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Pop Singer

Emma Bunton

Birthday :

January 21, 1976

Also Known For :

Radio Personality, Singer

Birth Place :

Finchley, London, United Kingdom

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Chinese Zodiac :


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Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice is a notable pop singer. Her creative talent reprised during her childhood days. She used to perform in front of her family, and this is what she used to pay her bills with to date. Not to mention, she is also a radio personality and a promising actress.


Emma Bunton possesses an appealing trait that puts her on the spotlight. A generous and fun soul as it was seen in the Spice Girls group. While others are stuck in their personality, Emma loves to define her level of interest. With endless recognition and awards, it’s crystal clear that Bunton took over the 90’s pop music by storm. Her epic nature has allowed her to develop a myriad of hobbies and talents.

Thank heavens, she has it all; spiritual, intellectual and fun-loving. Her most significant challenge is to differentiate between her intuitions and fear. Nevertheless, she understands that she knows loads of things without having an explanation about them.


Early Life

It was on 21st January 1976 that Emma Lee Bunton was born in North London, Finchley. She spent her childhood life in Woodside Park. Her parents parted ways at 11 years of age.It was here where her mother stayed with her accompanied by her younger lad, Paul James. Emma learned to live with one parent against all the odds.It wasn’t long that she joined several modeling agencies and commercials. She also had a chance to join Sylvia Young Theatre School, London.

Soon, she appeared on Television shows including The Bill and EastEnders. Her natural born talent paved the way for more opportunities in the future.



Emma Bunton’s singing talent developed day by day. She aimed to compete with the new boy bands team including 98 Degrees and Jonas Brothers. To hit the hot 100 Billboard, she and her friends; Chris Herbert, Bob, and Lindsey Carbon formed an all-time girls pop group. 

Not so long, one of Emma’s friends left the group, and Pepi Limer charged her presence. All through, Bunton’s presence was deeply felt from afar. Her bubbly character trait gave her “Baby Spice” moniker. It was here that her journey to stardom began.

Bunton’s group band launch with a single titled Wannabe and Spice Girls band became the talk of the town. Aside from selling a million copies, Wannabe rolled in the aisle. It became a top hit in Austria, New Zealand, European Counters and the USA. More singles followed together with ‘Say You’ll Be There’ ‘Too Much’ ‘Stop’ and others.

Before calling it quit in 2000, Emma and her group received several accolades. Major ones include MTV, Brit Award and American Music Award.


Solo Career

After a productive tenure with the Spice Girls, Emma Bunton opted to follow her course. It wasn’t long ago that she planned to focus more on her career. Several singles such as ‘Free Me’ ‘What Took You So Long’ and 'Downtown’ cleared the air for her whereabouts. Emma appeared on a myriad of TV shows mostly the famous one - X Factor.


Personal Life

In the new millennium, Emma Bunton got engaged to Jade Jones, the singer. The two were blessed with two handsome boys; Tate Lee Jones and Beau Lee Jones. To date, she still spins the wheels of a great multimedia girlie and on the other hand a supportive mother. In 2013 she garnered Mother of the Year Celebrity Award.

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