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Pisces February 19 – Birthday Horoscope Personality & Meanings

Birthday Personality Of People Born On 19th February (Star Sign Pisces)

IF YOU ARE BORN ON JANUARY 19, you have a kind heart. If today is your birthday, then your star sign is Pisces. You are soft spoken, and have a gentleness about your personality. Your caring nature is very admirable.

Pisces individuals with February 19th birthdate are compassionate and very understanding. You are sought-after by many people. You do not like to argue with people. However, Pisces, you need to be firm when expressing your feelings.19 february birthday piscesWhat your birthday says about you is that you are more likely to wish your problems away rather than deal with them. Burying your head in the sand will not make them go away, Pisces.

You need to find a way to approach your problems or situations so it does not become a bigger one. Daydreaming about it or withdrawing from the situation only gives you a temporary peace of mind. Wake up, Pisces; the clock is still ticking.

Another Pisces birthday characteristic is that the typical Pisces is forgetful. Your inability to “get with the program” imposes a tendency to rebel against anything that binds you. For the love of money, work on this as you can make things difficult for yourself.

There are things you can do to improve your attention deficit. Your boss, friends, family and lovers all find it hard to accommodate this behavior. Emotionally, you are wearing yourself out. You are overly sensitive and it takes its toll on you.

Pisceans born on February 19 can be naive and therefore, depending on the situation, your feelings are hurt as a result and you cry about it. You will shut yourself down, not having anything to do with anybody. This is a turn-off for some people.

Pisces, with zodiac birthday 19 February, you have to use your head when it comes to accepting what someone is telling you. This does not have to be a life-changing situation. Do not dwell on it… learn from it and move on.

Not everyone intends to deceive you. You have true friends that will be there for you. Those with a February 19 birth date are people that will listen to others. As they divulge their inner most thoughts and Pisces will weep with you. On your good days, you love a good party. You are a giver. When you form friendships, generally, they last.

Your love life, Pisces, can be filled with romance because of your creative nature. You love to be in love and with the right person – you can do many things. This person or mate will need to be strong and realistic. Love can make you so “high,” you do not want to come down.

You have to though, Pisces… take things slow and easy. I know you want a fairy tale relationship but as it is, it only happens in the movies. At the same time, you can be happy and even “enchanted” but nothing is ever perfect as per your birthday horoscope.

Zodiac Astrology

Date of Birth:

Your zodiac birthdate analysis also show that as a young child, you daydreamed a lot. You were influenced by your surroundings, which made you the sensitive person you have become today, Pisces. You do not mind public displays of affection subsequently, you are not afraid to show your love. You are sometimes observant and, notice things others do not.

If you are looking for an outlet, Pisces, those of you born on this day, February 19, love to write. There seems to be plenty of drama around you. Why not write about it. You are creative and can do well at any profession you seek. The February 19 birthday astrology also predicts that you like the underdog so; you could also look at social careers in efforts to better yourself and others.

february 19 birthday

In conclusion, Pisces, like your birthday meaning suggests, you are the most kindhearted person anyone will have the pleasure of knowing. You do well in a profession that will allow you to help others. Those born under the zodiac sign Pisces can be naive people. Put your heart up and stop wearing it on the outside.

Born on February 19 are sympathetic Pisceans. When other people hurt, so do you. Go ahead and get your hug on, it will help you get through the day. You are a daydreamer. Everybody should have a dream but make sure it is realistic.

This Day That Year – 19 February In History:

356 – All heathen temples were shut down at the hands of Emperor Constantius II

1933 – All Catholic newspapers were banned by Prussian minister Goering

1945 – Reports of Japanese soldiers killed by crocodiles. Within 2 days, 980 soldiers died on Ramree Island, Burma

Famous Birthdays On 19th February:

Justine Bateman, Nicolas Copernicus, Jeff Daniels, Haylie Duff, Vladimir Guerrero, Lee Marvin, Emanuel Moor, Seal, Smokey Robinson

Birth Sign:

You Fall Under Zodiac Sign Aquarius / Pisces Cusp

Corresponding Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Meena Rashi

Corresponding Chinese Zodiac Symbol: RABBIT

Birth Planet:

Your ruling planets are Uranus & Neptune.

Uranus stands for drastic changes, innovations and originality.

Neptune stands for spirituality, intuition and imagination.

Birthday Symbols:

The Water Bearer Is The Symbol For The Aquarius Sun Sign

The Two Fishes Are The Symbol For The Pisces Zodiac Sign

Birthdate Tarot Card:

Your BirthDay Tarot Card is The Sun. This tarot card symbolizes creation, enthusiasm, dynamism and optimism.

Birthday Love Compatibility:

You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Cancer: This is the perfect love match between two water signs.

You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Aries: A relationship that has no common ground.

Birth Date Numerology:

Your Favorable numbers are:

Number 1 – This number stands for leadership, authority, power and pioneer.

Number 2 – This is an intuitive number which is diplomatic and supportive.

Lucky Colors For February 19th Birthday:

Blue: This is a color that symbolizes reliability, loyalty, trust, inspiration and sincerity.

Gold: This colour stands for abundance, prosperity, wealth and success.

Lucky Days For 19 February Birthdates:

Saturday – Ruled by planet Saturn. It symbolizes  endurance, persistence, wisdom, setbacks and constancy.

Monday – Ruled by the Moon. It stands for sentiments, psychic powers, fostering and caring.

Birthday Stone:

Amethyst is a spiritually healing gemstone that removes bad thoughts and helps you overcome cravings and addictions.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On The 19th Of February:

A handcrafted tapestry for the Pisces woman and a CD from a favorite band for the man.

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