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Benicio Del Toro

Birthday :

February 19, 1967

Birth Place :

San Germán, United States of America

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The Aquarius man, Benicio Del Toro hails as an American thespian. Before then, his promising godmother advised him to study law. Both of his parents were fervent lawyers, but he opted to follow his path. It was after studying business at the University of California that he was summoned to play a small part in a drama club. With tons of controversies from his family, his persistence kept him on the go. In fact, he is now a holder of an Oscar award. Before fame, he first appeared in a small television role. Subsequently, he joined the Square Professional Theatre School in New York where he apt his acting career. Afterward, he was featured in films like the license to Kill and The Usual Suspects. His first break knocked when he played Jack Jordon in a drama movie called 21 Grams. It was the same film that welcomed him to the world of fame. Let’s see if he’s still earning tons of accolades in his career.

Del Personality

The water bearer or Acuario can briefly be defined as a progressing and nurturing being. His fixed nature gave him a chance to centralize on his calling. To date, acting is his bread and butter. At his best, Del is a free thinker and creative like his parents. He hates to criticize other people’s opinions, but he prefers to think on his own. Above anything else, Del loves to fight for a cause especially lending a hand for hardscrabble. When not filming, Del likes to spend some time with his family more so his daughter.


Childhood And Early Life

On February 19th, 1967 Benicio Del Toro was first seen in the world in San German, Puerto Rico. His father, Gustavo served as a lawyer as well as his mother, Fausta Genoveva. At nine years of age, his mother died due to hepatitis. It was there that he and his father went to live in Pennsylvania in the United States. Under his father guidance, Del joined the University of California. After some time, he gulped that business wasn’t his in-thing. He then took an acting class where he figured out his calling. He opted to try acting and eventually it became his full-time career.

After dropping out of his business class, Del teamed up with the Square Professional Theatre School. He then won a scholarship at Stellar Adler Conservatory.



Toro’s acting career began when he appeared on a small TV role called Miami Vice in the 1980s.In the process he found himself working as a malefactor. Overall, his breakthrough came when he was seen in a film called Big Top Pee-wee. He followed it up as Dario in a movie called License to Kill.

From 1991 to 1994 Toro's physique was seen in films like The Indian Runner, Money for Nothing, Fearless as well as swimming with Sharks. The following years he has been observed in The Usual Suspect playing as Fred Fenster. With all of the determination and greasing of his elbow, Del received Academy Award recognition.

Interviews and offers started to follow him like a river. In 1996 only Benicio appeared in four films called Joy Ride, The Fan, and The Funeral. Toro welcomed the new millennium as Javier Rodriguez in a crime drama titled Traffic. The film received positive reviews internationally.

Still, in the kiloyears, Del’s presence was felt in countable of movies. Some of them include the Snatch, The Way of the Gun as well as Bread and Roses. In 2003 the 21 Grams film was released where he garnered tons of awards and recognition. From 2008 to 2010 Del acted in films like Sin City, Somewhere and Che. Little is known about his plans. But sources suggest that he is planning for a bigger comeback.


Major Works

Throughout his career, Del has not only proved that he is an incredible actor but also an all-time favorite. His well-known films include The Traffic where he played Javier Rodriguez. The role earned him a lot of awards including Academy Award.

His out of world representation was seen when he appeared in a film called 21 Grams in 2003. It wasn't doubted that fans idolized with his inborn talent.


Personal Life And Achievements 

From 2000 to 2008 Benicio Del’s talent was recognized by a wide array of institutions. Some of them include the Academy Award, BAFTA Award, and the Best Actor Award. When it comes to his personal life, Del isn’t married, but he has a daughter called Delilah with whom he had with Kimberly Stewart.

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