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Anton Bruckner

Birthday :

September 4, 1824

Died On :

October 11, 1896

Birth Place :

Ansfelden, Upper Austria, Austria

Zodiac Sign :


An indigenous rusting man, Anton Bruckner embrace the world of fame for his overtone language that produced nothing else than the grandest. He rose to fame as the most brilliant composer that the world has never had during the 19th-century.It was during the same century that the likes of Gustav Mahler knew how to dismantle the rules of rhymes and trajectories. Luckily Anton came to launch a new musical system that fully obliged to the rules of composition. For the rest of his life, Anton introduced several musical principals that fabricated Gustav’s early works. Besides, he loved to make offers to young girls. Aside from his career, Anton seemed to have an unpredictable personal life. Read further to know more about Anton’s early and later life.

Anton’s Personality

There is no doubt that Anton Bruckner was given a ‘half god’ pseudonym name. His flowing and smooth tone influenced lots of upcoming composers including Hugo Wolf. Instead of boosting around, Anton used his talent to help others. Gratitude and appreciation gave him a chance to attract more fortune. Besides, he was known as a master planner who believed in efficiency instead of critics. He possessed a vast knowledge that gave him a chance to employ worthy causes in his career. He also possessed a charming personality that was visible even to the unknown. Read along.


Childhood And Early Life

It is believed that Anton Bruckner was first seen in the world on 4th, September 1824 in Ansefelden, Upper Austria. His protective father served as an organist and schoolteacher. Anton’s dad taught his child the first music lessons. At six years of age, he joined his early school where he gained fame for his intelligent mind. Even after completing his middle class, he joined an upper class at a tender age. While still a student, Anton helped his father to teach other lower class children.

In 1833 he was sent to Horsching where he completed his early education. It was a school tutor called Johann that Anton Bruckner learned how to play several instruments. At 13 years of age, Anton’s father died due to a short illness where he opted to follow his footsteps. He loved to practice his father’s musical teachings. In the process, he was sent to St Florian in Augustinian where he became a fervent choirboy. He also took the time to learn organ and violin.



In 1840 Anton Bruckner was sent to Linz where he participated in a musical seminar. It was there that he was tested with short verses of compositions. Without a doubt, he passed with flying colors. It was after two years that he landed a teaching job at Windbag. Although he was paid peanuts at the end of the month, he learned a great lesson from Franz Fuchs. Michael Arneth realized Anton’s talent where he landed a teaching position at St. Florian.

After a while, Anton Bruckner was given another position in the southern part of Austria. It was there that his talent developed and his compositions displayed ample signs of diplomacy. This is what paved the way for more pieces and undefined tones.

In the mid of 1845, Anton Bruckner went back to St. Florian where he served as an organist for a decade. He also earned several degrees that gave him a chance to chair high-end positions. In 1848 he got a seat as an organist in St Florian. Most of his collections comprised of prominent composers such as Franz Aumann and Michael Haydn.
In the mid of 1868, Anton started to write symphonies. At the same time, he worked as a teacher in a notable musical theatre called Vienna Conservatory. He then released several symphonies such as wild and nonsensical. In the mid of 1875, he resigned from a high ranked position at the Vienna University. It was there that he started to despise notable composers including Eduard Hanslick.

Anton’s friends, Franz and Arthur made sure that his works were accepted even into the unknown. It was here that he wrote his choral and masses work. Not to mention he also got a chance to practice string quintet and motets.


Marriage And Proposals

Despite the fact that Anton Bruckner loved to make tons of proposals to young damsels, he breathed his last as a bachelor. It came to a point where he opposed marriage to one of his best friend’s daughter called Louise. While casting a passion play in 1880, he fell in love with rustic a girl who was only seventeen years of age. In all, his deep love for adolescents, made him stay away from any sexual acts. He believed that he would be at peace when he marries seventeen to twenty years old. His obsession made him celebrate his 70th birthday without having a wife or a child of his own.


Death And Legacy

Anton Bruckner breathed his last in 1896 in Vienna at 72 years of age. He is interred at St. Florian Church. Before his death, he instructed that his body should be preserved from decay. In 1932 a drama-dance was named as Anton Bruckner Private University for Music and Dance in his honor.

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