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Alex Dorame

Birthday :

March 25, 1998

Birth Place :

Tucson, Arizona, United states of America

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Rise To Stardom

Alex Dorame was born on March 25, 1998. She was born in Tucson, Arizona, United States, where she spent her childhood there together with her sister. The young star led an artistic lifestyle from an early age. She often painted her hair in different colors and gave herself haircuts. She became very passionate about her eccentric, emo lifestyle and got an idea to post her life events on YouTube. 

In 2014, Dorame launched her self-titled YouTube channel, where she began to share her makeover talents. Dorame’s channel focuses on her passion for art and answering questions about hair. She also hosts challenges and teaches her fans how to acquire hairstyles like hers. In just three months. Dorame gained more than 25,000 subscribers. 

YouTube Star

After the success of her initial videos, Alex Dorame began posting more serious content on her page. She began posting videos about more deeper topics, concerning personal image and her feelings towards certain things. She also changed her content to more specific, giving her fans a look into her life and how to create her look. She has also shared videos about her tattoos and has featured her mom in one of her challenges. 

When her channel garnered a lot of traffic, Dorame started a second channel called “My Digital Escape.” The channel contains more different content from her original one. She focuses more on her growth as a YouTube personality. She also often shares her thoughts on the hateful comments on her videos and once even threatened to close down the comments section on her channel. Dorame is currently dating another YouTube star, Johnnie Guilbert. The two often collaborate on videos. Besides Guilbert, she has also collaborated on videos with other YouTube stars like BryanStars, Jordan Sweeto, Austin Jones and Kyle David Hall. 

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