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Famous Events For May 9

Famous Events For May 9 – Today In History

May 9: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – May 9  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 9th May 1386: The oldest diplomatic alliance in the world which is still in force, the Treaty of Windsor was entered into by Portugal and England.
2. 9th May 1429: The besieged English at Orleans was defeated by John of Arc today.
3. 9th May 1460: The courtyard of the Episcopal Palace in the Netherlands had witch burnings.
4. 9th May 1474: Elzasser knight, land guardian, Peter Van Hagenbach was beheaded today.
5. 9th May 1502: Explorer of the New World, Christopher Columbus departed Spain on his 4th and final trip to the Western Hemisphere.


6. 9th May 1573: The Polish parliament today selected Duke Anjou as King.
7. 9th May 1588: Paris was occupied by the troops of Duke Henry de Guise.
8. 9th May 1671: The Irish adventurer Colonel Thomas Blood attempted to steal the Crown jewels from the Tower of London.
9. 9th May 1689: King Willem III of England today, declared war on France.

18th Century – What Happened on May 9 – The 1700s

10. 9th May 1753: The French Parliament was today disbanded by King Louis XV.
11. 9th May 1766: John Byron returned to England today after a trip around the world.
12. 9th May 1785: The beer pump handle was today patented by British inventor Joseph Bramah.


19th Century – May 9 This Day That Year – The 1800s

13. 9th May 1813: Fort Meigs was today rescued from the British and Canadian troops by US troops led by William Henry Harrison.
14. 9th May 1816: Lady Caroline Lamb, wife of British Prime Minister William Lamb, published “Genarvon” a slightly disguised account of her affair with Lord Byron. It also depicted her husband William Lamb.
15. 9th May 1837: “Sherrod” burned in the River Mississippi below Natchez taking a toll of 175 people.
16. 9th May 1846: In the battle of Resaca de la Palma, the US today forced Mexico back to Rio Grande.
17. 9th May 1859: The Austrian army, threatened by the advancing French troops, retreated across the river Sesia in Italy.
18. 9th May 1862: The Battle of Farmington was fought in Missouri.
19. 9th May 1862: The US Naval Academy was shifted from Annapolis MD and was relocated to Newport RI.
20. 9th May 1864: A ship took place between Austria and Denmark at Helgoland.


21. 9th May 1868: The City of Reno in Nevada was founded today.
22. 9th May 1874: In the city of Bombay in India the first horse-drawn bus made its debut, plying on two routes.
23. 9th May 1874: Victoria Embankment of London opened today.
24. 9th May 1877: Romania became independent today.
25. 9th May 1882: Cable Cars by Telegraph Hill RR Company was organized today in San Francisco.
26. 9th May 1896: In the first horseless carriage show in London, 10 models of carriages were displayed.
27. 9th May 1899: A rotary blade lawn mower was today patented in the US by John Burr.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day May 9th – The 1900s

28. 9th May 1901: The first Australian Parliament opened today in Melbourne, although the first session of the parliament will be held on 21st May.
29. 9th May 1904: “The City of Truro”, the steam locomotive, became the first steam engine to exceed 100 MPH.


30. 9th May 1908: Dirk Fock became the governor of Surinam today.
31. 9th May 1909: The anti-Japanese Laundry League in San Francisco at a convention held at Golden Gate Hall took steps to boycott Japanese establishments on the Pacific Coast.
32. 9th May 1911: There was a fire in the Empire Theatre in Edinburgh Scotland today.
33. 9th May 1913: The election of senators by popular vote was today provided by the 17th amendment.
34. 9th May 1914: US President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother’s Day today.
35. 9th May 1915: The battle of Artois was fought between German and French forces.
36. 9th May 1925: In Jerusalem, the cornerstone for Hebrew University was laid today.
37. 9th May 1926: A bomb exploded at the main entrance of St Peters and Paul’s Church in San Francisco today.
38. 9th May 1926: American aviators Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett claimed to be the first to fly over the North Pole. However, Byrd’s diary seems to suggest that they may have returned about 150 miles short of the North Pole owing to an oil leak developed by their aircraft.

39. 9th May 1927: The Australian parliament convened in Canberra for the first time as Canberra replaced Melbourne as the capital city.
40. 9th May 1929: Radio transmissions by WJW-AM began today in Cleveland Ohio.
41. 9th May 1930: King George V of the United Kingdom appoints John Masefield as British Poet Laureate.
42. 9th May 1932: The Piccadilly Circus was today lit by electric lights.
43. 9th May 1933: Spanish anarchists called A general strike today.
44. 9th May 1934: Don Bradman was out for a zero in a cricket match against Cambridge University.
45. 9th May 1934: This day marks the beginning of the San Francisco waterfront strike. Union workers demanded 6 6-hour days and a hiring hall.
46. 9th May 1936: Fascist Benito Mussolini celebrated in Rome as Italy took Addis Ababa and annexed Ethiopia.
47. 9th May 1940: Germans today launched their panzer attack across Ardennes.
48. 9th May 1941: The Royal Navy today captured the German submarine U-110 with Enigma material which was used to encrypt messages during World War II.
49. 9th May 1943: In Tunisia, the fifth German Panzer army surrendered today.

