came when he appeared in films like The Birdcage, and A Funny Thing Happened film in 1996.To date, Lane isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. This has allowed him to garner several recognitions including the Outer Choice Award and Drama Desk Award.

Nathan’s Personality

Allow me to say that Nathan is a genius, perfectionist and at the same time a hilarious guy. In his way, he radiates with efficient energy that acts as a voice to the oppressed. His honesty and social stance define his inner and outer physique. Nathan is highly defined as a leader; he prefers to come with his ideas and planning. In other words, he is a risk-taker, an authentic one but watches out because he is very creative.


Childhood And Early Life

On February 3, 1956, Joseph Lane was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in the United States to a secretary Nora and a truck driver Daniel Lane. Joseph adopted his pseudonym name Nathan after his loved one musical career. He registered the name with Actors Equity after finding out that there was another actor who had already taken his legal names. Lane’s acting talent began when he was in his middle school. He later graduated from St. Peters knowing that he would once come to be an eminent actor. After a short pause, he received a scholarship to join St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia. For his upkeep, Lane landed several jobs including a telemarketer and a singing messenger. He also tried to land on an acting position in New York without success.

After his graduation, Nathan opted to perform in nightclubs as a stand-up comedian in partnership with Patrick Stack. The two were famously known as Stack and Lane. Nathan applied for a role on the Merv Griffin Show. But in 1992 his fame called when he appeared in one of the Boys sitcoms that also featured Dana Carvey and Mickey Rooney. The show was later canceled, and it was then that he made his way to the Broadway. It was here that he played Present Laughter play by Noel Coward in 1942.


Early Career

Early in 1989 Nathan appeared in The Lisbon Traviata play. The preview of the book made him receive a Drama Desk Award followed by Los Angeles Drama Critics Award. Afterward, he continued to portray different genres such as a homosexual man as Mandy, an opera singer; Maria and several hilarious traits.

After a long pause, Nathan partnered with McNally, an actor, and director. Lane appeared in several of McNally’s films including Bad Habits, Teeth Apart, Lips Together, Frankie and Johnnie among others.

Nathan’s film career seemed to have reached the end when he started to appear in small roles. It was early in 1987 to 1994 that he starred on The Lemon Sisters, Ironweed, voicing The Lion King animated film among others. The following year he was given a chance to play another version of "Love, Valor, and Compassion.” It was for a short time that he dropped out without success due to scheduling disagreements. This weakened his relation with McNally, but they later reconciled after a long wait.

In 1990s Lane started to be seen on big screens including The Birdcage film and Albert and Armand. This gave birth to A Funny Thing Happened on the Way. He also starred as Zero Mostel in an ancient Roman play that earned him highest honors and the Drama Desk Award.

From the new millennium, Nathan’s career cemented the hall of fame. He started with Isn’t She Great film in collaboration with Jacqueline Susann. He then followed it up with a musical play titled Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour Lost. He also voiced several of animated films such as Titan A.E and Disney’s animated television series known as Teacher’s Pet. This garnered him with another Daytime Emmy Award, all thanks to his tremendous role.

Lane heated the Broadways fame in 2001 again with a classic film called The Producers under Mel Brooks. His partnership with a promoting actor, Mathew Broderick earned him a Tony Award.

Early in 2003, he signed a contract where he starred in Dream Works sitcom titled Win a Date together with Tad Hamilton. From 2008 to 2013 he appeared in films like Swing Vote, The Nutcracker, The Addams Family, and The Nance among others. In the mid of 2008 Lane was honored for his immense contribution to the theater.


Personal Life

In 2015 Nathan married his longtime partner and friend Devlin Elliot, a theatrical producer. As far as he likes to play gay roles, he is part of the clique. Lane and Delvin co-wrote a book titled Naughty Mabel.

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