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Mia Talerico

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September 17, 2008

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Santa Barbara, California, United States of America

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Mia Talerico was born a star. She featured on the hit show, 'Good Luck Charlie' in 2009. She was eleven months old. She has lived all her life in the limelight. Mia has a magnetic screen presence and a considerable fan base doting all over her. There is hope that she will be prominent in the years to come and feature in more films and shows.

Meteoric Rise to Fame

Writers cum producers Drew Vaupen, and Phil Baker set to creating a sitcom for the Disney channel. This show would be appealing to adult and children alike. So they had to come up with a plot which would be more familiar to the audience. 'Good Luck Charlie' revolves around an average household trying to adjust to the birth of their fourth child, Charlie. Creators knew that they had a winning plot. All they had to do is find a titular character; which they would chronicle Duncan's family misadventures.

Charlie came into the limelight when the creators tried to find a character for the show. They figured that they should try and find twins for the Charlie Character. This was to avoid an issue where the main character was unavailable during shooting.

But when Mia Talerico waltzed into the casting room the producers decided to have her feature in the film. They gambled, but Mia proved that they made the right decision. She became an invaluable asset to the show. This is how Mia came into the limelight.


What Sets Mia Talerico as Special

The show creators took a big risk casting Mia Talerico for the role of Charlie. She was the biggest risk ever taken when the creators were shooting the pilot. But she has proven to be far more good an actor. Disney executive Gary Mash acknowledges that Mia is the best and obedient actor they have worked with.

Mia Talerico took to film without any hitches. She embraced the spotlight and thus the saying born performer. Since the show revolved around Mia, the creators made it fit into Mia's antics and idiosyncrasies. This occasioned laughter with her simple interjections and artistic expressions.



Mia Talerico became a household name due to the success of the hit Disney show 'Good luck Charlie.' When the producers featured a lesbian couple in the episode, 'Down a Tree,' many conservative groups protested. This situation grew more severe with some groups started flooding her Instagram Account which is managed by Mia's mother with abuse and death threats.

Before any of the groups actualized their threats, the police and the media took action and quelled the situation. She continued to charm her viewers oblivious to the chaos surrounding her.


After Good Luck Charlie

After featuring in the show 'Good Luck Charlie,' it aired its last episode in 2014. It leaves a rich legacy which gave rise to new stars. Mia Talerico has since moved on and started schooling.

This does not mean that viewers will not be seeing her again. But, she will be starring alongside Dominique Swain in 'Photographic Memory.' This is a short film will help spread awareness of ADHD.

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