50. 9th May 1944: The Russians today took Sevastopol and recaptured Crimea.
51. 9th May 1944: The first eye bank opened in New York City today.
52. 9th May 1945: It was announced by the officials in the US today that the midnight curfew on entertainment is lifted with immediate effect.
53. 9th May 1945: At the Red Square in Moscow, Russia, Soviet citizens celebrated their World War II victory in Europe, and this became an annual holiday to commemorate the 27 million Soviet citizens who lost their lives in the War.
54. 9th May 1945: This day marks the liberation from Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia.
55. 9th May 1945: Jersey was today liberated from Nazi occupation.
56. 9th May 1945: Nazi politician Herman Goring was today captured by the United States Army.
57. 9th May 1946: In Italy, King Victor Emmanuel III abdicated today. He was replaced by his son Umberto II.
58. 9th May 1949: The first ever launderette in Britain opened today in Queensway in London.
59. 9th May 1949: In Monaco, Prince Rainier became its monarch today.
60. 9th May 1951: Air raids were conducted on Chinese positions at Yalu River.
61. 9th May 1955: German Federation Republic of West Germany today joined NATO.

62. 9th May 1956: Under Magsaysay administration Philippines and Japan today finally signed War Repatriation and Peace Settlement between the two countries at Malacañang Palace.
63. 9th May 1960: Nigeria today became a member of the British Commonwealth.
64. 9th May 1960: The FDA in the US today approved the birth control pill “Enovid”, making the USA the first country to legalize the birth control pill.
65. 9th May 1962: It was for the first time today that laser beams successfully bounced off the moon.
66. 9th May 1962: The US today performed an atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island.
67. 9th May 1963: The US performed a nuclear test at its Test Site in Nevada today.
68. 9th May 1964: The Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev visited Egypt today.
69. 9th May 1965: The USSR today launched Luna 5 but their first attempt to make a soft landing on the moon met with failure.

70. 9th May 1966: A F Brimmer becomes the first black member of the Federal Reserve Board.
71. 9th May 1966: China today conducted a nuclear test at Lop Nor, PRC.
72. 9th May 1977: In Amsterdam a fire destroyed Hotel Poland. 33 people were killed in the fire.
73. 9th May 1980: The Tampa Bay Bridge was rammed by a Liberian freighter killing 35 motorists.
74. 9th May 1987: A Polish jetliner crashed in Warsaw today killing 183 people on board.
75. 9th May 1988: Queen Elizabeth II, today opened Australia’s new Parliament house in Canberra.
76. 9th May 1989: Journalists today petitioned the Chinese government for freedom of the press.
77. 9th May 1990: In Andhra Pradesh in India, a major cyclone made landfall today and dissipated two days later in central India. 510 people lost their lives and over 100,000 animals were killed in addition to crop damage.
78. 9th May 1991: United Nations Secretary-General Javier de Culler met President Bush at the White House today and told him about Iraq’s rejection of the US-backed proposal for UN civilian force in north Iraq.
79. 9th May 1992: In a major turning point in the Karabakh War, Armenian forces today captured Shusha.
80. 9th May 1993: There was a landslide in Namija in Ecuador which killed about 300 people.
81. 9th May 1993: The first Presidential and Parliamentary elections were held in Paraguay today after a lapse of 50 years.
82. 9th May 1995: President Clinton today arrived in Moscow for a summit with President Boris Yeltsin.

83. 9th May 1996: The Congress party in India lost the general elections.
84. 9th May 1997: The California Environmental Agency in its report today linked diesel exhaust fumes to lung cancer.

21st Century – May 9 This Day In History – The 2000s

85. 9th May 2000: Texas Governor George W Bush was today endorsed for President by Senator John McCain of Texas.
86. 9th May 2001: Islamic guerillas of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Tayyaba group set off explosives in a paramilitary camp in Magam in Kashmir, killing themselves and six civilians.
87. 9th May 2002: In Bahrain, elections were held today for 50 municipal seats in which for the first time women of Bahrain were not only allowed to vote but also to contest elections.
88. 9th May 2003:The UN Security Council was today requested by the US and its allies to make their occupation of Iraq legitimate and also to let them use revenue from Iraqi oil reserves to rebuild the war-torn country.
89. 9th May 2004: In Bangladesh, the killing of Ahsanulla Master, leader of Awami League, the main opposition party, brought the country to a virtual halt and the government had to deploy thousands of security personnel on the streets of Dhaka and Tongi.
90. 9th May 2005: The sixtieth anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany was today commemorated in Moscow by Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President George Bush, French President Jacques Chirac, and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder on a grand scale.

91. 9th May 2006: Tornadoes struck North Texas towns after nightfall destroying houses, killing three people, and injuring 10 others.
92. 9th May 2007: It was reported in the New York Times website that Amgen Inc. and Johnson and Johnson are paying doctors hundreds of millions of dollars annually in return for anemia drugs, which regulators now claim to be unsafe in commonly used doses.
93. 9th May 2008: In northwestern Pakistan, a rocket attack by Islamic militants killed a policeman and injured two other police officers.
94. 9th May 2009: In a roadside blast in Zabul province in Afghanistan two policemen lost their lives.
95. 9th May 2010: Volcanic ash shut down airports in southern France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.
96. 9th May 2011: Two small planes collided near New Hampton in New York killing two people. Both planes belonged to men from New Jersey.
97. 9th May 2012: Argentina today passed the “dignified death” law which gives terminally ill patients and their families to make “end of life” decisions.
98. 9th May 2013: It is reported that so far this year, 460 Vietnamese including men, women, and children have fled to Australia.
99. 9th May 2013: In southern Punjab in Pakistan gunmen attacked an election rally and abducted Ali Haider Gilani son of the ex-prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.
100. 9th May 2016: The Presidential election was today won by Rodrigo Duterate, who promised war on the drug trade and killing of criminals.

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