Edward II of England Biography, Life, Interesting Facts


Edward II of England

Birthday :

April 25, 1284

Died On :

September 21, 1327

Birth Place :

Caernarfon, Wales, United Kingdom

Zodiac Sign :


King Edward the II of England aka Edward of Caernarfon rose to fame as King of England. He passed the test of times. He was at times criticized for being a feeble ruler. But he was much remembered for embracing a peaceful connection with France and Scotland. His fame came when he gained an interest in Piers Gavenston, a British Earl. King Edward II had a favoritism trait that made Piers be stoned to death by frustrated aristocrats. He continued with his malice where his family members opposed his rulership.

Childhood and Early Life

On April 25, 1284, Edward of Caernarfon was born in Gwynedd Castle in Wales to King Edward I and Eleanor of Castle. He had five sisters and three elder brothers. Unfortunately, two of them died prematurely, and the third one died after Edward’s birth. This allowed his father to call him as the next in line. Edward wasn't interested in any of the hunting or traditional activities. He loved to make friends with laborers and generous was his second name.

In the mid of 1920 Edward I engaged his son with a six years old girl ‘Margaret of Norway.' She later died after several months. Edward II was devastated due to the loss of his girlfriend and his dear mother who passed away the same year.

His father thought of marrying a second wife where war prevented him to do so.He tried his best to make a good impression on France. Eventually, peace prevailed between the King of France, King Philip, and King Edward I. This happened since Edward married Phillip’s sister, Margaret. King Edward II came to marry Phillip’s daughter, Isabella.


Edward’s Doctrine

Edward II served as the Prince of Wales in 1301. In 1307 his father died, and he proclaimed his seat on 20th July. In 1308 he officially married Phillip’s daughter. After several years in doctrine, Edward II declared war in Scotland. This happened when he lost uncountable of castles in Scot to the said King Roberts the Bruce. Due to the immense loss that Edward went through in the course of Bannockburn Battle, Robert began to raid the part of northern England.

Since he came to prominence, Edward II wasn’t a favorite King. You know the one you met with him and bend like a melted diamond. No, his stance was a bit lower than that. Little did his opponents come to know that they will fall victims. He punished those that opposed his leadership.


Earl of Carlise's Death

Once Edward II regained peace in his land, he turned back to Scotland. Unknown to Edward, the nobleman of Carlise, Edward Harcaly chipped in. He was negotiating with the two where Edward was forced to accept that Bruce was the King of Scotland and vice versa. Hell broke loose when Edward executed Harcaly for his suggestions.


Later Life

From 1315 to 1321 a part of England experienced starvation to the point of losing hope. Edward II's brother invaded Ireland where he became the King of Ireland. In 1325 Edward and his wife, Isabella went to form a peace treaty with France. It was here that she met Roger Mortimer, and turned to be his mistress. The two came up with an execution plan where they evacuated Edward’s throne. Edward II was taken to Berkeley Castle where he met his death in 1327. King Edwards III, his son, took his seat.


Personal Life and Legacy

No matter the love that Edward II had for Isabella, it was concluded that the two conspired just to make use of each other. In other words, it was a princely planned idea that two didn’t manage to escape. It was also a win to win deal where Isabella won in the end. In all, the couple had four children Joan, Eleanor, John and Edward III. King Edward II had an external affair where he had a son named Adam. His marriage showed immense success, but Isabela changed her thoughts when she went to Paris.

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