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George Herbert

Birthday :

April 3, 1593

Died On :

March 1, 1633

Also Known For :


Birth Place :

Montgomery Castle, Wales, United kingdom

Zodiac Sign :


Grouped somewhere within the era of Milton Southard and William Shakespeare, George Herbert’s name is morally enclosed in a safe place. In spite of the fact that he was known for his faith-based poetry, his other works extended without his consent. A couple of his writings were published when he went to his last resting place.

But George Herbert rose to fame after his long-term friend; Nicholas Ferrar showcased his one of a kind writing called The Temple. The book illustrates a clothbound version of incredible poets as Cambridge University published it in the 1960s.It was unfortunate that most of George’s empirical papers were scattered in the course of the English Civil War. Besides, Herbert also served as an Anglican priest. 

George’s Personality

George Herbert was a nobleman who fathomed more, unlike other unrecognized authors. His poems have drastically changed lots of lives because they have also changed the way we view the world. On regular reading, George’s poetry has given us a chance to think in a different demeanor. He was also perfect when it came to his religious works. His level of ambition and creativity dominated his personality.

George Herbert perfectly knew that tons of people needed the motivation to survive and he acted as an aspiration to the oppressed. In everything he did, Herbert embraced all of his energy and devotion to the end. His friends and family admired this kind of ability, but they also envied his creative mind.


Childhood and Early Life

On April 3, 1593, a Welsh poet George Herbert was born in Montgomery Castle in Wales. He came from a wealthy family who loved arts to the core. His father Richard Herbert died when Herbert was three years old. His dearest Mother Magdalen served as a patron and a noble friend of notable poets including John Donne. George spent his childhood days with his younger brothers and sisters. He went to Westminster School for his early education at the age of 12.

George Herbert was lucky to get a seat at one of the prestigious colleges that were famously known as Trinity College in 1609. It was in 1613 that he garnered his masters and bachelors from the same department. After claiming his creativity with several credentials, he was selected to serve as a reader at Cambridge. From 1620 to 1628 Herbert served as an orator at Cambridge University. He was later chosen to chair a parliamentary seat where he represented Montgomery shire in 1624.


George’s Early Works

Early in 1630, George Herbert went to Bremerton, England where he started to work on his writings as well as serving as a preacher. In 1633 he completed his first collection named as The Temple. The collection had a poem titled Easter Wings and art that explained more about his priesthood life. The Temple was later published in 1633 with the help of Nicholas Ferrar. Before the beginning of the 1700s, The Temple was spotted with a different collection.

It was in 1652 that Barnabas Oley; an English churchman took the time to edit some of George’s works. This paved way to a second edition of The Temple called A Priest to the Temple. Some of Herbert’s writings are still used as hymns. Before death took him, Herbert managed to write religious poetry including The Altar followed by a collection of proverbs that was released in 1651. George also wrote his works in Latin and Greek.



George Herbert battled with several ailments where he passed on in 1633 due to tuberculosis. Unlike other poets who wrote secular poems, George Herbert’s writings illustrated ‘God’s’ love. He was one of the saints who died at middle age, but he left a considerable impact on the whole world.

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